Best Invacare Hospital Bed

Best Invacare Hospital Bed (2021): Top Ranked Models & Buying Guide

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Best Invacare Hospital Bed

If you’re in the market for a hospital bed, chances are you may already feel overwhelmed by the number of choices and brands out there. With so many to choose from, all offering similar-looking beds and features, it’s hard to know if a company or a bed is trustworthy.

Invacare hospital beds aren’t the cheapest on the market, but they are some of the highest quality and longest lasting! Read our list of the best Invacare hospital beds to learn more about their models and find out which one is perfect for your needs!

Best Invacare Hospital Beds

Best Invacare Full-Electric Hospital Bed: Invacare G50

Invacare G-Series Bed

Invacare’s G-series represents their commitment to simplicity, comfort, and care. There isn’t much special about this bed, but that’s exactly the point. It does everything a hospital bed should do and doesn’t include any gimmicks or “shiny but useless” features.

This bed has a weight capacity of 350 pounds and is fully-electric. It doesn’t come with side rails, which is a bit of a disappointment, but those can easily be purchased separately. One of the biggest advantages of this bed over others is that the headboard and footboard pieces are exactly the same. This means it’s very easy to maneuver from room to room since you no longer have to worry about getting the headboard in the right spot.

The G50 also has a redesigned pendant (the remote control, it’s called a pendant because it’s attached to a cable), completely waterproof and easier-to-use than earlier models. Finally, the bed uses a slat-base rather than metal springs, which causes less wear-and-tear on the mattress and provides the same amount of comfort.

Overall, this is a solid, functional bed that should meet the needs of just about any senior who needs a hospital bed for home use. If you’re looking for functionality and durability in a mid-priced hospital bed, the G50 is for you!


  • Identical headboard and footboard
  • Redesigned, liquid-proof pendant
  • Bed slat frame preserves mattress quality


  • Does not include mattress
  • Does not include bed rails; a necessary safety feature

Best Invacare Semi-Electric Hospital Bed: Invacare ValueCare 5310

Invacare Value Care Semi-Electric Hospital Bed - Invacare Value Care Semi-Electric Bed - VC5310

The ValueCare series was designed by Invacare to be their most affordable. Invacare’s long-standing reputation has been for quality, but not necessarily great prices. The ValueCare 5310 keeps the quality and comfort but lowers the price considerably and stands with value-centered brands like Medline and Drive Medical.

Part of what makes this hospital bed affordable is that it’s semi-electric. This means that there are electric motors that elevate the head/leg sections of the bed only, not the overall height of the bed. If you want to raise the bed height, you need to use the manual hand crank.

For some people, that makes this bed a non-starter. If you have limited movement in your arms, legs, or back, you won’t be able to raise or lower the ValueCare 5310 by yourself. If you don’t have round-the-clock help, you might not feel comfortable choosing this model, and that is understandable.

For others, though, the savings that a semi-electric bed brings to a premium-quality brand like Invacare will be too great to pass up. On top of that, many hospital bed users don’t need to constantly adjust the height of their bed- it’s more of a “set it and forget it” situation. If you fall into this camp, the ValueCare 5310 is a wonderful way to get a comfortable hospital bed at a budget-friendly price.


  • Very affordable
  • Weighs just 168 pounds
  • Easy to assemble


  • Max bed height is only 23”
  • Bed height is only adjustable by using manual hand-crank

Best Invacare Bariatric Hospital Bed: Invacare BAR600IVC

Invacare Bariatric Heavy-Duty Full Electric Bed - BAR600IVC

Bariatric hospital beds are quite valuable to users who weigh more than 250 pounds. Most hospital beds have a listed weight capacity of between 300 and 450 pounds, but you have to factor in the weight of the mattress- which sometimes weighs up to 100 pounds itself! That’s why a bed like this one, with a 600-pound weight capacity, is necessary.

It’s not just the high weight capacity that makes this a great choice. The bed also comes with a custom-designed Invacare bariatric foam mattress and bed rails. The mattress is made specifically for this bed and for bariatric patients. It uses different layers of foam to create a wide, comfortable sleeping surface that evenly distributes body weight and helps you sleep better. The handrails are simple but valuable; they’re a much more sturdy object to balance yourself on than a nightstand or even a walker while you get in and out of the bed.

