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Where to Buy Hospital Beds (2023): How to Find Hospital Beds for Sale + Buying Guide

By kbeveridge

Where to Buy Hospital Beds

Hospital beds can be valuable tools in the home, helping you during a recovery period or long-term disability management. However, buying one is not as simple as showing up at a regular furniture store. If you’re in the market for a hospital bed, you’ve come to the right place.

You can buy hospital beds and accessories online from retailers like Amazon, Walgreens, 1800wheelchair, RehabMart, or directly from suppliers. You can also visit stores such as Walmart, local chains, or standalone medical supply stores. Many of these suppliers also offer accessories like mattresses, sheets, tables, and pads.

In this guide, we tell you everything about where to buy hospital beds. We cover everything from how to find hospital beds for sale to where you can find accessories for the best price. Lastly, we share our tips for how to get the best deal on all products.

What are Hospital Beds Called?

The term “hospital bed” is, more often than not, sufficient to describe these beds. Sometimes, you’ll see companies divide them into three categories – semi-electric, fully electric, and manual – describing the way that they operate.

You may also see the terms “home care bed”, “ICU bed”, and “medical bed” used to describe hospital beds. Generally, they all refer to the same piece of medical equipment: a bed designed to accommodate the needs of seniors and other people who have limited mobility, are recovering from an injury, or are living with a chronic health issue.

Types of Hospital Beds

What is an Electric Hospital Bed?


Electric hospital beds are the most popular and efficient type of hospital bed. Patients and caretakers alike can raise or lower the bed height, as well as the head and feet of the patient, with just the touch of a button.

Electric hospital beds are powered by an electric motor that slowly moves the patient on the bed. The biggest convenience of these beds is that they are quick and easy to use, not requiring a caretaker to be present every single time the patient needs to be adjusted.

The downside of electric hospital beds is that, unless they have a manual crank, they can be dangerous when the power goes out or the motor/power supply fails. Most hospital beds have a manual crank or battery backup to prevent dangerous situations like these from occurring.

What is an Semi-Electric Hospital Bed?


Semi-electric hospital beds combine hand cranks and electric motors to provide a full range of motion options. Most semi-electric beds have motors that raise/lower the patient’s head and feet while the bed height is adjusted manually. Others work the opposite way – motors raise and lower the bed height while hand cranks adjust the sleeping/reclining position of the patient.

Semi-electric hospital beds are typically cheaper and lighter than fully electric beds, which leads some people to choose them despite the fact that they lack a bit of convenience. These beds are also common in hospitals, nursing homes, and other facilities that don’t have proper funding to fill each room with a fully electric bed.

What is a Bariatric Hospital Bed?


The average weight limit of a hospital bed is around 300 pounds – nearly every standard hospital bed on the market has a weight limit that is close to that number. This means that most hospital beds are either uncomfortable or unsafe for people who weigh more than 300 pounds.

Bariatric hospital beds are generally wider and stronger than standard hospital beds, making them perfect for heavier/wider patients. Outside of their shape and increased weight capacity, there is little difference between bariatric and standard hospital beds!

Note: because most hospital beds are sold separately from their mattresses, you will have to look carefully to find a mattress that fits your bariatric hospital bed.

Who Makes Hospital Beds? (Best Brands)

Medline Hospital Beds

Medline is one of the few companies in the medical products industry that has been around for more than 100 years. They bring tons of expertise and knowledge to their products, even though they’re among the more affordable brands for hospital beds and other medical equipment.

Medline’s focus is the benefit of the patient, which means you’ll find that their products usually lack any kind of flashy, gimmicky features that you don’t actually need. Medline hospital beds are simple, reliable, and typically inexpensive!

Drive Medical Hospital Beds

Drive doesn’t just make excellent mobility aids, although that is what this company is primarily known for. Drive Medical also produces a series of excellent hospital beds for home use. No matter what your reason for buying a hospital bed is, Drive Medical has you covered!

