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Best GPS Shoes for Elderly: Two Recommended GPS Shoes to Keep Track of Seniors

By Maurice

Best GPS Shoes for Elderly

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Keeping track of an elderly family member with dementia or Alzheimer’s is a necessity, especially when you’re away.  

Statistics show that the majority of people with Alzheimer’s are aged 65 and older, and that 200,000 Americans below 65 have onset Alzheimer’s disease. An elderly family member with these health conditions is a serious cause for concern if they head outdoors and wander off. A senior is probably going to head out only after putting on a pair of shoes, which makes footwear a perfect way to keep track of your family member.

Nowadays, shoe manufacturers are catering to seniors with these conditions with GPS built into (the soles/heel of) the shoe, which aids you in keeping a close track of your loved one wherever they go. These GPS shoes for seniors can also be of use by guardians to monitor people with special needs, or people who have undergone traumatic brain injury, or anyone for that matter who’s got an inclination of wandering off.

What are GPS Shoes for the Elderly?

GPS shoes are those shoes fitted with a tiny GPS system, mostly in the sole or heel of the shoes to monitor individuals with Alzheimer’s of dementia, remotely. Family members who want to keep a track of their loved one can download an app on their smartphone or computer and know where the elderly person is.

The GPS device in the shoe consists of a battery, SIM card combined with a chip, and is placed inside a space made from polycarbonate material located in the midsole of the shoe, which is durable enough to last the life of the shoe, which is around one to three years. They operate just like a smartphone which needs to be charged, and requires a service plan, for you to keep track of the location map via the internet.

Best GPS Shoes for Elderly

  • GPS SmartSole from GTX Corp, comprises a hidden GPS tracker embedded within a water-resistant sealed compartment in the insole, which can be placed inside your shoe.
  • GTX Corp, with Enfora, makes a GPS shoe called the Xplorer GPS, which tracks the wearer’s whereabouts and history of where they have been.
  • LeChal shoe is a minute-by-minute GPS device embedded into the shoe which informs the user which direction to head in, and can record steps, calories, as well as distance travelled. The shoe vibrates to inform you which direction to go in. If you need to turn left, the left shoe vibrates. It is made of a detachable Bluetooth transceiver that syncs to your smartphone via an app which uses Google Maps to prompt the user. This shoe is good for people with eyesight conditions.

What to Look for in GPS Shoes for Elderly

  • GPS shoes for the elderly need to offer good cushioning, support, shock absorption, and traction, while at the same time being breathable, and offering you a comfortable fit, as well as being fashionable and stylish using the latest technology.
  • If it is GPS insoles which you have decided to go ahead with, ensure that it addresses your foot health condition and orthotic requirements, and just like a smartphone has good technology, like battery life, and is water resistant. The shoes in which you decide to place these insoles, should also offer good depth and removable insoles. You can read through our website for shoes which cater to specific foot health conditions and shoes which offer double depth and removable insole.


In our article above we have shortlisted the best GPS shoes and GPS insoles to assist you to keep track of your elderly parent or loved one who has a special need. We have also highlighted what features in shoes you need to look for that can accommodate GPS insoles.

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