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Mcombo Lift Chairs Troubleshooting & Parts: Complete Owner’s Guide

By Maurice

Mcombo Lift Chairs Troubleshooting

Your Mcombo lift chair is an expensive investment that you should protect at all costs. Not only that, to enjoy its full benefits, you must take care of it in the best way possible.

While this brand’s lift chairs are good quality, like other chairs, due to continued use, it can develop some unwarranted issues. This can prompt you to seek repair services, replace some of its parts, and in some unfortunate situations, get a replacement, especially if the damage is too much. To keep your chair in the best condition, you have to run frequent maintenance, troubleshoot for issues and take care of them early enough.

This article will come in handy to help you identify common problems your Mcombo lift chair is likely to face and how you can handle them. Even better, it is an ideal pointer to the best repair services and repair parts stores available.

Mcombo Lift Chair Setup – Instruction & Tutorial Videos

Most lift chair stores do not offer assembly services to their customers. As such, you have to get a technician or set it up on your own. If you intend to set it up on your own, there are lots of helpful tutorials on YouTube that can guide you accordingly. Here are some links to the best video tutorials:

Assembly Video for Mcombo Lift Recliner 7286

6160-7529 MCOMBO Massage Power Lift Recliner Assembly

Mcombo Power Lift Chair Model 7040 Massage & Heat | Unboxing and Assembling

You can also assemble your lift chair with the help of their manuals. Most of their manuals recommend the following steps when setting up your chair:

Before starting, note that your Mcombo lift chair comes in three parts, the two arms, the seat, and the backrest with the accessories fixed in the seat.

  1. 1Place your Mcombo lift chair in your favorite spot in your room away from the wall for maximum reclining space.
  2. 2Start with the armrests: Slide them down the seat by their brackets until they are securely fixed.

  1. 3Place the backrest on the seat, then hold it upright until its brackets align with the seat’s brackets. Proceed to slide it down until it clicks into position.

  1. 4Connect the relevant cords and cables as demonstrated in the following diagram:

Mcombo Lift Chair Not Working – Common Problems & How to Fix Them

With continued use, your Mcombo lift chair is bound to develop some mechanical and operational issues in different parts. While proper maintenance may help prevent them, they are inevitable and can come along when you least expect them. Consequently, it is important to get accustomed to the most common issues so you can counter them accordingly. Here are the most common lift chair issues and how to fix them:

Power Supply Issues

If you push the buttons on your remote control to executive commands and the chair does not respond, you could be having some power issues. This issue is often caused by a disconnection in your chair’s wire system or a problematic power supply.

If your power supply has been overloaded, it can have a destructive electric surge that might lead to a mechanical failure. In such as case, you might be forced to replace your power supply. However, if it’s a case of wire disconnection, all you need is to trace the disconnected power cables and connect them accordingly.

Problematic Motors

If you turn on your lift chair and it actually turns on, but the lift functions don’t work, your motors might be problematic. You might even hear the motors humming, but your chair won’t lift or recline as expected. Unfortunately, if you have a motor issue, you might have to engage a qualified technician. Ideally, Mcombo lift chair motors feature complex technology that you might not understand, especially if you are a first-time user.

Moreover, if you have to replace your motor, ensure you buy from the authorized dealers. Check your manual for the right replacement motor and engage Mcombo’s customer service so you can be directed to the right repair parts and services.

Unwarranted Creaking or Grinding Sounds

Your lift chair might be working just fine, but you notice some awful grinding or creaking sounds. While this might be just old components asking for some lubricant, it could also indicate a far worse issue. A part of your lift chair mechanism could be broken, your motors might be loose, or some screws might have detached from the chair.

To fix this issue, you need to first critically inspect your lift chair to detect any such issues. You can lean it against the wall and check its underside, and if you notice any rust, brush it off with a wire brush and add some lubricating oil. However, if you notice bent, loose or broken parts, contact a professional technician and have your lift chair checked and fixed accordingly.

