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Lift Chair Troubleshooting

Lift Chair Troubleshooting (2021): Common Lift Chair Problems & How To Fix Them

By jwilder

Lift Chair Troubleshooting

Power lift chairs are a wonderful type of furniture that help many seniors deal with a variety of health issues. They simply make it much easier (and safer) to stand, sit, and relax.

The trouble with these chairs, though, is that, like many other types of technology, they have a tendency to break down. That’s why, today, we’re going over the most common lift chair problems - and their solutions - in our guide to lift chair troubleshooting.

Let’s begin!

Most Common Lift Chair Problems And How to Fix Them

Power Supply Issues

The Problem:

Your power lift chair isn’t responsive - you push the buttons on the remote, and nothing happens. It seems that there is something going wrong with your chair’s power supply. This could be located in the power supply itself, or it could be an issue with a wire somewhere inside your lift chair.

How to Fix It:

Failed power supplies have usually been overloaded by an electrical surge or have experienced a mechanical failure. That means the best way to fix a broken power supply is to purchase and install a new one.

Though it’s not at all difficult to find power supplies for lift chairs online, it can be hard to find the right one. If your chair has the wrong power supply, you can damage the motor easily- if the chair works at all. The owner’s manual on your power lift chair should include a list of parts. Use that to locate the part number for your power supply, and install it carefully.

Usually, it should be no more difficult than swapping out the charger for your cell phone, but some chairs might require more work. Always check your owner’s manual before removing/installing a power supply!

Motor Issues

The Problem:

Your power lift recliner turns on and seems to be working, but when you try to use the lift function, the motors don’t move. Even worse, you might hear an electric “hum” from the motor, even though the chair isn’t lifting or reclining. This is a clear sign that there is something wrong with your chair’s motor.

How to Fix It:

Actuator motors are complex pieces of technology that depend on the use of electricity and magnetic fields. This means that, barring you having an extensive background in engineering and manufacturing, you’ll be buying a replacement motor.

Replacement motors, just like power supplies, are easy to find- so long as you know which one to look for. Check your chair’s product manual to find the right product part. If the manual does not include a parts list, you can contact the manufacturer by phone or email and ask them to help you get the right part!

Creaking/Grinding Sounds

The Problem:

Your power lift chair works just fine - mechanically, that is. The trouble is that when it moves, it makes an awful and annoying creaking sound, as if the motor was grinding on something as it moved.

This could just be a case of old components that need a bit of oil to stay loose or rust that needs to be shaken off. It may also be a sign that something is broken in your chair’s lifting mechanism. For example, the motor may have come loose, or there may be screws on the chair’s base that are no longer attached to the chair itself.

How to Fix It:

Carefully lean your chair against a wall so that you can see underneath it. If you can see rust, use a wire brush to clean it off, and some lubricating oil to keep the parts working smoothly.

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If any of the pieces seem bent, broken, or loose, you’re going to need more than a little lubricant. If that is the case, your best bet is to get your chair looked at and serviced by a professional.

Recliner Not Lifting/Opening/Closing

The Problem:

Your recliner doesn’t lift, open, or close when you press the buttons on your remote. Sometimes, it sounds like the motor is on, but the chair doesn’t actually move. If your chair has massage functions, these work- but the lifting function does not.

This issue can be caused by a number of things:

  • Your chair might be locked into a fixed position.
  • The motor on your chair might be malfunctioning or disconnected.
  • The lifting motor might be unplugged from the power supply, even though the power supply itself is still working.
  • The remote or receiver are not working properly, causing some of the functionality of your chair to be unresponsive

How to Fix It:

Fixing this issue is complex, because it can be caused by a number of different things. Turn your chair over carefully and try to evaluate it. If there are any obvious problems- bent pieces, unplugged wires, etc, you can respond accordingly.

If there are no easily visible problems, taking your chair in for service or cashing in on the warranty is likely your best option.

Remote Not Working

The Problem:

The remote that controls your lift chair doesn’t work. Pressing buttons results in frustration and confusion rather than lifting, reclining, and massaging. Sometimes, this problem can come and go- making your remote very unreliable This can potentially leave you trapped in your chair, unable to stand.

How to Fix It:

If changing the batteries in your remote doesn’t fix the problem, ordering a new one should. Unfortunately, with remotes, there are no solutions that don’t involve replacement. The good news is that buying a new remote for your lift chair is cheaper than buying any other replacement part. So, while you have to spend money to fix this problem, other lift chair problems are much more expensive.

How to Find Warranty, Parts, and Service Info

Lift Chair Rental Near Me

The solution to most of the issues you troubleshoot will have something to do with buying new parts, cashing in on the lift chair’s warranty, or finding a technician who can repair it for you. So, it’s helpful to know where to go for these things.

Here’s a list of resources/links that will connect you to warranty/parts info for various brands of chairs, as well as repair companies that can handle lift chairs:

Finding a Repair Shop

Getting a technician out to your home to service your lift chair is sometimes facilitated by the manufacturer when you activate the warranty. If the warranty has expired or the problem isn’t covered, though, finding a service provider can be a bit more tricky.

If there is a furniture store nearby that sells recliners and lift chairs, you may be in luck. Many of these stores have a service and repairs department that will fix your chair for a reasonable fee. The same is true for many appliance shops. It is possible that some shops may decline to serve you because they don’t have experience with lift chairs, but most shops will be more than happy to help!

Brand-Specific Troubleshooting

What about problems that are more common for certain brands? Just like Jeeps are known for spotty transmissions and Fords tend to have poor spark plugs, certain issues are more common to one brand of lift chair than they are to others.

Below, we’ll discuss some of the most common problems that affect popular brands of lift chairs, and how to fix them.

Golden Technologies Lift Chair Troubleshooting

How to Fix Golden Lift Chair Power Supply Problem

One of the most common issues with these extremely popular chairs is a faulty or unresponsive power supply. If your lift chair has an active warranty, calling in and getting it fixed is your best option. If the warranty is expired, however, buying a new power supply from the link mentioned above is the way to go.

Golden Lift Chair Remote Troubleshooting

Another common issue is damage/malfunction of the remote on the lift chair. Some models of Golden Technologies lift chairs have cordless remotes while others have corded remotes. This video will show you an effective way to repair a corded remote, while this link connects you to a page with all the different replacement remotes for Golden lift chairs.

Pride Lift Chair Controller Problems

The remotes on Pride lift chairs can be quite finicky and sometimes stop working altogether. If you’ve got a few tools and a fair amount of patience, you can repair a faulty remote at home using this video as a guide.

You can also order a new remote at the parts link above, or order one through Amazon. Amazon carries different Pride remotes, so make sure to find the one that corresponds to your chair to avoid further trouble.

Finally, Pride Mobility has a basic troubleshooting guide that you can use to diagnose and solve various problems.

La-Z-Boy Lift Chair Heater Troubleshooting

This is a problem that isn’t found in every La-Z-Boy chair. Rather, it’s specific to models that have heating elements included. In some chairs, the heating element will suddenly become very weak or stop working altogether.

If this issue occurs in your chair, you should first check to see if your warranty is still active. If it is, you can have your lift chair fixed or replaced at no cost to you. If the warranty has expired, though, try to see if any cables or wires have come loose in the chair. If you can easily plug them back in, you may be able to fix the issue right then and there. If not, however, you’ll have to get your


Troubleshooting lift chairs, finding the source of issues, and fixing them can be pretty tricky. More often than not, the solution boils down to finding a replacement part or a technician with the specialized tools and experience to help. Have you found the solution to your lift chair issues? Do you have tips for other readers? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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