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Invacare Hospital Bed Troubleshooting: Common Problems And How To Fix Them

By Maurice

Invacare Hospital Bed Troubleshooting

When handling an Invacare hospital bed, especially after a long service life, you might experience some operational failures once in a while. Whether you are an in-home care practitioner or in the hospital, knowing what problems to expect and how to tackle them can come in handy to ensure you are not caught off-guard.

This article will reveal some of the most common problems you can look out for and how to counter them accordingly. Even better, it will recommend some troubleshooting methods and point you to the right spare parts sources in case you need some.

Invacare Hospital Bed Troubleshooting: Common Problems and How to Fix Them


If you have an Invacare hospital bed, some of the most common problems you might encounter include the following:

How to Reset Invacare Hospital Bed Remote

If the remote control stops working, first, you need to check the batteries and ensure they are not depleted. Next, check the child lock and disengage it is on. If that does not work, you can conclude that the remote is problematic, and you might need to reset it.

You can follow the following steps to reset the remote:

  1. 1Hold the remote in a stable position. You can place it on a stable surface as you will be using both hands.
  2. 2Press the up and down buttons simultaneously. Hold fast until the remote ceases beeping. If it beeps once, release and press again, and it will stop completely.
  3. 3Release and press down on the second row. You only perform this step if the beeping stops. Lower the bed to its lowest position; the reset process is complete.

If this process does not solve the problem, consider calling for professional troubleshooting assistance.

Invacare Hospital Bed Stuck in up Position

If the bed sticks up and fails to go down, try the remote-control adjustment before settling for manual adjustment.

  • Use the head down button to lower the head side of the bed
  • Lower the foot of the bed by pressing the “foot down button.”

If this does not work, you need the emergency crank to lower the bed, usually at the spring deck under the bed for most beds.

  • Spot the crankshaft and connect to A, B, or C according to the part of the bed you want to lower.
  • Crank “A” operates on the head section, “B” is for the entire bed, but it is only on specific models, while “C” works on the foot part.
  • Turn the crank counterclockwise to lower the bed
  • Refer to the figure below

How to Reset an Invacare Hospital Bed

Sometimes, the bed might stop working. If this happens, start by verifying the wired connections under the bed. Ensure that they are secure and the bedding or cords are not obstructing the movement on the base.

Additionally, the green led light on the control box must also be illuminating. If not, check the power inputs and cords for proper connection.

If you exhaust these steps, you can opt for the resetting option. The following steps will guide you:

  1. 1Sync the Remote

The Invacare bed will likely stop working if the remote loses its sync to the control box. The syncing process varies according to bed models. As a result, refer to your user manual for the specific instructions for your model.

  • Use the blue reset button
  • Press two buttons on your remote and the blue button, then hold. However, the reset button will depend on your model.
  • If the synchronization is successful, a triumphant sound will come from the control box.
  • Test your bed for functionality after resetting
  1. 2Alternative Option

You may need the services of a professional if the above option fails to work. Either call a technician or contact your dealer for fixing.

Bed Features Not Working

Usually, the causes for this problem include:

  • Lack of power unit
  • A faulty pendant
  • Blown fuse or breaker

Check for proper connection between the pendant and the control box to resolve this. You can also check the circuit breaker or fuse for a loose link. If these options fail, call the Invacare support team or a reputable technician.

The Bedsprings Keep Moving

In this case, the pendant is usually the problem. Resolve it by checking for stuck buttons, but call for professional repair services if it is beyond your comprehension.

Actuator Not Working

Faulty wiring is the primary cause of this issue. Check the wiring or replace the actuator.

Battery Not Charging

Replace the battery’s charger as it’s the main reason the battery doesn’t charge. If not, the battery is defective, and it needs replacing.

Invacare Hospital Bed Troubleshooting Videos

If you are accustomed to the most common problems your hospital bed might encounter, you are definitely better-placed to handle them appropriately. Even better, you can even learn how to troubleshoot these issues so you can attend to them early enough before they become major issues. Here are some helpful YouTube videos to help you with the troubleshooting process:

Troubleshooting the EasyCare Hospital Bed

Troubleshooting the Joerns UCXTBED Ultracare XT Trendelenburg Full Electric Hospital Bed

Invacare Hospital Bed Manuals

A user manual is a powerful tool before you start assembling and using your bed. Please read it carefully to avoid damage or causing injury, or fixing a problem. You will have a copy coming with your bed upon purchase or get it online. Below are some online links to some of these manuals:

Invacare Hospital Bed Parts

Regular maintenance is necessary to keep your Invacare bed in good shape and functional for a long time. During the servicing process, you may need to replace the faulty parts. However, not every part is suitable for your bed. Aftermarket products should only be a temporary solution as most of them may cause further damage to your bed and, in most cases, do not last for long.

You can visit any of the following online and offline stores for OME repair parts:

Invacare Customer Service Information

If you have any issue concerning your Invacare hospital bed, you can consult their customer services. Their customer service team is always ready to help you any time of the day. You can reach them in the following ways:

When you take care of your Invacare hospital bed, you breathe ne life into your chair, so it can serve you in the most effective way and for a long time. Always check for any slight malfunction to fix it before it gets out of hand, and in unmanageable cases, involve a professional if the problem is beyond your troubleshooting skills and abilities.  

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  1. The bed will not raise both ends together. After lifting the back end of the bed to change a bad wheel the drive shaft dropped out. I’m familiar with reinstalling the push button drive shaft, but now one side goes up while the other side goes down. To be clear both front and back gearboxes are working as I can hand crank them individually with the drive shaft removed. I also hand cranked both sides all the way up and reinstalled the drive shaft, no luck. The ends are still working totally opposite of each other. The remote works as it should. The motor direction rotation responds to the up and down buttons.

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