Recliner won’t lift open or close

In spite of pushing the relevant buttons on your remote control, your lift chair’s recliner refuses to lift, open or close, although the motor might be running. This issue could be the result of the following:

Since several problems cause this issue, it is only right to have it fixed by qualified personnel. You can connect disconnected wires or even fix bent wires, but if the problem is not visible, it could mean attending to your motors which might need the necessary technical know-how of a technician.

Remote control won’t work

If your Mcombo lift chair remote control does not work, it could be a problem for you, especially if you are dealing with an elderly loved one. Think of your loved one getting stuck in the chair, and they have to respond to a call of nature. This problem is often caused by depleted batteries, but if this does not fix it, you might be forced to get a replacement.

Mcombo Lift Chair Manuals – links to online manuals

To help you get accustomed to your chair and guide you in basic operations, Mcombo lift chairs come with a user manual. Ideally, your manual comes in handy to help you understand your chair, how to assemble it, how it works, and necessary safety precautions, among other issues. Here are some links to some online manuals you can check out:

Mcombo Lift Chair Remote Control Replacement

You cannot enjoy your Mcombo lift chair’s benefits without its remote control. As such, if it gets damaged, you have to get a replacement as soon as possible. Luckily, this remote control is available not only on the brand’s website but also in multiple other online and offline stores. You can check out the following establishments if you need a replacement: Amazon, eBay, or Ubuy.

Mcombo Lift Chair Parts List

If any component of your Mcombo lift chair is damaged, it does not mean you will no longer enjoy your chair’s benefits. There are multiple places where you can access these parts. Among the available parts are the following:

Mcombo Lift Chair Parts Diagram

Where to Buy Mcombo Lift Chair Parts – Online & In Retail Stores

Repair parts for your Mcombo lift chair are readily available in most online and offline lift chair stores. Even better, you can get original manufacturer-made parts right on this brand’s website. However, no matter where you choose to shop for your parts, be keen to compare what they have against what is recommended in your owner’s manual. This comes in handy to ensure you land quality parts that are compatible and right for your lift chair. You can buy quality lift chair parts in the following establishments online and offline:

No matter where you buy your repair parts, the secret to getting the best is choosing the Original Equipment Manufacturer parts (OEM). While aftermarket parts can, in some cases, save the day, especially when you have no reputable nearby store to get original parts, they are not reliable. They might fail to work with your chair or offer a very short service life.

Mcombo Lift Chair Repair – How to Find a Repair Shop near Me

You might not be well-positioned to repair your Mcombo lift chair, especially if it has complex issues involving complicated components such as the motors. In this case, you have to engage the services of a qualified technician. If you cannot access the repair services of the Mcombo authorized store where you bought your lift chair, you can look for alternative services in the following places:

Mcombo Customer Service (Phone Number; Website; Twitter; Facebook; YouTube)

Mcombo’s customer service is readily accessible through several avenues. You can voice your concerns or ask for their input on any issues related to their lift chairs through the following ways:

  • 2411 Bear Corbitt Rd, STE 1, New Castle, DE, 19720
  • 2808 Vail Ave, Commerce, CA, 90040

To reap the full benefits of your Mcombo lift chair, you have to take care of it in the best way possible. You might not be in a position to prevent some common issues that it might encounter, but it is imperative to take care of them early enough. Adopt a regular, frequent maintenance and troubleshooting schedule for your chair. This way, you can identify issues early enough before they become bigger problems. Furthermore, when problems arise and you need to get replacement parts, always go for the recommended OEMs.

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  1. Have purchased two Mcombo chairs recently. One was a replacement and one was for a family member who now needs one. My previous chair had a 9v battery backup in case of power outage. Both of the Mcombo chairs came without that feature. I’m happy with the chairs, but living in a rural area and using the chairs for sleeping. I want to get an add on battery back-up and need to find two that would be compatible.

    1. Michael W Wright


      I bought one of these and it works: APC UPS Battery Backup and Surge Protector, 850VA Backup Battery Power Supply, #BE850G2

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