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Best Hospital Bed Sheets (2021): 7 Best Sheets For Every Need

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If you find yourself with a hospital bed with a bunch of sheets that do not fit, you are not the first one to end up there!

Whether you need a hospital bed for a patient, family member or because you use them to reduce the risk of nighttime injury a lot of people rent or buy a hospital bed because they have to not realizing that hospital beds have their own unique size and shape that make getting sheets difficult for some.

This guide will go through all of the different kinds of hospital sheets, the common language used, and the differences between hospital sheets and regular sheets. We also found seven of the best hospital bed sheets available right now for all kinds of hospital beds. By the end, you will have everything you need to buy hospital bed sheets with confidence.

Types Of Hospital Bed Sheets & Common Terminology

There are a few different types of hospital bed sheets you will come across during your shopping and research. Here are some of the most common basic types and wording that accompany hospital bed sheets, what they mean, and the differences between them.

Woven vs knit

Woven and knit describe the kind of stitching a sheet has. A standard bed sheet that most people are familiar with is often woven. Knitted sheets use more fabric and have denser and stronger stitching than woven. This makes knitted sheets a little more durable but also makes them warmer and less breathable. If you are in a hot location or are someone who likes to sleep cool you probably want a woven sheet over a knitted one. The same is true of the opposite, if you need someone to stay warm while in their hospital bed, knitted sheets might be better.

Standard vs extra long

Hospital beds have a standard length of 80” but there are also models that can be as long as 84”. These longer beds require longer sheets. Extra long hospital bed sheets typically measure 84” in length. Both 80” and 84” are often much longer than any standard bed sizes so this distinction is only relevant in the hospital bed sheet space.

Thread count

Thread counts are different for hospital bed sheets than they are for standard bed sheets. For typical sheets, thread counts often tend to be higher. People like high thread counts because they are comfortable and high end. In a hospital bed sheet, higher thread counts can lead to durability issues. Depending on the person spending the time in the bed, sheets might need to be washed daily, or more. The more a sheet is washed the worse a higher thread count becomes.

A typical thread count for hospital bed sheets is right around 130 and that is okay. Do not be put off by low thread counts in hospital bed sheets, that is just how they come.

Fitted vs Flat

Lastly, you will run into fitted hospital sheets and flat sheets. Just like any other bed sheet, a flat sheet has no elastic in them. They do not have moulded or fitted corners. They are simply flat square or rectangular sheets. You can get a flat sheet that is bigger than the bed and tuck the excess under the mattress. It is easier to fit an oversized sheet to an undersized mattress if the sheet is flat.

A fitted sheet has corners designed to fit snuggly over a mattress’s corners. These sheets often have elastic in them to keep the sheet secured to the mattress. Fitted sheets are always the bottom sheet. Hospital sheets can come either fitted or flat. Some sets include both, just like a regular bed sheet set.

So when you see these terms for hospital sheets, they often mean the same thing as they do for regular old bedsheets.  

Best Hospital Bed Sheets

Now that you are armed with the knowledge you need to confidently read through the information on hospital bed sheets, we have put together a list of the seven best sets available on the market right now. There are sheets for every occasion and every hospital bed that you might require. There are even a few surprises thrown in too. Let’s take a look.

Best Hospital Bed Sheets (Overall): White Classic Fitted Hospital Bed Sheets, 36"X80"X9"

White Classic Fitted Hospital Bed Sheets, 36"X80"X9", 3-Pack

These sheets by White Classic take the top spot because there are no downsides to their design. They are made to fit any standard hospital bed, they are readily available, affordable, and comfortable. You can get them fitted or flat, you can get a single sheet or a three pack for the same price per sheet. The sheets are designed to stay snuggly in place whether the bed is raised or flat. They are made from a crisp cotton polyester blend made to stand up to regular use including multiple wash cycles.

These are simply the best, easiest, and most affordable way to get hospital sheets. If you just want something simple, standard, and quick these are the sheets you need.

Best Fitted Sheets For Hospital Beds: Drive Medical Hospital Bed Fitted Sheets

Drive Medical 15030HBL Hospital Bed Fitted Sheets, White, 36" x 80" x 5"-6"

Some fitted sheets have pockets that are too deep and don’t fit all types of hospital beds. These sheets are tight and comfortable. Drive Medical has made sure that they have an appropriately sized pocket that fits most hospital beds without having annoying bunching which is why they are our favorite fitted sheets on this list. They measure 36”x80”x5.5” and are available for less than $30 for a two-pack.

Best Bariatric Hospital Bed Sheets: Drive Medical 15030HBL-3684 Bariatric Bedding

Drive Medical 15030HBL-3684 Bariatric Bedding in a Box, White

Some bariatric hospital beds are larger than average or have deeper more sturdy mattresses than standard. Drive Medical has removed all of the guesswork out of finding sheets for a bariatric hospital bed. They have created this bariatric bedding pack that includes sheets that are large enough and strong enough to fit any bariatric hospital bed. If you need bariatric sheets get the bariatric bedding pack from the reputable makers at Drive Medical and don’t worry about it ever again.

Best Extra Long Hospital Bed Sheets: Utopia Bedding Fitted Hospital Bed Sheet 84”

Utopia Bedding Fitted Hospital Bed Sheet (4 Pack), White Jersey Knitted Sheet, 36 x 84 x 16 Inches

These hospital bed sheets from Utopia Bedding are super large to fit any hospital bed size without any issue. Some hospital beds are bigger than you think they are and they can leave some sheets struggling to cover them effectively. You will not have that issue with these sheets.

These extra long hospital bed sheets measure 36”x84”x16”. This size includes the extra length from the typical 80” to 84” as well as extra deep 16” pockets that will easily fit over any mattress no matter what the depth.

