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Best Velcro Shoes for Elderly: Our Top 12 Recommendations

By Maurice

Best Velcro Shoes for Elderly

Unlike lace up shoes or buckle up footwear, velcro shoes for the elderly use straps made of velcro to secure the shoes on your feet.

The good thing about velcro shoes is that they are adjustable with ease to get the perfect fit, in case of swelling or any other foot ailment, like bumps.

Seniors may also have difficulty and find it cumbersome in having to bend down each time to tie a pair of laces, and the fear of tripping over them if they come loose is gone, with the convenience that velcro shoes have to offer. Laces and buckle up shoes also get too tight or too loose as you move around, preventing proper blood circulation in the feet which may further aggravate or instigate a foot condition.

Today, velcro shoes cover almost the entire range of footwear for seniors be it any occasion, from walking shoes and boots to casual shoes, and even sports shoes like tennis shoes. Manufacturers take into account important aspects like comfort, stability and style, while designing and producing velcro shoes for both men and women, using the latest trends, technology and materials.

Given the convenience, benefits and style which velcro shoes have to offer for Seniors, we have put this article together to provide you with all the information you require about velcro shoes, and to go about selecting those perfect pair which meet your purpose and requirement, be it fashion and style, an activity or a foot condition.

Below is a list of the best Velcro shoes for senior women and men, based on numerous aspects and features taken into consideration, such as width, soles, traction and durability;

Best Velcro Shoes for Elderly Women

  • Propet Women’s Stability Walker Strap features a hook and loop strap closure for a custom fit, with a mesh upper and brushed-nylon lining, along with a padded collar and tongue. It comes with PU insole with gel heel pad, arch supporting EVA midsole for great cushioning, along with a rubber outsole for outstanding durability and traction.
  • New Balance Women’s WW577 Hook and Loop Walking Shoe features exceptional shock absorption with cushioning in the heel, offering an individual fit with a hook and loop closure. It is very durable as it has a leather upper, polyurethane midsole, and a solid rubber outsole for constant cushioning and awesome support and traction.
  • Propet Women’s Tour Walker Strap Sneaker is complete leather with Nylex lining and a twin strap closure which makes it extremely durable. It features a cushioned EVA midsole with rubber outsole which offers terrific traction and grip. It also comes in 5 different widths, which is will give you that perfect fit.
  • New Balance Women's MW813V1 has comforting cushioning with soft leather upper. It offers an easy fit with hook and loop closure, along with a soft comfort collar. It also features a rubber sole, with a lightweight polyurethane midsole and a rollbar.

Best Velcro Shoes for Elderly Men

  • Propet Men's Life Walker Strap Sneaker has a leather upper, along with brushed nylon lining and padded collar and tongue, with a dual strap closure. It features a firm heel counter and removable footbed, cushioned EVA midsole and a herring-bone tread rubber outsole.
  • New Balance Men’s MW577 Hook and Loop Walking Shoe features their unique Abzorb support and heel cushioning for incomparable shock absorption. It also offers a hook and loop closure offering you an individual fit, along with a leather upper, polyurethane midsole for steady cushioning, and a solid rubber outsole.
  • New Balance Men's MW813V1 soft leather upper and supportive cushioning offers a comfort fit with hook and loop closure, along with a soft comfort collar. It also offers a rubber sole, with a lightweight polyurethane midsole and a unique rollbar feature.

Best Velcro Tennis Shoes for Elderly

Shoes which use technology and materials designed for physical activity and sports, like runners, gym shoes or trainers, and sneakers, are names that can be swapped for tennis shoes. These shoes have amazing arch support and cushioning, as well as padded uppers to protect your toes. They also use materials that provide good ventilation which prevent your feet from sweating too much.

Below are the Best Velcro Tennis shoes for seniors;

  • Propet Women’s & Men’s Stability X Strap Sneaker features a hook and loop strap closure with a mesh upper and brushed-nylon lining, along with a padded collar and tongue. It comes with PU insole with gel heel pad and cushioned ridges, arch supporting EVA midsole for great cushioning, along with a rubber outsole for awesome durability and traction.
  • Skechers After Burn Memory Fit-Final Cut come with two adjustable synthetic hook and loop straps at the front and is an athletic sneaker, offering smooth leather and a   synthetic upper. It comes with toe and heal overlays for additional durability, padded collar and tongue, unique memory foam cushioned insole, shock absorbing midsole, stabilizing midfoot, and flexible rubber traction outsole, for additional comfort for those long games.
  • Brooks Addiction V-Strap Shoes features hook and loop closures, including full-grain leather upper for comfort. It features a rollbar and arch support system, along with unique BioMoGo DNA cushioning. The outsoles are also qualified slip resistant.

Best Lightweight Velcro Shoes for Elderly

  • Hush Puppies Men's Gil Slip-On Shoes is in full smooth grain leather, with a unique changeable EVA footbed. It features a hook and loop closure on the front, and ZeroG lightweight outsole for flexibility and traction.
  • Hush Puppies Luthar Henson Slip-On Shoes is crafted in full grain leather, with a breathable mesh lining and sockling. It comes with EVA memory foam cushioned footbed, is ZeroG slip resistant, and has a lightweight outsole.

FAQs – Velcro Shoes for Seniors

What are the Best Brands of Velcro Shoes for Seniors?

The best Velcro shoes for seniors are listed in our article above. They belong to the top 5 shoe brands for women and men being – Propet, New Balance, Skechers, Hush Puppies and Brooks, apart from others.

Propet are the leading producer of orthopaedic and therapeutic shoes for gentle feet. Their shoes combine comfort,  value and style.

New Balance  focuses on healthy feet, as they produce professional athletic shoes. Their everyday shoes incorporate designs and technology based in feedback from injuries athletes normally encounter.

Skechers emphasis is on healthy lifestyle shoes. They are well-known world over for their range of shoes which covers the entire family. Their attention to physically active sports shoes is renowned.

Brooks shoes are athletic focused. They use biomechanics to deliver professional technically advanced athletic shoes, which are also featured in their everyday shoes.

Hush Puppies are known for their comfort, casual and lightweight shoes. In fact, they were the ones who introduced the concept of casual shoes to the footwear industry.

What is the Price Range of Velcro Shoes for Seniors?

Velcro shoes for seniors price range from $60 to around $300, with most good feature offerings listed in our article above at around $100 to $150.

What to Look for When Buying Velcro Shoes for Seniors?

The most essential feature to include while purchasing Velcro shoes is the Front Hook and Loop Strap. This is the basis on which Velcro shoes get their distinction, which offer you a custom and adjustable, secure convenient fit.

It is also important to consider the materials of the uppers for breathability and toe protection, as well as shoe toe box space, in case of foot ailments caused by health conditions such as diabetes, and to avoid skin issues like blisters caused by moisture trapped in the shoes due to sweating and a lack of ventilation.

Look for Velcro shoes which offer a wide opening which enable easy of putting on and taking off, along with good collar padding, in case of foot swelling.

The weight of the Velcro shoes also depends on the materials used for arch support and cushioning, as well as the midsole and outer sole, for durability, shock absorption, stability, and traction. Consider shoes with good quality materials as listed in our list of brands and products shortlisted above.


If you’re looking for those perfect pair of Velcro shoes whatever be the occasion or foot health condition, we have it covered for you in our article above.

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