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Pride Scooter Accessories: Pride Accessories for Safety, Comfort & Convenience

By Maurice

Pride Scooter Accessories

Is your Pride Mobility Scooter almost like a part of you? You move around with it everywhere you go; hence you’ll want to make sure it reflects who you are. But how do you achieve this goal?

Pride scooter accessories can make your device more comfortable and accommodating. Additionally, the accessories come in handy in ensuring the user’s safety by preventing the likelihood of accidents. For this reason, Pride Mobility Manufacturers have over 20 different accessory choices to choose from when you purchase a mobility scooter.

This article takes you through some of these accessories, including those for safety, comfort, and convenience. You’ll also learn where you can access these items online and in stores near you.

Pride Scooters Accessories for Safety

Safety is a primary concern for mobility scooter users, especially those who use busy streets when undertaking daily tasks. However, the accessories below will help keep you safe and minimize the impact of accidents if they occur.

Rearview Mirror

Crossing busy streets, driving on sidewalks, or maneuvering parking lots may be hazardous if you are not careful. The scooter safety flag increases your visibility to oncoming traffic and pedestrians, but how do you keep an eye on what’s behind you? The rear view mirror on the Pride Mobility scooter makes backing up more secure and convenient by allowing you to look behind you without straining your neck.

Safety Flag

The safety flag is a must-have accessory for your Pride Mobility Scooter. It eases your road movement, including when crossing the streets or riding across parking areas, by increasing your visibility to other road users. This eye-catching flag is made from weather-resistant polyester, protecting it from wind and rain.

Safety Vest

When riding in the dark, your scooter occupies a lesser percentage of the visible area, with your body taking the greater proportion. To ensure other motorists see you, wearing a Pride Scooter safety vest is crucial.

Pride Scooters Accessories for Comfort

These are accessories that improve the luxury conditions of your mobility scooter. They include the following:

Pride Mobility Scooter Canopy

This accessory is a must-have for anybody planning on having fun in the outside environments, like around the beach. Most Pride Mobility Scooters with seat brackets beneath the rear seat can readily accommodate this scooter canopy.

Cane Crutch Holder

If you rely on a crutch or cane, you must always have it with you at any point. A cane holder on your scooter makes it simple to transfer your crutch or cane from one place to another while you’re on the go. You just have to store the crutches in the can crutch holder and grab onto them after reaching your destination.

Pride Mobility Scooter Seat Cover

The Pride Mobility Scooter seat cover is a stretchy cover that goes over the seat and backrest of your scooter. It includes a hook and loop strap that secures around the seat’s base, giving you a safe ride.

Additionally, it is an entirely waterproof accessory, enabling the scooter seat to remain in excellent condition even in unfavorable weather conditions.


Scooter riders benefit significantly from a high-quality pair of riding gloves. They will keep your hands warm in the colder months, making you comfortable throughout the ride. They may also protect your hands in case of a fall, particularly if traveling at fast speeds.

Pride Scooters Accessories for Convenience

Some of these accessories include:

USB Charger

A mobile device is an integral part of your life as it allows you to remain in touch with your family members and friends even when you’re miles apart. As a result, it’s vital that your phone remains charged at all times, even when you’re out of town.

For this reason, the XLR USB charger for mobility scooters is a must-have accessory that keeps your phone active, regardless of your location. It’s also easy to use as you just plug it directly into the charging ports of Pride scooters and power chairs.

Cell Phone Holder

When riding your mobility scooter, your hands need to be free from any distractions, including mobile phones. Hence, a phone holder is a good option for you, particularly the RAM® X-Grip® electric scooter phone attachment. This accessory secures your phone in place and keeps it close at hand while riding. Additionally, they are sleek and visually appealing, and they’re durable enough to last you a lifetime.


This saddlebag is incredibly adaptable, boasting a sleeve design that enables you to slip it onto your scooter’s armrests. Depending on the convenience levels, you get to choose the installation point, either on the left or right armrest. Moreover, the saddlebag has Velcro straps that allow you to adjust it to your preference and incorporate a zipped compartment on both sides.

Front Basket

It’s never been simpler to carry your shopping! Having storage space on your Pride Mobility scooter is an important feature, especially if you’re a regular visitor to the market or malls. In addition, it’s strategically located for easy access than having the basket on the scooter’s back.

Under-Seat Storage

If you’re searching for even more storage space or simply something a bit inconspicuous, under-seat storage is an excellent option. It allows you to store your belongings in a hidden area while still having easy access to them. This accessory includes two storage bins, a bracket, and a new seat base plate, which accommodate items of up to 5 pounds.

Where to Buy Pride Scooter Accessories Online

Pride Mobility Scooter accessories are available through various online and retail shops across the United States. However, the best thing to do is to ensure you get them from authorized dealers, assuring you of product quality. Additionally, these dealers have warranties for some of these items, saving you on repair costs if they break down.

The main place to look is at the Pride Mobility Scooter’s website, which offers most of these items at an affordable price. They also help you with the installation process in case it becomes challenging for you.

Other online stores where you can purchase these items include:

Where to Buy Pride Scooter Accessories Near Me

Finding an accessories shop for your Pride Mobility Scooter might not be hard, but getting quality products might be challenging. Unlike bike or vehicle accessories which are widely accessible, original scooter accessories are somehow uncommon.

The best thing to do is to visit the dealer where you purchased the product, as most of them also sell the accessories. This is a better option since you’ll get compatible products for your mobility aid device in addition to good discounts from such dealers as they view you as a loyal customer. As a result, you end up saving on costs.

Alternatively, you can follow this link to search for a local dealer near you. All you have to do is provide your address or zip code and specify the kind of product you intend to purchase.


Owning a Pride Mobility scooter is one thing, but being able to operate it safely, comfortably, and conveniently is another thing. Scooter accessories are essential components of your device that not only give you the safety and comfort you need but also improve the aesthetics of your device. However, ensure you get items that are durable and compatible with your device to receive a long service life. If you have any concerns regarding Pride Mobility scooter accessories, do not hesitate to contact the company at 800-800-4258.

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