Finally, this bed (like many other bariatric hospital beds) is wider than the standard hospital bed: 42 inches vs the normal 36. This added room gives you just a bit more space to spread out and find the most comfortable sitting, reclining, and sleeping positions. For people who feel cramped on a normal hospital bed- which is equivalent to a Twin XL in width- this will be a breath of fresh air.


  • 600-pound weight capacity is perfect for most users
  • Extra-wide, helpful for comfort and stability
  • Comes with bariatric mattress and side rails


  • Very heavy, requires at least two people to install
  • Cannot fit through most doorways with the user in it

Best Invacare Hospital Bed Package: Invacare 5410IVC

Invacare 5410IVC, 6630DS, 5180 Full Electric Homecare Bed, Full Electric Bed, 5410 IVC with Foam Mattress, 5180 and Half Length Rails, 6630DS

Buying a hospital bed can be stressful, even if you can get it for free. There are many things to consider, plan for, and weigh. The whole process becomes even more difficult (not to mention expensive) when you need to buy a separate mattress and bed rails. The 5410 IVC is a combo package from their ValueCare line that gives you a complete, “ready-to-sleep” hospital bed all in the same purchase.

The bed frame is the same as the ValueCare model from above; it’s simply packaged together with the mattress and bed rails. The mattress, the Invacare 5185, is a soft, simple innerspring mattress that will last for several years before it wears out. It’s a nice mattress, but for optimal comfort, you should still plan to get a mattress topper.

The side rails are “half rails”; these aren’t as ideal for people who will be transported often, because you (or a leg) could still slip out of the bed while you’re being pushed. For people who keep their beds still for the most part, the half rails are great. They give you the support and stability you need to get in and out of the bed but stay out of the way otherwise.

If you’re looking for an affordable and simple hospital bed, this is it. You get every piece you need, at a solid price, all at the same time!


  • All-in-one package
  • Pendant is simple and easy to use
  • Mattress is liquid and stain-resistant


  • Not the most comfortable mattress

Best Height Adjustments: Invacare E-Tude

Invacare Etude Homecare Full-Electric Bed with Softform Premier Mattress

The E-Tude is a “European-style” hospital bed, which means the bed has an additional point of articulation near the head. You can tilt your head up without elevating the entire back portion of the bed, similar to the “head-tilt” feature that is popular on adjustable beds. This is a great benefit for people who have sleep apnea, acid reflux, or just have specific spinal concerns that require the head and neck to be positioned differently.

The lowest bed height on the E-Tude is just under 8 inches; that’s twice as low as most hospital beds can go. The max height is just above the standard, at right around 27 inches. This makes the E-Tude one of the most versatile hospital beds, not just from Invacare, but on the market as a whole.

No matter how tall or short you are, or what your specific medical needs are, this bed can accommodate and sit at a height that makes it easy to get in and out. Getting into the bed at the lowest possible position is beneficial and safer for some people. For others, the bed needs to be a lot higher so that entry and exit don’t put undue strain on the hips and knees.

The head tilt and height adjustability make the E-Tude one of the most comfortable beds that Invacare sells. If you’re looking for a bed that will keep you comfortable and accommodates your unique needs, this is the one for you!


  • European-style bed that includes head-tilt feature
  • Height-adjustable from 7.8-26.5 inches
  • Option to have mattress included (for additional fee)


  • Instructions for assembly are hard to follow

Best for Permanent Home Care: Invacare CS3 Amherst

Invacare CS3 Full Electric Long Term Care Bed, Amherst Style Bed Ends with Biltmore Cherry Finish, Assist Bar, IHCS3AMBCBAAS-QSP

This is Invacare’s most stylish hospital bed, as well as one of their most functional. The Amherst-style headboard and footboard make it look more like a bed fit for the home than the hospital recovery wing, and that’s a good thing! The bed is also available in two colors; this lets you match the bed just a little bit closer to your existing furniture.

Aside from looks, this bed has a lot to offer those who need a permanent hospital bed. The bed is only mobile when it’s in the lowest height position. That takes away a bit of convenience but makes the bed much more stable for regular in-home use. On top of that, it’s available in three different widths- 36, 39, and 42 inches- so you can have all the space (or lack thereof) you need.

