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La-Z-Boy Lift Chair Troubleshooting, Repair & Parts: Guide To Maintaining Your La-Z-Boy Lift Chair

By Maurice

La-Z-Boy Lift Chair Troubleshooting

Like other lift chairs, your La-Z-Boy lift chair is bound to encounter some issues, especially after some years of use. You might be prompted to get repair services and sometimes repair parts to keep it going. Most importantly, to keep it operational in the best condition possible, you have to adopt the recommended maintenance practices. This article is an ideal pointer to the best professional repair services and the best places to get your La-Z-Boy lift chair repair parts.

La-Z-Boy Lift Chair Setup – Instruction & Tutorial Videos

Assembling your La-Z-Boy lift chair is not a complicated endeavor, especially if you have some prior knowledge dealing with any other type of lift chair. Moreover, there are multiple helpful tutorials, videos, and manuals on how you can set up your chair without a fuss. Whether you decide to use a setup video or a manual, the following steps will feature in the process to successfully assemble your lift chair:

  • Place your La-Z-Boy in your desired position in your room, about 16″ away from the wall, for perfect recline allowance space.
  • Install the lift chair’s back:
  1. 1Place the back on the body across the arms
  2. 2Lift its back at an angle so that its brackets align with the body’s brackets (see figure 1)

  1. 3Lower the back into the body, ensuring they perfectly align. If your La-Z-Boy chair’s back brackets are placed on the outside of the back, ensure you stand behind the chair as you twist it from side to side. However, if your chair’s brackets are on the inside, lift the back cover to ensure the brackets are perfectly engaged. (See figure 3)

  1. 4Proceed to lock up the brackets by pushing down the levers with a screwdriver. (see figure 4)

  • Depending on your chair’s type, pull down the outside back upholstery cover and press down its fastening tape to the body’s fastening tape. (See figure 5) 
  • Pull down the outside upholstery cover and firmly stick up its fastening tape to that of the lower seat’s frame. Finally, tuck away the sides and loop the elastic strap behind the lower seat’s frame. (See figure 6)

La-Z-Boy Lift Chair not Working – Common Problems & How to Fix Them

Your La-Z-Boy lift chair can encounter lots of different problems along with its service life. However, you should be on the lookout for the following most common issues:

Recliner does not recline

Your lift chair’s reclining mechanism features lots of moving parts. As such, the closing and opening may cause some connecting wires to become snagged and eventually loose. To fix this problem, you have to find and reconnect the disconnected wires. This might prompt you to flip your chair upside down, remove the bottom fabric to spot the loose wires, and fix them accordingly.

The chair’s hand control does not work

Sometimes no matter how hard you hit the control buttons, the chair does not respond. This problem might be down to the chair’s electrics. Ideally, your chair’s lift mechanism is bound to snip the hand control in half, especially when moving backward. To fix this problem, you have to flip the chair upside down and then trace your hand control to the chair’s interior to trace the broken wires. You can then twist the wires together, secure them with electric tape, and, of course, try to move them out of the lift mechanism’s way.

The chair’s mechanism tilting to one side

If your lift La-Z-Boy lift chair is beginning to tilt to one side, it could be the start of a major structural damage. You need to fix it as soon as possible. You can try to bend the rods back into shape if the tilt is not too extreme but if it is too much, be keen to engage a professional.

Broken or worn down headrest

Your lift chair’s headrest might be built into the design, making it easy to snap. In such a case, you might be forced to get a replacement. However, if it is a problem with the pillow or the fabric wearing out, you can fix it yourself. You can open it up using a fabric cutter and then add soft material to the pillow to restore its glory. After filing it to your satisfaction, you can then nicely sew it up to hide the handiwork.

Recliner not rocking

One of the most challenging problems to fix on your own is your chair’s recliner failing to rock as expected. This is often a result of worn-out springs and could force you to get a replacement. However, if you are lucky, the springs could just have become a little stiff and can be fixed. To take care of the problem, flip your lift chair and remove the bottom cover to expose the springs. If the springs are stiff, add some WD-40 to lubricate them. This restores their flawless movement.

The footrest does not move or does not stay up

If you notice that your footrest does not move when you hit the relevant remote control button, its internal joints could be stiff. To fix this problem, you will need to flip the chair, then locate the footrest’s internal mechanism. You can then add WD-40 lubricant to make the joints more flexible.

Your chair’s footrest could also have another problem; it can’t stay upright in spite of the relevant command. This could mean the springs are problematic. They might have become loose or even fallen out of place. You can trace them and reconnect them accordingly. However, if they are worn out, you will have to replace them entirely.

