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Can You Use Any Mattress with an Adjustable Bed? How to Know if Yours Will Fit

By Maurice

Can You Use Any Mattress with an Adjustable Bed

Now that you have your new adjustable bed, it is time to think about the proper adjustable bed mattress. Your frame needs a mattress that will allow swift movements while providing comfort and lumbar support. So, can you use any mattress with an adjustable bed?

You can use almost any mattress with an adjustable bed, but it must be a flexible model and the correct size. The mattress needs to switch positions without falling or obstructing the mechanism. That’s why we recommend getting a memory foam or latex model, which will also provide excellent support and comfort.

In today’s guide, you’ll learn whether or not you can use any mattress with an adjustable bed and how to know if yours will fit. We’ll also give you the best tips for picking a mattress for your new adjustable bed.

The Right Mattresses for Adjustable Beds

How Much Does A Mattress Weigh?

You’ll find a wide variety of mattresses made of different materials with unique benefits. Each of these options works best for a different type of sleeper. However, not all mattresses are compatible with adjustable beds.

Here we’ll answer the most common questions about mattresses and adjustable beds.

Can You Use Your Own Mattress on an Adjustable Bed?

The best way to know whether your mattress will fit your adjustable bed is to test it. Place the mattress over the adjustable base and try switching positions. It is safe to use if the mattress can be inclined or put in zero-gravity without falling or sliding.

However, if the mattress slides off when adjusting positions, you need to get a new model with more flexibility. Do not force the mattress to work with your bed, as it will only damage the adjustable mechanism.

Note: If your mattress has spring or coils for support, you should opt straight away for a new option.

Can You Use a Regular Mattress On an Adjustable Bed?

There are many types of mattresses on the market. Each one offers different advantages and disadvantages, depending on your sleeping needs. However, it is best to avoid regular or standard options for adjustable beds.

Adjustable beds need to switch positions easily and without obstruction. That’s why they require mattresses with superior flexibility. They also need the mattress to be the right size so that there won’t be unwanted movement or sliding.

If you are unsure about what type of mattress to get, you can speak with your adjustable bed provider. Retailers usually offer a combo of an adjustable frame plus the necessary mattress for that model.

Can You Use a Pillow Top Mattress on an Adjustable Bed?

A pillow top is a type of mattress design common in the newer models. An additional layer of fiber or foam is added to the mattress for a more “pillowy” feel and better comfort. The purpose is to give users more durability and support without using an additional mattress topper.

The main drawback of these mattresses is that they are heavier than regular options. So, you first need to consider the weight and size of the mattress before choosing one for your new adjustable base.

Another aspect to consider is the overall flexibility the mattress offers. It needs to allow movement without obstruction. With good flexibility and ideal weight, almost any mattress will work with your new adjustable base frame.

Can a Hybrid Mattress Be Used On An Adjustable Bed?

Hybrid mattresses combine multiple layers of memory foam, latex, gel, and metal coils to provide comfort and lumbar support. They are excellent options because they include the benefits of almost all types of mattresses.

Unlike a regular innerspring mattress, the hybrid option has more flexibility. That’s why it is generally compatible with an adjustable bed. However, the compatibility also varies depending on the manufacturer and brand.

Note: We recommend always checking the reviews of a mattress before buying. If you are unsure about hybrid models, you can always opt for a memory foam or latex option.

Can You Use a Mattress Topper on an Adjustable Bed?


Depending on the bed model and its weight capacity, it is possible to use a mattress topper on an adjustable bed. Adjustable beds cannot support the same amount of weight as regular models. So, you first need to ensure that your mattress topper plus your mattress is not heavier than your frame’s weight capacity.

You also need to factor in your partner’s weight and yours, plus pillows and bedding. If the bed can function normally with all the extra weight, there’s no problem with adding a mattress topper.

Furthermore, you should consider the topper materials. It needs to allow a smooth movement when switching positions. That means no sliding or stiffness. So, ensure you pick a model with the best possible flexibility.

Can Any Memory Foam Mattress Work on an Adjustable Bed?

You can use almost any memory foam mattress with an adjustable bed. These mattresses are durable, flexible, and highly comfortable. However, you need to consider certain aspects before choosing one.

Here are the characteristics to keep in mind when buying memory foam mattresses for adjustable beds:

  • Durability: When you use a mattress with an adjustable bed, you wear it down faster. That’s why it is important to find high-quality memory foam mattresses that can withstand constant position switching.
  • Flexibility: All memory foam mattresses are flexible. However, some are more flexible than others. If you want the best option for your adjustable bed, pick the model that offers the best flexibility.
  • Size: One of the most critical aspects of buying a mattress for an adjustable bed is finding the correct size. If a mattress doesn’t have the right size, it will slide off or obstruct the adjustable mechanism of the bed.
  • Lumbar support: Memory foam mattresses lack the overall support that innerspring options offer. That’s why, when buying one of these models to go with your adjustable bed, you should consider the amount of lumbar support it provides. The more support it has, the more comfortable it will be for you.
  • Weight: Another aspect to consider when buying a memory foam mattress is weight. Most adjustable beds have less weight capacity than regular bed frames and bases. That’s why paying attention to the mattress’s weight is essential.