The biggest drawback of the CS3 is that it’s quite expensive; it costs almost double what the other hospital beds in Invacare’s lineup do. If, however, you can afford to get a higher-priced bed and value the versatility and long-term use potential, the Invacare CS3 shouldn’t disappoint!


  • 3 different width options- 36, 39, and 42 inches
  • Amherst-style headboard and footboard look like a normal bed
  • Added stability for long-term use


  • Expensive, about double the average bed cost
  • Bed rails are too small to be of much use

Best Invacare Hospital Bed Mattress

INVACARE 80" x 36" x 6" Innerspring Mattress

This mattress has a few things going for it, even though it isn’t the most comfortable option on earth. First, the outer layer is made of liquid and stain-resistant material; this is helpful for obvious reasons but also for keeping the bed free of microbes (which tend to have a field day on hospital beds).

Second, this is an innerspring mattress, an uncommon option for hospital beds and one that provides a firm and long-lasting sleep surface. While foam mattresses degrade after only a few years, this mattress’s innerspring helps it last much longer.

The best way to use this mattress would be to top it with an air mattress overlay, one that will increase your comfort level and help reduce pressure sores. Pressure sores are a serious risk- over 2.5 million need a doctor’s treatment in America each year. Because Invacare does not offer an air mattress, this can be a good way to get the best of both worlds- the quality and durability of Invacare products, and the benefit of a good hospital bed air mattress.


  • Innerspring design is uncommon for hospital beds
  • Sturdy and long-lasting
  • Liquid and stain-resistant cover


  • Firmness might not be to some users’ liking
  • Only available in one width

Most Comfortable: Invacare Softform Excel

Invacare Softform Excel Fluid-Resistant Homecare Bed Mattress, 76 x 36 x 6 in, IXL1076, Blue

This memory foam mattress is made with long-term use in mind. It has a series of grooves all along the top that make it more breathable and comfortable than a normal memory foam mattress. There is another, much more firm layer of foam beneath it that provides lots of support to users of nearly any weight. Those two foam layers solve the problems that most memory foam mattresses have, namely, that they are too soft and too hot.

Another great thing about the Softform Excel is the cover. While still liquid-resistant, it’s much more breathable and natural-feeling than other liquid-resistant covers. It’s also machine washable, which is a big plus. Most liquid-resistant materials don’t hold that ability for more than a few washes, but this mattress cover will remain liquid and stain-resistant no matter how many times you wash it!


  • Washable, breathable cover
  • Two layers of foam that provide comfort and coolness
  • More firm than most memory foam mattresses


  • Not an air mattress; pressure sores are still a risk
  • Only available in one width

Best Invacare Hospital Bed Sheets: Invacare Fitted Sheet

Invacare Fitted Hospital Bed Bottom Sheet (36'' H X 80'' W x 9'' D)

These bedsheets are simple, functional, and long-lasting. It’s a no-frills white sheet, designed to fit every type of Invacare hospital bed mattress. The sheet has a two-way stretch, is stain-resistant, and uses strong elastic to ensure that it won’t sleep when the bed surface is moved or adjusted.

They aren’t very flashy or luxurious, but they function well and are soft enough that you’ll never have any complaints. If you’re looking for sheets that will last a long time and fit the exact shape of your Invacare mattress, these are the sheets you should go with!

Helpful Links for Invacare Hospital Beds

Invacare Hospital Bed Assembly Instructions: How to Set Up an Invacare Hospital Bed

Setting up an Invacare bed is simple, but not always easy. There aren’t many steps involved, and no tools are required, but the individual pieces of hospital beds are rather heavy. One section of a bed usually weighs about 50 pounds, sometimes more! So, while putting the bed together won’t be too difficult conceptually, it might take two or three people to get the job done.

This video will show you exactly how to put the bed together. Below that, you’ll find a very basic list of the steps!

