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Nova Zoom Walker Review: Go Anywhere with this Versatile Walker

By jwilder

Nova Zoom Walker

Rollator walkers are a great way to stay active and safe, but many seniors struggle to find one that works for them. The Nova Zoom Walker is one of the most versatile, comfortable rollators on the market – no matter your size! If you’re looking for a “go anywhere, anytime” rollator that truly conforms to your body, this Nova model could be it. Read our Nova Zoom walker review to learn about its features and see if it’s right for you!

Review of: Nova Zoom Walker

NOVA Medical Products Zoom Rollator Walker

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What We Like:

  • Weight/height capacity
  • Under seat storage
  • Warranty
  • Wheels and brakes

What We Don’t Like:

  • Narrow seat area
  • Hard to lift
  • Hard to maneuver

Our Conclusion: The Nova Zoom walker is a great rollator for people of all sizes, because it’s available in four different sizes. It’s very comfortable and versatile, too, making it great for people who need a rollator that will keep up with them wherever they go! 

Features of Nova Zoom Walker

NOVA Medical Products Zoom Rollator Walker, Purple, 20 Inch, 1 Count

Four Height Options

Many rollators are adjustable- you can extend the handlebars to fit your height better, and some even have adjustable seat heights. No rollator can be a perfect fit for everyone, though. That’s why the Nova Zoom walker comes in four different sizes, each of which will adjust more specifically to the user.

Are you someone who’s five feet tall in boots? The smallest model, with an 18-inch seat, is for you. On the other end of the height spectrum, the Zoom 24 will fit users between 5’8” and 6’5”! Each model has handlebars that will extend about 6 inches, so you’ll be able to adjust it to the most comfortable position for your own body. Rollators aren’t “one size fits all”, but the Nova Zoom is “four sizes fit all”!

There is a Zoom model that will fit any person, regardless of their height. It may seem like a simple feature, but no other model of rollator can do that. Other rollators are good for short, average height, or tall people, but never all three. With the Nova Zoom, you’ll never have to wonder if the rollator you just purchased will actually fit- just choose your size and you’re good to go!

Rugged Indoor/Outdoor Wheels

Rollator walkers are the best mobility aid for people who want to go faster and farther than they could with a cane or crutches. They’re also much more natural than other walkers in terms of your leg motion! Nothing can ruin a well-built rollator, though, like low-quality wheels. Bad wheels make a rollator unsafe and unable to be used on anything other than perfectly flat surfaces. The wheels on the Nova Zoom walker, however, are 8 inches tall, 1.5 inches wide, and made of durable, spongy rubber.

These wheels will be able to absorb the impact of bumps in your path, keeping you upright and stable. You can use them on grass, gravel, even sand (with caution)! Rollator walkers are an ideal mobility aid for people who want to stay active and get a bit of exercise and freedom. Having wheels like these ensures you won’t be more limited than you want to be!

Feather Touch Brakes

“Feather Touch” is the name Nova gave to its patented braking system. As the name implies, it means that no user will lack the strength to engage the brakes and come to a complete stop. If you have muscle weakness, arthritis, or other joint/muscle issues, you know the struggle of trying to get a firm grasp on things. Parkinson’s patients, too, can enjoy the specific benefits of a rollator without worrying if they’ve got the grip strength to properly use it!

Using a rollator can be tricky if you can’t engage the brakes fast enough to avoid a fall. Especially heading up or down an incline, your ability to engage the rollator’s brakes is extremely important. If you’ve used a rollator in the past that had a poor braking system, you’ll understand intuitively the benefits of the feather touch system!

Soft Seat Cushion

If there’s any part of a rollator that companies will ignore so they can cut costs, it’s the seat. Too often, manufacturers put little thought into their seat design and settle for whatever is cheapest. The Nova Zoom, though, has a plush, 2-inch thick cushion that will provide comfort for years. It’s also a bit larger than other seats as well, giving you a bit more room to rest.

For people with joint issues, COPD, or other health concerns that require frequent rest while walking, this seat will be very beneficial. It will allow you to truly rest while you’re sitting; you can catch your breath, let the pressure off your knees and hips, and resume your trip when you’re ready!