Invacare Hospital Beds

If innovation, comfort, and long-term use are what you’re looking for, Invacare is the way to go. You’ll probably spend more on your Invacare hospital bed than you would with other brands, but Invacare’s products are always worth the price. Hospital beds from Invacare over-deliver on comfort and durability, making them an excellent choice for anyone who will be confined to a bed long-term.

What Size is a Hospital Bed?

How Much Does a Hospital Bed Weigh?

Invacare Homecare Bed | Full-Electric Hospital Bed for Home Use

Invacare HomeCare bed

Invacare 600 lb. Weight Capacity | Heavy-Duty Bariatric Homecare Bed | Full Electric Hospital Bed for Home Use

Bariatric Bed

Hopefull Premium 5 Function Full Electric Hospital ICU Bed (LINAK Motor and Control System, Central Locking System and Battery Back-up System)

ICU-style Hospital Beds

The average hospital bed weighs between 60-100 pounds. Some models weigh a bit less, like the Invacare HomeCare bed, which comes in at 53 pounds. Others, mostly bariatric beds, weigh far more. For instance, Invacare’s bariatric bed weighs 227 pounds!

ICU-style hospital beds also weigh more than those designed for home use. These beds typically weigh about 350 pounds. Most home care beds, though, will weigh between 60 and 100

How Long is a Hospital Bed?

Unless you order a hospital bed that is specifically designed to be longer or shorter than average, your hospital bed will be the same length as a Twin XL, Queen, or King bed: 80 inches long.

The actual length of the bed frame will likely be 2-5 inches longer to accommodate the posts/headboard. The sleeping surface of a standard hospital bed, however, is 80 inches long.

How Wide is a Hospital Bed?

The normal width of a hospital bed is 36 inches, at least in terms of the sleeping surface. Just like length, the frame of your hospital bed may be roughly two inches wider than the sleeping surface.

Bariatric hospital beds are typically wider, up to 60 inches wide (though 48 inches in width is more common). That said, most hospital beds are designed to be able to fit through a standard doorway (38 inches wide) without issue so that patients can be moved safely.

How Much is a Hospital Bed? (Price range)

The price you’ll pay for a hospital bed is wide-ranging and depends heavily upon the brand, features, and functions you choose.Manual hospital beds are by far the cheapest. They’ll set you back anywhere from 400-600 dollars. Semi-electric and fully-electric beds are more expensive but still relatively affordable. The price range for a semi-electric bed is anywhere between $800 and $1,500.Bariatric, extra-wide, and ICU-style beds are far more expensive. These beds can sometimes be found for less than $1,000, but they often cost two or three times as much.

Where to Buy Hospital Beds?


There are a few popular websites where you can find leading hospital bed brands:


If you prefer to shop in-store, there are a few options for buying a new hospital bed:

  • Walmart: Walmart truly sells almost everything, including hospital beds. It has more than 10,000 stores worldwide and also offers online shopping so you can choose the most convenient option for you.
  • Medical Department Store: If you live in Southwestern Florida, this chain has five different locations across the region. Each retail location offers a variety of medical products, including hospital beds.
  • DMES: This is another local chain that serves California locations. It has four stores across the state and a full range of medical products for sale or rent.
  • Standalone medical supply stores: There is a multitude of medical supply stores across the States. However, they are not part of a chain or large brand. By searching for retail locations in your area, you can usually find stores and websites that detail their product ranges.

Where to Buy Used Hospital Beds?

If you don’t have the budget for a new model, you may consider purchasing a used hospital bed. Thankfully, you can choose from a few different options for secondhand or refurbished models.

