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Mcombo Lift Chairs Overview (Read This Before Buying)

By Maurice

Mcombo Lift Chairs Overview

Mcombo is one of the fastest-growing lift chair brands in the United States. This company was established in 2011 as an international trading entity for several products, but it developed a catalog of its own brands over the years. Currently, Mcombo produces a variety of products, including recliners, patio furniture, living room chairs, pet supplies, and, most importantly, lift chairs. This guide explores Mcombo lift chairs in detail, including the company’s background, their models, where you can buy them, among other specifics.

Who Makes Mcombo Lift Chairs?

Mcombo is an American entity with its roots in the USA, and while they sell their products across the globe, these products are manufactured locally. Their manufacturing firm is located in Portland, Oregon, where their lift chairs are made. The company has assembled a diverse team of American professionals, featuring designers, technicians, engineers, and other talents to produce their lift chairs. They develop quality lift chairs professionally through in-depth market research that seeks to respond to customers’ needs. Furthermore, they have a state-of-the-art manufacturing firm with advanced modern technology to produce high-tech lift chairs.

Where is Mcombo Located?

Mcombo is headquartered in Portland, Oregon, where it was founded in 2011. This is the location of their production firm. However, they have their distribution centers and showrooms in the following areas:

  • Newacme LLC – 2808 Vail Ave, Commerce, CA, 90040
  • Showroom in New Castle, DE – 2411 Bear Corbitt Rd, STE 1, New Castle, DE, 19720
  • Showroom in Memphis, TN – 3980 Premier Ave, Memphis, TN, 38118
  • Showroom in Los Angeles, CA – 2808 vail ave, Commerce, CA 90040

Where are Mcombo’s Lift Chairs Made?

Mcombo’s lift chairs are made in their manufacturing firm in Portland, Oregon, United States. However, they are also accessible through their different distribution centers across the country. Their main distribution center is based in Commerce, CA. After their products are produced, they are distributed to their stores, distribution centers, and third-party authorized stores from this location.

Mcombo Lift Chair Models

Mcombo offers a catalog of quality lift chairs that are not only readily available in their online and offline stores but also in most national furniture stores. Their collection of lift chairs majorly features 3-position and infinite position lift chairs. Moreover, these chairs come with additional advanced features such as heat and massage.

Pros and Cons of Mcombo Lift Chairs

Mcombo lift chairs come with appealing benefits such as optimized comfort and durability. However, they also have some drawbacks that you may not like:


  • 3-position and infinite position lift chairs ideal for relaxing, napping, watching TV
  • Large weight capacity, about 320 lbs.
  • Massage and heating therapy mechanism
  • Powerful reliable motors
  • Faux leather cover
  • Accommodating dimensions
  • Additional accessories and features, including a USB port, side pockets, and cup holder
  • Very affordable
  • Free shipping if you buy in their stores


  • Not ideal for kids
  • No assembling services
  • Needs constant cleaning and regular maintenance
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty

Mcombo Lift Chair Customer Ratings

Mcombo lift chairs are highly rated by most lift chair users not only in the United States but also across the world. While user experience often depends on individual users, many of their customers have left positive reviews on popular sites, including Amazon.

Mcombo Lift Chairs Price Range

Mcombo lift chairs are arguably among the most affordable lift chairs today. However, their affordability does not mean compromising on quality; some of their lift chairs have featured in popular lists of the best lift chairs. Their prices often depend on individual features since some offer additional features such as massage and heat. Consequently, those with more features and advanced designs come at a higher cost than standard ones. Moreover, the pricing also depends on individual types; infinite lift chairs cost more than 2-motor lift chairs. Nevertheless, if you are looking for any of their lift chairs, their prices range between $300 and $ 800.

Where to Buy Mcombo Lift Chairs (Online and Near Me/In Stores)

Mcombo lift chairs are available in most online retailers such as Wayfair, Amazon, and the Mcombo online store. Moreover, you can also buy these chairs in most national physical stores, including Walmart and Sears. Here are some of the most popular online and offline stores that sell Mcombo lift chairs.


You can buy these chairs in the following online stores:

Offline Stores

You can visit these offline national retail stores to buy your favorite Mcombo lift chair:

Mcombo Lift Chairs on Sale – Where to Find

There are multiple places where you can buy a Mcombo lift chair. These chairs are on sale in popular online and offline stores near you. If you love shopping online, you can check out online markets such as Amazon,, SpinLife, Walmart, Sears, or other reputable online lift chair retailers.

You can also check out your local furniture stores, especially if you have a big national furniture retailer such as Sears, Walmart, La-Z-Boy, and Rooms To Go in your locality. Moreover, you can get your favorite Mcombo lift chair in any of their outlets across the country. If you are working with a tight budget, you can also check out used lift chairs on online markets such as Facebook market eBay or eBay Craigslist.