How to maintain your La-Z-Boy lift chair

To avoid the above issues, proper maintenance is critical. The following tips can help you maintain your lift chair:

  • Always unplug your lift chair before cleaning or performing maintenance
  • Do not plug your chair into an extension cord; use a direct grounded power outlet
  • Replace your batteries after six months
  • Clean your chair regularly, but clean spills immediately they happen
  • Dust the hand control, the cords, and the motors once a month
  • Use on dry ground, avoid water or any liquids
  • Always test your remote control while inspecting for tears and frays

La-Z-Boy Lift Chair Manuals – Links to Online Manuals

You can get manuals for your lift chair from multiple sources on the internet. However, it is always advisable to get official, reliable manuals from approved sources. For instance, you can look up your La-Z-Boy lift chair’s model manual on their relevant manuals webpage. Even better, there are other third-party websites that offer reliable manuals, especially for basic operations. Check out the following links:

La-Z-Boy Lift Chair Remote Control Replacement

Your La-Z-Boy lift chair is among its most used critical parts. Unfortunately, like other parts, it is susceptible to damage due to repeated use. If your remote control is damaged beyond repair, you can only get a replacement. Luckily, like most other La-Z-Boy lift chair repair parts, getting a replacement is not a hassle; they are readily available in multiple establishments. Even better, to get the perfect manufacturer’s match, you can shop right in their stores. To get your remote replacement, you just enter your zip code on their relevant web page so they can direct you to their nearest store in your locality.

However, if you cannot access La-Z-Boy dealers near you, you can still shop for your replacement remote control in the following online and offline stores.

La-Z-Boy Lift Chair Parts List

Some of the La-Z-Boy lift chair parts that you can access in different establishments could feature the following:

  • Springs
  • Cables
  • Lift chair power cords
  • Lift chair switch
  • Motor
  • Lift chair transformer
  • Massage chair parts
  • Battery pack
  • Lift chair power supply
  • Remote control
  • Lift chairs mechanism

La-Z-Boy Lift Chair Parts Diagram

Where To Buy La-Z-Boy Lift Chair Parts – Online & In Retail Stores

La-Z-Boy lift chair parts are available in multiple online and retail stores. However, it is imperative to buy these parts only from authorized entities. This comes in handy to ensure you not only get quality parts from the manufacturer but also cash in on your warranty if you qualify. To get repair parts through La-Z-Boy entity, you enter your zip code on their parts and warranty page on their website. When you enter your zip code, their customer service directs you to their nearest dealer in your locality. You can also get repair parts directly from their stores where you bought your lift chair.

Other reputable places you can get La-Z-Boy lift chair pairs feature the following:

La-Z-Boy Lift Chair Repair – How to Find a Repair Shop near Me

It might not be hard to get repair services for your La-Z-Boy lift chair, but it is definitely an uphill task to get professional assistance. Unlike other household appliances with multiple technicians, lift chairs are less common, and landing a qualified technician can be quite a hassle.

However, to get a qualified La-Z-Boy technician, your best bet is to engage the dealer where you bought your lift chair. Ideally, most of these dealers offer repair services. Furthermore, when you go for repairs in their establishments, you can cash in on your warranty if you are still within the provided period. If you cannot access any of their dealers, you can try your luck in the following repair establishments:

Furniture repair shop

With the technological advancement and modern innovation in furniture manufacture, furniture repair shops have to been forced to brace themselves accordingly. Today’s furniture comes with complicated mechanisms that demand top skills. As such, you might get a technician who can handle your La-Z-Boy lift chair to help you. These shops offer a cheap and accessible option for you.

Scooter repair shop

Scooters and lift chairs share most of their working mechanisms. In addition, most entities that make scooters also make lift chairs. Consequently, your local scooter repair shop’s technician may be accustomed to your lift chair’s system and can help you accordingly.

How much does it cost to repair a La-Z-Boy lift chair?

It is totally normal to worry about how much it will cost you to repair your lift chair. However, this should not be a cause of concern if you are fully aware of what is wrong with your chair. With an idea of your lift chair’s problem, you can always find out the repair cost.

Ideally, the price often depends on what is broken. If your motors are broken, you can be sure they will set you back several hundred dollars, but it is very cheap if it is just some minor adjustments. Here are the price ranges for most lift chair repairs, including La-Z-Boy’s:

  • Motor replacement: $250 – $500
  • Service and tune up: $50 – $100
  • Power problems: $75 – $150
  • Furniture issues: $50 – $200

La-Z-Boy Customer Service (Phone Number; Website; Twitter; Facebook; YouTube)

La-Z-Boy customer service is reachable through multiple avenues, online and offline. If you have any concerns, you can walk to any of their dealer stores in your locality or contact their customer service in the following ways:

Furthermore, to address your specific issues, you can fill out this form. You can also get answers to most of their asked questions by visiting their FAQs webpage or watching their customer care videos.

Keeping your La-Z-Boy lift chair in the healthiest operational condition guarantees long service life and optimized user experience. You want your lift chair to serve your needs for a long time and in the best way possible. As such, proper maintenance is imperative. You need to maintain your lift chair properly, and when you need to repair get professional services. Moreover, when you need repair parts, get them from authorized sources. Remember, your La-Z-Boy lift chair did not come cheap hence it is an investment worth protecting.

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