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How to Make a Mobility Scooter Go Faster

How to Make a Mobility Scooter Go Faster: The Only Guide You Need

By Maurice

How to Make a Mobility Scooter Go Faster

If you have ever thought your mobility scooter goes just a little too slow for your taste, you do not need to go out and buy an entirely new scooter.

There are simple things that you can do at home to boost the speed of your mobility scooter without making any large purchases. In this quick guide, we will go over some of the easiest ways to boost the top speed of your scooter. Let’s get to it, time and speed are of the essence!

How fast do mobility scooters typically go?

The average speed for a standard mobility scooter is about four miles per hour. Some go a little bit slower and others go a little bit faster. Mobility scooters that are considered fast usually have a top speed greater than seven miles per hour. Most scooters will offer a top speed between three and six miles per hour.

  • Slow: 1mph - 3mph
  • Average: 3mph - 6mph
  • Fast: 7mph +

A reasonable speed will differ between scooter riders. For someone who primarily uses their scooter indoors, speeds of 4/mph might seem fast. For scooter users who use their mobility device to drive through the neighborhood might find 4/mph exceedingly slow.

Three tips to help make your mobility scooter go faster

If you are looking to boost the speeds of your average scooter there are a few things you can do.

However, take note that most of these tips will not take a 4/mph scooter to a 10/mph scooter, they will simply help you beat the average speed of your scooter by reasonable margins.

A. Upgrade the battery

The easiest method to get an instant speed boost out of your mobility scooter is to upgrade the battery. In most mobility scooters, the limiting factor in the speed is the power level of the standard battery. If you can find a compatible battery that has a higher power output and capacity you can easily get better speeds out of your mobility scooter.

Even if you are not comfortable upgrading to a larger battery, simply replacing an old battery can also help get those speeds up. Just like a remote control, if your scooter battery begins to run low on juice, it will start to wane in its effectiveness. Getting a fresh new battery will give you a little bit more zip when it is brand new and can also increase your range per charge as well.

This is one of the simplest methods you can experiment with to try and get better speeds out of your machine. If getting a bigger, more powerful, battery does not help with speeds your scooter may have a speed limiting device in it to ensure consistent performance for safety. We cannot recommend removing such a device but if you discover a speed limiter, removing it would also increase speed. Though, doing so might void your warranty and decrease safety.

A new battery for a mobility scooter costs around $100, which is far cheaper than the cost of a new scooter altogether.

B. Get a tune-up

Like any machine that you use regularly, mobility scooters require regular maintenance to ensure that they are running at peak efficiency. If you have not had your mobility scooter serviced recently, or if you have never had it serviced at all, taking it in for a general tune up can help increase the speeds. Especially if you have a brushed motor versus a brushless motor. Brushed motors will benefit from maintenance and will increase speeds if tuned properly.

Scooters run entirely on battery power which can lead to things such as terminal corrosion that also need to be checked. If you are getting any sort of corrosion on your battery or the battery terminal it can reduce the power transfer between the battery and the motor leading to inconsistent or reduced speeds.

Now is a great time to think back to when you last had your scooter serviced. Even if you just give it a good once over yourself, keep an eye out for potential issues in the battery and motor can really go a long way to boosting a lagging scooter.

C. Reduce weight and boost aerodynamics

Another easy tip to help boost speeds on your mobility scooter is to remove any excess items that may be weighing you down. Things such as baskets, storage boxes, spare tires, and other accessories can weigh your scooter down quite a bit. Removing items like these can help get a little more out of your scooter.

Similarly, if you rearrange your accessories to be more aerodynamic that can also help increase your speeds. If you have a shopping basket on the front, relocating it to the back of the scooter could help to reduce drag and boost speed over long distances, not to mention battery life.

If you have been frustrated with your scooter’s performance, take a look at it with fresh eyes, you might realize you’ve been carrying around more baggage than required.

What are the fastest mobility scooters on the market?

The fastest mobility scooters on the market today are made by EWheels. EWheels scooters occupy all of the top spots in terms of speed and they have a variety of different styles. Their fastest models are achieving speeds of 14mph, 15mph, and even 17mph.

EWheels offers fast scooters in tricycle configurations, four wheeled models, and even European style. The secret to their speedy success is the inclusion of industry leading battery size and rounded modern edges for aerodynamics.

Shop the whole EWheels brand here.

Fastest Mobility Scooter - Guinness World Records

Wrapping Up

There is no magic bullet that is going to take your struggling scooter from crawling to flying but there are proven ways to get your speeds back to a reasonable level that works for you. Employing these three easy tips can help increase the speed and overall health of your scooter. Make sure to follow all manufacturers’ instructions, do not make any modifications that might put your warranty in jeopardy, and be sure to maintain safe speeds while in use.

2 thoughts on “How to Make a Mobility Scooter Go Faster: The Only Guide You Need”

  1. Mary Kay Salchert

    I have a Pride Raptor scooter. Currently using 12 volt, 75 amp (a pair) batteries.

    Could I go up a step or 2, in a larger battery to improve distance? Primary concern is distance. So far hasn’t remotely gone advertised distance.

    Raptor wt capacity is 400 lbs. I weigh less than even 75% of that. I am 66, my city has grossly insufficient public transit, give electric wheelchair users a very bad time, IF they will even let us board. I know, illegal, but their employer doesn’t care.

    Thank for advocating for seniors. I have no family, so I am more restricted in options.

  2. Hello,
    I’m using my eureka scoota for golf, the course is quiet flat and would love to get up the fairways a bit quicker.
    My scooter has 2 x 40ah lead acid batteries(recommended)
    can you please advise me how in increase power/speed.

    Rob W

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