  • eBay: eBay is one of the most popular websites to buy and sell used and new products of all varieties. This includes hospital beds, where you can find leading brands from new to used, and various shipping options.
  • Goodwill Home Medical Equipment: This company offers a wide range of affordable refurbished medical products, including hospital beds. You can visit the warehouse in New Jersey or arrange for delivery, with applicable fees.
  • Gumtree: If you live in the United Kingdom, Gumtree is an open marketplace where people can advertise products of any kind. You can contact sellers directly through the platform, but we advise being cautious as anyone can advertise.
  • Craigslist: Like Gumtree, Craigslist lets regular people post advertisements and contact sellers. It has local sites globally, including the US, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Latin America. As with all open marketplace sites, use your best judgment when contacting sellers.

Where Can I Buy a Hospital Bed Mattress?

A good-quality mattress is an essential investment if you have a hospital bed. You need the correct type that can move with the bed’s adjustments without buckling in the middle. If you need to replace your old one or buy from scratch, you have a few options.

When choosing a hospital bed mattress, make sure that it is the same dimensions as the frame. Purchasing from the same brand can be beneficial if your bed has an unusual shape.

Where to Buy Hospital Bed Sheets?

Hospital beds may have different widths or lengths to regular mattresses. Therefore, you should buy specialty sheets to fit your model. It is also essential to choose natural materials like cotton, which you can wash and dry quickly after any accidents.

Where Can I Buy a Hospital Bed Table?

Hospital bed tables are an essential accessory if you spend long periods in bed. They allow you to eat meals while lying down, read, draw, or perform any number of tasks. You need to make sure that the table is compatible with your bed and will fit over the top.

Where to Buy Hospital Bed Pads?

Hospital bed pads can protect the mattress from urine and other liquids. This accessory could be helpful if you have an injury or disability that prevents you from going to the toilet or causes incontinence. You can find pads in many of the same places as hospital beds.

Tips for Finding the Best Prices on Hospital Beds and Accessories

There are a few steps you can follow to get the best price on hospital beds and accessories:

  • Shop around: If you buy from the first store you go into or the first website you visit, you are unlikely to get the best price. Once you know the best hospital bed for your needs, you should check various sources to see where you can find it cheapest.
  • Use price-match: Some brands and retailers offer a price match guarantee. This applies if you can prove that another company is selling the identical product for cheaper. If so, the company may match the price or even discount it further to gain your business.
  • Check the location: Some online retailers will offer free or cheaper shipping if you live close to their distribution center. Buying from a retail store close to home can also save on transport costs.
  • Look for sales: Some suppliers may offer clearance sales to get rid of old stock or as part of regular promotions. You may get lucky and get a significant discount on your preferred hospital bed.
  • Look for free shipping: If you choose to buy online, search for a site that offers free shipping to your location. If you live outside the US, you should aim for local retailers as they are less likely to have hefty international shipping fees.
  • Do your research: If you buy in-store, you should already be aware of online prices. Otherwise, you risk being ripped off by retail markups.
  • Be prepared to compromise: You may be set on a particular model and then find a very similar option for a lower price. By being open to different possibilities, you can grab a bargain.
  • Ask your network: It’s possible that someone you know is selling a secondhand hospital bed or has an industry connection. You never know unless you put out the feelers.
  • Check with your healthcare provider: Medicare can cover up to 80% of a hospital bed’s cost under its scheme. Check with your clinic if they are part of the initiative and if you are eligible for the subsidy.


In conclusion, you have many options if you are ready to buy a hospital bed or accessories. You can find new models online on popular websites like Amazon, Walgreens, HomeCare Hospital Beds, and various other suppliers. You can also purchase in-store in Walmart, local medical supply chains, and standalone stores.

When trying to get the best deal on a hospital bed or accessories, it pays to put in the time and research. By looking up all the options in your area, you can then take advantage of sales, price-match guarantees, and free shipping. You can also ask around to see if anyone you know is selling.

Overall, a hospital bed can be a considerable expense. However, it doesn’t have to break the bank if you find an excellent deal. By investing in high-quality products from the outset, you can guarantee your comfort in the long run.


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