Innerspring Mattresses for Adjustable Beds


Can a Spring Mattress Be Used on an Adjustable Bed?

A spring mattress is a type of mattress that has coils known as innersprings to provide support for the foam layers. That way, it gives better lumbar support for people that require a more steady surface. However, these mattresses do not have good flexibility and should not be used with adjustable beds.

Can You Use a Coil Mattress on an Adjustable Bed?

Coil mattresses or spring mattresses are the same types of mattresses. These models use inner metal coils to support the different cushioning and foam layers. They were the most common mattresses before the invention of memory foam or latex options.

The main drawback of these mattresses is that they have almost no flexibility. The coils are tempered steel, too firm to allow adjustable beds to switch positions without obstruction. So, it is better to avoid these mattresses for your adjustable frame.

Can You Use an Innerspring Mattress on an Adjustable Bed?

Innerspring mattresses have inner coils or springs that help support the foam layers and provide targeted pressure relief. These mattresses have better durability than other options. However, they lack adaptability and flexibility, making them non-compatible with adjustable beds.

Adjustable Bed Mattress Brands and Manufacturers

Can a Purple Mattress Be Used on an Adjustable Bed?

Purple is a popular and reliable mattress manufacturer with innovative designs. The company has created and patented the Purple technology, with a more responsive experience than traditional memory foam mattresses.

Purple also designs and manufactures adjustable bed bases and frames. So, it focuses on making each mattress as compatible as possible.

These are the most popular Purple mattresses available:

  • Purple Mattress: It is Purple’s basic mattress. Unlike memory foam options, Purple’s technology provides superior responsiveness and flexibility. That’s why it is an excellent option for adjustable beds.  
  • Purple Plus Mattress: This Purple mattress takes the original model and improves its pressure relief system and cushioning. With the same level of flexibility, it is an ideal fit for adjustable beds.
  • Purple Hybrid Mattress: The Purple Hybrid Mattress is the most affordable option of Purple’s premier line. It has superior lumbar support, breathability, and pressure relief while remaining flexible enough to be used with adjustable beds.
  • Purple Hybrid Premier 3 Mattress: The Purple Hybrid Premier 3 is the most balanced model by Purple. It has superior comfort, responsiveness, lumbar support, and pressure relief. This mattress is also an excellent option for adjustable beds.
  • Purple Hybrid Premier 4 Mattress: This mattress is Purple’s premium option and the most expensive. It has the best responsiveness, breathability, and a soft feeling. The flexibility and adaptiveness it offers make it a good choice for adjustable beds.

All Purple mattresses are excellent options for adjustable beds. They offer flexibility, solid lumbar support, and breathability.

Can You Use a Tempur-Pedic Mattress on an Adjustable Bed?

Tempur-Pedic is a leading American brand with a wide range of products and accessories for adjustable beds. It manufactures everything related to beds, including bedding and memory foam mattresses.

Here are Tempur-Pedic’s best selling mattresses:

You can use all Tempur-Pedic mattresses with standard adjustable beds. However, they are designed to fit Tempur-Pedic adjustable bases perfectly. So, keep that in mind when choosing which mattress to buy.

Can a Nectar Mattress Be Used on Adjustable Beds?

Nectar is one of the most popular mattress brands in the country. It constantly innovates to provide every user with the ultimate mattress for a superior sleeping experience. The company also offers adjustable bed foundations and other accessories.

These are Nectar’s most popular mattresses:

  • Nectar Premier Copper Mattress: It is Nectar’s most expensive and most comfortable mattress. This premium option provides all the necessary characteristics to work well with an adjustable bed.  
  • Nectar Premier Mattress: It is one of Nectar’s best-selling mattresses and provides solid comfort and lumbar support. The mattress is made of flexible and breathable materials, excellent for adjustable beds.
  • Nectar Mattress: This is a premium memory foam option and one of the most popular models on the market. Because of its incredible flexibility, it remains a good match for adjustable beds.

All Nectar mattresses can work with adjustable beds without any problems. They allow for swift movement, flexibility, and support to make your sleep better and more comfortable.


In conclusion, you can use almost any mattress with your adjustable bed. However, there are certain characteristics you need to consider first. For example, flexibility is essential. If the mattress is flexible and can adapt to different positions, it will work perfectly with your new adjustable bed.

When it comes to adjustable beds, you should avoid all innerspring mattresses. They don’t provide the necessary flexibility that the bases require. Memory foam, latex, and hybrid models should be your go-to choices. So, if your current mattress has some flexibility, you can still use it with your new adjustable frame.


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