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EWheels Scooter Parts: EWheels Parts List & Where to Buy Parts

By Maurice

EWheels Scooter Parts

For any individual with movement difficulties, EWheels Scooter is a great solution for independence. It is designed to give you a fast, convenient, safe, and reliable riding experience from one point to another without the need for support. However, how well you maintain your scooter determines how well and how long it serves you. To properly maintain the mobility aid device, it’s imperative you know and understand its major components.

This article will help you learn about some of the major EWheels scooter parts and a few tips to maintain them in perfect shape. You will also learn where to buy these parts if you need to replace them on your scooter.

EWheels Scooter Parts List

Knowing the various parts of your scooter will make it easier to maintain and enjoy its services better and for longer. Here is a list of the major and most essential components of an EWheels scooter.

  • Battery
  • Motor
  • Bars
  • Brakes
  • Headsets
  • Controller
  • Lights
  • Wheels/tires

EWheels Scooter Motor

Every electric scooter has at least a single motor, with some bigger and more powerful models having two. The motor is fitted into the hub of the wheels, the backbone of the entire scooter.

If the motor fails, the scooter cannot move. You will notice a problem with your motor if the scooter suddenly starts “lurching” forward while riding. While you can repair it, replacing it is the best solution to a failing engine.

EWheels Scooter Tires

The type of tires you have will determine the level of comfort in your scooter and also durability. They determine your scooter’s traction, range, ride quality, and braking function. The most common types include pneumatic or air-filled, solid, and honeycomb tires.

Pneumatic tires are many people’s favorite for their high-quality ride, even in adverse road conditions. If your tires start to wear out, you need to replace them to keep enjoying your rides.

The Scooter Brakes

The brake is like the life-saver in every electric scooter. Some models have both rear and front brakes, while others have just the rear. In case of a malfunction, fixing or replacing brakes requires a professional technician.

EWheels Scooter Batteries

An electric mobility scooter cannot move without batteries. When batteries fail, you might notice that they cannot hold a charge for long, and you must recharge after every ride. Sometimes, the battery may have enough charge, but the scooter fails to start. In such a case, replacement is unnecessary as the issue may be with the wire connections. However, any other battery-related issue can only be corrected through replacement as it’s impossible to reverse battery-failure problems.

The EWheels Scooter Headset

The headset is a combination of several components like the top cap, bearing cup, bearings, compression ring, and fork race. The features in the headset are meant to ensure the smooth operation of your scooter.

Considering the number of different elements in the headset, it would help to check it constantly for efficiency. Should you need to replace your scooter’s headset, you can consider a threadless headset. It is the best, though costly.

The EWheels Scooter Fork

The fork can either be threaded or non-threaded and supports the front wheels. The fork you use, threaded or non-threaded, significantly impacts the clamping system. An efficient fork makes wheeling easier.

Where to Buy EWheels Scooter Parts Online

Many things can go wrong if you replace an EWheels Scooter part with the wrong one that is incompatible. To avoid that mistake, you must be certain of the part you need to replace and your particular scooter model. You also need to find authorized sellers online or locally near your residence, primarily those authorized by EWheels Manufacturers.

The following are some of the places you can buy legitimate EWheels Scooter parts.

In addition, you can opt to visit the manufacturer for repairs and replacement of essential parts. The main advantage of buying from the manufacturer is that you are sure of getting legitimate parts for any EWheels Scooter model.

EWheels Scooter Repair handles the following repairs and parts replacements:

  • Joysticks
  • Handlebars
  • Batteries
  • Battery chargers
  • Armrest
  • Motor
  • Wheels and tires
  • Inner tube
  • Seats
  • Controllers

Where to Buy EWheels Scooter Parts (Near Me)

Buying EWheels scooter parts from a physical store is also convenient since you can get the suitable component on time. Hence, if you do not want to place an order online and wait for days before the delivery date of your product, consider a nearby store for replacement parts. The best thing about buying in-store is that the seller can help you identify the right product by looking at your scooter model.

Locating the nearest authorized seller near you is simple; you just have to search “EWheels Scooter parts near me.” Alternatively, you can visit the store where you purchased your EWheels mobility scooter.

Tips for Maintaining Your EWheels Scooter

Proper scooter maintenance will allow you to enjoy repair-free services for longer. Follow the maintenance tips below to keep your ride in perfect condition.

Take Care of the Battery

You have to observe your scooter battery closely to keep it functioning correctly. Avoid constant charging or overcharging. Also, do not allow it to run until it drains the battery juice completely. Here are additional battery maintenance tips.

  • Only use the scooter’s original charger to charge
  • Be careful when riding in the cold; it drains your battery faster
  • Check your battery before heading out to avoid running it dry
  • Even when you are not using it, charge your scooter at least once a month

Maintaining your battery will make it last longer. But, if it wears out, ensure you replace it with a compatible one.

Keep Your Scooter Clean

Accumulating dust, debris, and other forms of dirt is the leading cause of electric scooter failure. It is crucial to clean your scooter with a damp cloth at least after each trip, especially if it has been exposed to dusty conditions. You should also dry it entirely after the cleaning process to avoid rusting. Undertaking the cleaning process will save you significant amounts of time and money on repairs.

Inspect Parts Frequently

The more you ride your scooter, the better you get used to its feel. If you start noticing a change in your everyday experience, it’s a sign that something is amiss. Before you can think of heading to the garage, please check the following parts.

  • Loose screws and fix them
  • The brakes for laxity or unresponsiveness
  • The tires for wear and tear, stretch, or puncture
  • Steering wheel
  • Indicators and lights

Do not wait until your scooter parts fail so that you can change the above-mentioned components.

Do Not Stress the Motor

Every motor in a scooter is designed to bear a specific weight limit. Exceeding your scooter’s maximum weight could damage the motor. To keep the motor running longer and better, avoid exerting too much pressure and riding over rough or steep terrain.

Avoid Water and Moisture

EWheels Scooters do not like water or moisture. Such conditions can result in rust and malfunctioning electronic parts. Hence, do not ride over wet grass, stagnant waters, or in the rain.

EWheels Scooter Maintenance Videos

Owning an EWheels Scooter and knowing how to maintain it independently means total mobility freedom. The following videos will help you tackle different parts of your scooter during the maintenance process:

How To Change or Replace The Batteries on a E-Wheels EW-36 Scooter

How to Wash A Mobility Scooter (Without Damaging It)


Owning an EWheels Scooter is the first step to mobility independence, but maintaining it well enables you to keep that independence. However, for proper maintenance, you must understand the major scooter’s components and their functions. In case you need to replace a particular part, be sure to purchase from an authorized seller for quality and compatible products.

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