Invacare Hospital Bed Assembly: Basic Step-by-Step

  • Remove all parts from their boxes/plastic coverings.
  • Set the heat and foot spring sections on their side
  • Join the head and foot springs at a 90-degree angle, as shown in the diagram on your user’s manual.
  • Lay the bed surface flat once the head and foot sections are securely attached; they should “snap” together easily and intuitively.
  • Install the casters/wheels onto the universal bed ends
  • The bed surface attaches to the bed ends much the same way traditional bed frames do: there are hooks that fit together evenly, and you need only guide the bed into place
  • Plug in the electronics and pendant; test the bed’s adjusting/moving before using the bed.

More detailed instructions can be found in your owner’s manual. This list is intended to give you an idea of how assembly works, not to be a complete set of instructions!

FAQs/Buyer's Guide

What is the Background of Invacare?

Invacare was started in Cleveland in the 1970s and has grown into one of the largest and most trusted providers of medical devices. They are most well-known for the mobility aids they make, like wheelchairs and rollator walkers.

Invacare’s reputation, as previously mentioned, is one of high quality, longevity, and premium pricing. The prices aren’t too high- most people say they’re pretty fair- but you’ll never find Invacare products to be the cheapest option available, either. When you buy from Invacare, you know that the higher price means you get a more comfortable, longer-lasting hospital bed!

Where are Invacare Hospital Beds Made?

Invacare has manufacturing facilities around the world, but they make all of their hospital beds in the USA. It’s a bit harder to track down where the mattresses are made, but it’s safe to assume there is a high chance that those are American-made as well.

What is the Price Range for Invacare Hospital Beds?

Invacare hospital beds are a bit on the expensive side but certainly aren’t the most expensive on the market. Some hospital beds cost more than $3,200- just for the bed, no mattress included. You can get a low-priced Invacare bed for around $800 without the mattress, but the average price range is more like $1,300-1,900.

Invacare hospital bed mattresses, which you’ll have to purchase separately most of the time, typically cost between $250 and $350. This means you can expect to spend a total of $1,000-$2,100, with some exceptions, to get a full hospital bed set up in your home.

Tips for Buying an Invacare Hospital Bed

Invacare hospital beds are a bit on the expensive side but certainly aren’t the most expensive on the market. Some hospital beds cost more than $3,200- just for the bed, no mattress included. You can get a low-priced Invacare bed for around $800 without the mattress, but the average price range is more like $1,300-1,900.

Invacare hospital bed mattresses, which you’ll have to purchase separately most of the time, typically cost between $250 and $350. This means you can expect to spend a total of $1,000-$2,100, with some exceptions, to get a full hospital bed set up in your home.

  • Bed Width

You would be right in thinking that a wider hospital bed is more comfortable, but comfort might not be the only thing you should have on your mind. If you opt for an extra-wide 42-inch bed, you might enjoy the extra space until you need to move the bed.

Beds wider than the standard 36 inches cannot fit through a doorway without being tilted. If your medical concerns make you think that you’re likely to be transported while still inside the bed, you should ignore your inclinations toward a wider bed. If you’re looking for a more stationary hospital bed for home use, feel free to go with the wider option!

  • Height Adjustability

This is one feature that all hospital beds have, but also one that they don’t have equally. What we mean by this is that some beds adjust much lower- or higher- than others. For example, the max height on the E-Tude is 26.5 inches, but the ValueCare 5310 is only 23 inches.

Because the height at which you have the bed is important, you should make certain that the bed you’re considering will accommodate your needs!

  • Weight Capacity

This is a simple factor, but one that must be considered nonetheless. Because mattresses are both heavy and not included in the weight rating of hospital beds, a 350-pound weight rating doesn’t actually mean it can be used by a 350-pound person.

In addition, when the user is being transported in the bed, it can be dangerous if the bed’s weight capacity is too close to being maxed out- it can put too much strain on the wheels or frame.

Before buying a hospital bed for home use, make sure that the bed's weight capacity is high enough to support the weight of both you and your mattress, and have about 50 pounds to spare!


Invacare hospital beds are known for being made from high-quality materials, lasting a long time, and providing exceptional comfort to seniors and others with serious medical concerns. If you’re looking for a hospital bed that feels every bit worth the money, getting one from Invacare is a great choice! Remember, though, that Invacare products are typically more expensive than those from other companies.

Which Invacare hospital bed do you think is right for you? Do you have questions about one of the products in this article? Feel free to leave your thoughts and comments in the section below!

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