[2 Pack] Fitted Hospital Bed Sheets, Soft Jersey Knitted T-Shirt Quality

White Classic is a brand that continued to catch our attention due to its persistence in creating a large number of well regarded hospital bed sheets. Their Soft Jersey Knitted sheets are affordable, tight, and super soft. They are made from a cottony polyester blend and a specific knitted pattern to ensure that sheets stay strong and wrinkle free even after continued washes and dries. You can safely put these sheets in the dryer time and again without having to worry about wear and tear.

Best Cheap Hospital Bed Sheets: Amazon Basics Microfiber Sheet Set, Twin XL

Amazon Basics Microfiber Sheet Set, Twin XL, Dark Grey

These are not strictly hospital bed sheets but sometimes you have to get creative in order to save a buck. The Twin XL Microfiber Sheets by Amazon Basics are a super affordable way to plug some gaps in your hospital bed linens collection. The twin XL sized sheets will fit a standard hospital bed, they are still comfortable and they come in a variety of different colors and styles.

If you are looking for an easy set of sheets to fit a hospital bed quickly and on a budget, you should not skip over the Amazon Basics sheets. They will work with only minor bunching.

Best Invacare Hospital Bed Sheets: Invacare Fitted Hospital Bed Bottom Sheet

Invacare Fitted Hospital Bed Bottom Sheet (36'' H X 80'' W x 9'' D)

These sheets are Invacare’s take on the classic hospital bed sheets. These sheets have the dual benefit of being super affordable as well as being made by a giant in the medical supply industry. The comfort is derived from the special cotton blend Invacare uses in its products. These are knitted sheets, not woven so they have durable stitching made to stand up to rigorous use without frays.

If you are looking for a solid set of sheets from a known brand, you can’t go wrong with these Fitted Hospital Bed Sheets by Invacare.

Hospital Bed Sheets: Complete Buyer’s Guide & FAQ

What size sheets fit a hospital bed?

Hospital beds have their own size that is different from that of standard bed sizes. The average bed size chart goes Twin, Full, Queen, and King. Hospital beds do not fit anywhere along this spectrum, they have their own unique size. Hospital beds measure 36Wx80L. Some hospital beds are a little longer measuring 84” in length, those are considered extra long beds.

Any sheets that measure 36”x80” should fit a hospital bed. The easiest way to get this sized sheet is to buy sheets specifically made for hospital beds.

Will twin sheets fit a hospital bed?

No. A typical twin mattress measures 38”x75” which is the wrong size. If you get standard twin mattress sheets for your hospital bed they are going to be too short. Five inches too short to be exact. That is a lot of length missing from those sheets.

Unfortunately, that means if you have a lot of twin sheets that you were looking to repurpose for use on an in home hospital bed it is not going to work.

How about a twin XL?

Yes. In a pinch, a twin XL sheet will fit a hospital bed. Twin XL sheets measure 38”x80” which gives you the length you need to cover a hospital bed mattress with ease. The width is a little too long but if you tuck it right you will still get a fairly tight bed sheet. However, you might have some looseness and bunching if you use a twin XL sheet.

If you cannot find hospital bed sheets or are in a hurry, a twin XL bedsheet set can save the day when it comes to getting sheets that fit a standard in home hospital bed.

Where can I buy hospital bed sheets?

The easiest place to purchase hospital bed sheets is online. There are various online retailers that offer quality hospital bed sheets including Amazon and Walmart. This makes it quick and easy to search for different kinds of sheets, find prices at a glance, and get them shipped to your home quickly.

There are brick and mortar retail stores that also carry hospital bedding. Any medical equipment sales or rental store should carry linens for their products. Other large box stores that deal heavily in home goods and especially linens should also carry hospital sheets in stock. If you are having trouble finding them in person, ask to see if they can order you some or revert back to online shopping.

Hospital Bed Sheet Cost

Hospital bed sheets have a fairly consistent price structure. Unlike other products, these have a very predictable price structure that makes budgeting easy.

The vast majority of hospital bed sheets can be found for less than $50. The typical price range runs from $20 to $40. One of the key things to look for is how big of a pack the sheets are coming in. One of the only reasons hospital bed sheets will creep up in price is if they are coming in large packs (like a four-pack). Most packs should have two sheets in them and those will run within the price range very regularly.

Tips For Finding the Best Hospital Bed Sheets To Fit Your Needs

  • Size

Double check and then recheck the size of your hospital bed before buying sheets. The last thing you want to do is to go and change over the linens only to discover that the sheets you bought do not fit. Make sure you are using a standard hospital bed and not an extra long hospital bed. If it is not a bed that you are familiar with yourself, make sure it is indeed a hospital bed and not simply an adjustable bed.

Once you know the size of the bed you can pick out sheets that are going to be a perfect fit for them. Measure twice, buy once.

  • Comfort or something else

Like any kind of linen or clothing item, hospital sheets come in a variety of different styles and thread counts. Depending on your use case, you might want warmer sheets, lighter sheets, durable sheets or comfort focused sheets. If the hospital bed you are dressing is not going to be used a lot you might not need to invest in heavy comfortable sheets but the other case is, if the bed is going to be consistently or continuously occupied you are going to want to invest in something that is going to feel good and last a long time.

  • Purpose and price

Some hospital bed sheets have specific purposes such as cooling a patient, preventing bed sores, warming a patient, or absorbing bodily fluids. You need to think about what kind of use your sheets are going to be getting. Once you have decided on the size, comfort level, and purpose of the sheets you can think about a price you are willing to pay and go from there.

For many beds, sheets are simply there to cover the mattress but in a hospital bed they, sometimes, need to do and be a lot more than that.

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