Specifications of Nova Zoom Walker (All Models)

NOVA Medical Products Zoom Rollator Walker, Purple, 20 Inch, 1 Count

  • Weight Capacity: 300 lb
  • Weight: 15.5-16.25 lb
  • Dimensions (High): 24.5″w x 27.25″d x 38″h
  • Dimensions (Low): 24.5″w x 27.25″d x 35″h
  • Dimensions When Folded: 39.25″-44″h x 24.5″w x 12.75″d
  • Wheel Size: 8 Inches
  • Width Between Handles: 18″
  • Approximate User Height: 4’10” – 6’4”
  • Seat Height: 18”-24″
  • Seat Dimensions: 13.75″w x 12.75″d
  • Handle Height Adjustment: 27.5″ – 38″

Video Overview of Nova Zoom Walker

Pros and Cons of Nova Zoom Walker


  • Weight/Height Capacity: Each model of the Nova Zoom rollator can hold up to 300 pounds; depending on the model, it can fit users of practically any height. There will be very few people that find they cannot fit on the Zoom!
  • Under-Seat Storage: Many rollators have this feature, but few have as large a storage space as this one. The bag under the seat has the same dimensions as the seat itself, making it very easy to store all your belongings in a safe and secure manner!
  • Warranty: Nova’s rollators come with a limited lifetime warranty and a 5-year full warranty on the brakes. They’re known for being easy to deal with and quick to send replacement parts when you need them. This will give an added layer of confidence to anyone who goes with the Nova Zoom!
  • Wheels and Brakes: The “feather touch” brakes and high-quality wheels will keep seniors safe and stable in nearly any condition. For people who like to be outdoors, or just those who need a lot of help balancing and walking, this rollator will provide superior stability and safety, anywhere they go!


  • Narrow Seat Area: The width between the handlebars of this walker is only 18 inches, which means wider users may have a tough time sitting. Most people will be able to fit, but this is something you should consider before purchasing.
  • Hard to Lift: It’s not the heaviest rollator in the world, but it can be a bit difficult to lift when folded. It doesn’t fold as flat as one might hope, making it feel bulky when you need to lift it or put it into the car.
  • Hard to Maneuver: For some users, this rollator feels hard to steer or pivot in tight spaces. If you have narrow hallways or doors in your home, you may want to do some measuring before settling on this rollator!

Who the Nova Zoom Walker is Best For?

NOVA Medical Products Zoom Rollator Walker, Purple, 20 Inch, 1 Count

Who is the Nova Zoom walker best for? Well, that’s actually a tough question to answer, because it’s great for just about everyone! If you’ve been frustrated by rollators that couldn’t adjust to fit your size, it’s a great choice.

It’s also for people who like to stay active and need a rollator with versatility. The wheels and brake system make it perfect for use indoors and out, and the roomy storage bag can hold your things and keep you moving all day long!

Lastly, if you need to stop to rest often, whether to breathe or give your legs a break, you’ll appreciate the comfort offered by this rollator! It’s plush and thick, so you’ll be able to enjoy sitting for a bit while you’re out!

Other Rollators to Consider

1. Medline Standard Steel Folding Rollator

This is a very basic rollator- it has everything you need, and practically nothing else. It’s extremely affordable, though, which makes it perfect for somebody who needs a solid rollator for short-term use. It’s easy to use, although it is a bit heavy.

If you only need a rollator for a short period, or if you only use it from time to time (such as an injury flare-up), this is a great option. It’s simple, easy to maneuver, and inexpensive. It’s also got a 350-pound weight capacity, perfect for heavier people, or just those who want the added stability of a heavy-duty model!

Medline Standard Steel Folding Rollator Adult Walker with 8" Wheels, Blue

2. Nova GetGo Petite Rollator

Petite users struggle to find walkers that aren’t too big or too heavy for them to use. This ultralight rollator weighs a shocking three pounds! It’s light enough for anyone to push; it also is designed for users 5’4” and under, with a seat height of only 9 inches!

If you’ve been disappointed by “petite” rollators that were still too big, this could be a great solution for you! It’s also perfect for kids who may need a rollator short-term after an injury!

NOVA Medical Products GetGo Petite Rollator Walker for Height 4’0” - 5”4”, Seat Height is 8.5”, Only 3 lbs, Blue

3. Drive Medical Nitro DLX

This Euro-style rollator is perfect for taller users, and people who need a bit of extra comfort while sitting. Users up to 6’5” can comfortably use it, without having to stoop over!

If you have the need to rest often, you’ll appreciate the superior comfort provided by the seat and wide backrest! It’s an all-around great euro-style rollator!

Drive Medical Nitro DLX Euro Style Walker Rollator, Champagne

Conclusion: Nova Zoom Walker

If you’re looking for a simple walker that performs like a luxury model, the Nova Zoom Walker should be at the top of your list!

NOVA Medical Products Zoom Rollator Walker

Nova Zoom Walker (Click image for more info)

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