Mcombo Lift Chairs Coupon – Where to Find Coupons

This company takes care of their customers through offers and appealing discounts. Consequently, you can be on the lookout for their promos and coupons on popular coupons sites to land good deals. Their offers are available on the following popular coupons sites:

Some of the popular coupons to check on these sites feature the following:

  • 5% Off: See Offers on MCombo Furniture Items Under $600 at Amazon + Free Shipping w/Prime
  • 25% Off: Get 25% Off on MCombo Furniture Products With These MCombo Furniture Reseller Discount Codes
  • $100 Off: Get $100 Off Furniture Using These MCombo Furniture Competitor Coupons (Active Today)
  • 20% Off: Try These Unverified Codes for MCombo Furniture and Get Up to 20% Off if They Apply to Your Purchase
  • 60% Off: eBay Savings: Get Up to 60% Off New & Used Furniture at eBay
  • 20% Off: MCombo Furniture Deal: Get Up to 20% Off Furniture at Walmart (Free Next-Day Shipping on Eligible Orders $35+)
  • Unverified Promo Codes for MCombo Furniture
  • 10OFF50

Used Mcombo Lift Chairs – Where to Buy Used

If you cannot afford a new Mcombo lift chair, you can still choose to buy a used one. Luckily, there are several online markets where you can be lucky to land a fully-functional Mcombo lift chair. You can check out Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, or even eBay. These marketplaces have a search button where you can look up Mcombo lift chairs near you.

Furthermore, you can explore the following offline establishments to see if they are selling a Mcombo lift chair: Hospice homecare stores, medical equipment suppliers, or medical equipment rental shops in your locality. Thrift stores and consignment shops such as Habitat For Humanity, Goodwill, and ReStore are also good hunting grounds for used lift chairs.

How To Buy A Mcombo Lift Chair On Craigslist

Craigslist is one of the best-used lift chair markets where you can buy your Mcombo lift chair. This platform is user-friendly and allows you to look up lift chairs near your locality. To buy a Mcombo lift chair from this marketplace, you just need to visit their website, click your city or state, select the relevant furniture category, and check if they have a Mcombo lift chair on their listing. If they have a Mcombo lift chair of your choice, you can proceed to check out its details, and if satisfied, you can hit the reply button to engage the seller.

However, it is imperative to be careful when shopping on this platform. It is an unregulated market, making it the perfect hunting ground for scammers looking to relieve you of your hard-earned money. Here are some helpful tips to prevent you from getting conned on Craigslist:

Be alert on the lookout for scammers: Being an unregulated market, you have to trend carefully on craigslist. Keep off listings that look too good to be true or where sellers have just stock photos to convince you. Moreover, if a seller asks for personal information, run!

Ask for more information: Other than what is provided on the platform, you can ask the seller for more details about the lift chair. You could even ask for different angle photos or short clips just to be sure.

Shop locally: The best idea to avoid getting scammed is buying a lift chair from your locality. This allows you to organize a face-to-face meeting for negotiations, and you can actually get to see what you are buying. However, do not meet the seller on your own; bring a friend along and meet in public.

Do not give out personal information: If a seller asks for your personal information such as bank details or any information you would in normal circumstances not share with a stranger, walk away. This is a strong indication you are dealing with a scammer.

Avoid using your real email: If a seller requests your email address for more engagement, do not give out your real email unless you want your inbox filled with spam emails. Luckily, the platform allows you to use proxy emails or, even better, a disposable email. The idea is to remain as anonymous as possible.

Mcombo Lift Chair Warranty

Mcombo offers warranties on all their products, including lift chairs. Ideally, you can report any defect on your lift chair within two weeks after discovering the defect for a replacement. Their lift chairs warranty covers the following:

  • Lift/reclining mechanism: 1 Year
  • Frame: 1 Year
  • Electronic parts: 1 Year

Mcombo warranty only covers lift chairs distributed within the United States and Hawaii. This means if you are in Canada or other countries across the globe, the warranty does not apply. Moreover, the warranty is non-transferable and only applies to non-commercial use. If the lift chair is for use in commercial establishments such as hotels and restaurants, the warranty cannot bail you out.

Mcombo Lift Chair Return Policy

If you are not satisfied with your Mcombo lift chair, the company allows you to exercise the provided return policy as long as you follow the set guidelines. For instance, if your lift chair arrives at your address damaged or defective, you should contact their customer service within 72 hours. Furthermore, you have to engage them within 30 days in case of other standard shipping-related issues. You can call their customer service at 1-877-608-0775 or 1-323-597-1109 or send an email to Other return conditions include:

You can ship return items to this address:

  • DE Return Center2411 Bear Corbitt RdSTE 1New Castle, DE, 19720

Mcombo lift chair dimensions (weight/weight limit; height; material)

Mcombo majorly produces medium and large-sized lift chairs for their clients. These chairs come in different dimensions to accommodate the different sizes of their users. The dimensions of the most popular Mcombo lift chairs are represented graphically in the following image:

Mcombo Customer Service/Contact (Phone Number; Website; Twitter; Facebook; YouTube);

You can contact Mcombo customer service through the following avenues:

  • 2411 Bear Corbitt Rd, STE 1, New Castle, DE, 19720
  • 2808 Vail Ave, Commerce, CA, 90040

A Mcombo lift chair is ideal if you are looking for an enhanced comfortable lift chair for your elderly loved one. In addition, it is also perfect for luxury purposes when you are watching TV, relaxing, or just sitting, and if you have back illnesses, it will serve you just fine. These chairs are accessible in major national furniture stores, online and offline.

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