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La-Z Boy Lift Chairs Overview (Read This Before Buying)

By Maurice

La-Z Boy Lift Chairs Overview

La-Z Boy has been a household name for comfort recliners since 1927. Did you know they make lift chairs as well? We’ll look at the manufacturer, models of lift chairs, and how to acquire one today!

Who Makes La-Z-Boy Lift Chairs?

In 1927, cousins Edwin and Edward developed a reclining chair out of wood slats in their garage in Monroe, MI. The name, La-Z Boy came from a contest, as a little girl stated the men looked like lazy boys in their new chairs. Now, they export their recliners to over ten countries.

Where are La-Z-Boy Lift Chairs Made? 


The recliners are made in three factories in Dayton, TN, Siloam Springs, AR, and Neosho, MO. The manufacturers use American produced steel, foam, springs, and hardwood frames too. This recliner is about as American as apple pie!

La-Z-Boy Lift Chair Models

La-Z Boy has developed six different lift chair models ranging from the “Margaret Bronze Power Lift Recliner” at $1,439 to the “Astor Platinum Power Lift Recliner” at $3,269. Many of these models offer additional features like heat, massage, lumbar support, and headrests. These additional features cost more. La-Z Boy does offer 12-month financing for those who qualify. The basic models are Margaret Bronze, Miller Bronze, James Silver, Pinnacle Platinum, Clayton Gold, and Astor Platinum.

La-Z Boy is sold on-line through their website and also through their stores and affiliates. You can find a store close to you through the store locator. Ordering through the website is easy too! They will send you fabric swatches to choose from. The La-Z Boy brand does NOT sell through Amazon at this time. Thus all review information comes from their own website.

Margaret Bronze

  • designed for smaller people (5’4-5’9)
  • $1,439 new, no extra customizations
  • scored 4.8 out of 5 overall reviews
  • highest score going to quality
  • can be placed 2 inches away from the wall
  • over 400 cover choices
  • 300 pound maximum weight
  • chair dimensions in feet: 2.42W x 3.25D x 3.42H
  • chair weight: 120 pounds

Miller Bronze

  • smaller chair designed for petite people (5’3 and under!)
  • $1,439 new, no extra customizations
  • also scores a 4.8 out of 5
  • scored highest in quality
  • unlike the Margaret, the Miller has rounded arms
  • only needs to be away from the wall by two inches
  • over 400 cover fabric choices
  • 300 pound maximum weight
  • chair dimensions in feet: 2.58W x 3.25D x 3.3H
  • chair weight: 124 pounds

James Silver 

  • bucket style seat with leg rest
  • costs $1,679 new
  • most reviewed, with 173 verified purchases
  • scored a 4.8
  • most people commented on its comfort  
  • it needs to be five inches from the wall
  • over 400 cover fabric choices
  • 500 pound maximum weight
  • chair dimensions in feet: 3.3W x 3.3D x 3.6H
  • chair weight: 141 pounds

Clayton Gold 

  • made for the extra tall (6’3+)
  • $2,529 new
  • has three heat settings and three massage settings
  • scored 4.6 out of 5
  • highest points scored in quality
  • needs to be 13.5 inches from walls
  • over 350 cover fabric choices
  • 500 pound maximum weight
  • chair dimensions in feet: 3.5W x 3.38D x 3.8H
  • chair weight: 143 pounds

Pinnacle Platinum

  • made for extra tall people (6’3+)
  • zero gravity position
  • $2,069 new
  • 4.9 out of 5 stars
  • 5.0 in quality AND comfort
  • 11 inch wall clearance
  • over 350 cover fabrics
  • 350 pound weight limit  
  • chair dimensions in feet: 2.8W x 3.25D x 3.75H
  • chair weight: 135 pounds

Astor Platinum

  • designed for tall people
  • has adjustable cushions
  • $3,269 new
  • scored 4.8 out of 5
  • highest points scored in quality
  • needs to be 11 inches from walls
  • over 350 cover fabric choices
  • 350 pound maximum weight
  • chair dimensions in feet: 2.91W x 3.25D x 3.8H
  • chair weight: 145 pounds

All the chairs come with iClean fabric options which are said to prevent stains from forming when they happen. Most stains can be removed by wiping the chair with a paper towel. The hardest stains, like a glass of wine, come out with just a little soap and water. The iClean promise holds for three years.

La-Z-Boy Lift Chair Warranty

All of these models qualify for the La-Z Boy limited lifetime warranty. This warranty will cover repair, replacement and/or substitution for the original purchaser with proof of purchase. It will only cover damage caused by normal wear and tear of daily use. La-Z Boy does not offer refunds. They do offer exchanges for up to three days after delivery.  

La-Z-Boy Lift Chairs on Sale – Where to Find

Can you get your lift chair recliner for cheaper? Sometimes local dealers and the main website offer deals. You can ask for free delivery on purchases over $999. Sites like Groupon and RetailMeNot show current discount codes and coupons.

Sadly, Medicare will not cover a La-Z Boy lift chair as it is not medical equipment. However, under Part B, it will cover 80% of the cost for the lift mechanism. This means you might qualify for some money back.

Used La-Z-Boy Lift Chairs – Where to Buy Used

Buying used is also an option. The warranty won’t apply, however. Auction sites like Ebay often have used chairs. They usually are reduced in price but aren’t available for shipping. You will have to pick up the chair from wherever it is being sold.

How to Buy a La-Z-Boy Lift Chair on Craigslist

Craigslist is another option for used La-Z Boy lift chairs. You’ll want to select your closest metropolitan from the options. Then click “for sale.” In the search “for sale” bar, you will want to search for “lazy boy lift chair.”

When shopping on Craigslist, you’ll want to see the item before giving anyone your money. Inspect it for damage and be sure it functions before purchasing.

La-Z-Boy Customer Service

You can contact La-Z Boy through their online form, Facebook, or Instagram. They also have a phone number for general inquiries: 1-800-375-6890. They also post videos on YouTube showing their products in real life homes.

Wrapping Up 

A La-Z Boy power lift recliner may be the perfect fit for you! With this information, planning for your new addition should be easy. Now you should ask for your free fabric swatch samples, sit back, relax, and enjoy the possibilities.

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  1. Thank you for all this information, very useful to know. My sister-in-law has a lift chair that is not LaZBoy. When it lifts her to get up, she falls out of it. She has been told that LaZBoy lift chairs will stand her up so that she can walk away and not fall. I would appreciate knowing if there is such a chair, which chair would she order? Thank you for your quick response. She is anxious to buy a chair.

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