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Golden Scooters Accessories: Golden Accessories for Safety, Comfort & Convenience

By Maurice

Golden Scooters Accessories

Whichever Golden scooter you choose, there are some Golden scooters accessories that come in handy in bettering your scooter’s use. These are items that you use together with your device to improve the device’s comfort, safety, and convenience.

You’re probably in a dilemma in deciding the favorable accessory type for your mobility aid device. Worry not! This article takes you through the various Golden mobility scooter accessories, including where you can purchase them online and from nearby shops.

Golden Scooters Accessories for Safety

Safety is a major concern for mobility scooter users. However, safety-related accessories are crucial since they minimize the chances of accident occurrences.

These safety items include:


Your Golden mobility scooter is compatible with a wide variety of lights that you can attach to it by simply clipping them on. These lights come in handy, especially when you operate your mobility scooter at night or when the weather is gloomy.

With such lights, all road users can easily see you as you can attach them all-around your scooter, preventing the likelihood of road accidents. In addition, the vast majority of these lights are battery-powered.

Golden Safety Flag

The Golden Safety Flag is designed to be mounted on the rear of your scooter, enhancing your visibility to other motorists, consequently acting as a safety measure. It’s an essential item for those who intend to traverse busy streets, maneuver through

parking lots, or use their scooter on paved paths. In addition, it comes in two pieces, allowing you to adjust the height depending on your preference.

Golden Scooter Seat Covers

The weather in the United States is unpredictable and may shift between extremes at any moment. Rainfall is common, and it’s something that you have to deal with. A waterproof seat cover is one of the best options as it keeps your Golden scooter’s seat safe by preventing damage from the water. However, ensure you opt for a cover that fits well over the chair and easily folds away for storage when not in use.

Golden Scooters Accessories for Comfort

As a mobility scooter user, you want a comfortable ride without developing additional problems resulting from discomfort. Usually, heavy-duty Golden scooter models are the most comfortable since they come with an ample and adjustable sitting space. However, there are some accessories you can purchase to improve the comfort levels of your device, regardless of the model.

Some of these accessories include:

Golden Scooter Canopies

These canopies protect mobility scooter users from direct exposure to the rain and sun, especially when relaxing on the beach. Each Golden scooter has a fitting area at the back where you attach these standard accessories. It also has a robust frame that remains firm even on windy days.


The primary purpose of these accessories is to protect your hands from cold, freezing weather. They also reduce friction between the hands and the handle, giving you a comfortable ride.

Golden Mobility Scooter Cane Holder

This accessory allows Golden scooter users to carry their canes when moving to areas that aren’t scooter-accessible. With the cane holder, scooter users don’t have to hold the items while operating the mobility device. Instead, it suspends the items at the scooter’s back, which also saves space on the scooter. Depending on your preference, you can also mount the holder on the scooter’s side.

Golden Scooters Accessories for Convenience

These accessories include:

Cup Holder

The cup holder is usually on the right armrest of your Golden mobility scooter. It holds regular cups, keeping your hands free to operate the scooter safely. Velcro straps fasten the accessories in place, with additional padding to make the fitting tighter.

Golden Scooter Phone Holder

The Golden scooter cellphone holder fits on all types of Golden mobility scooters, and it’s attached to the control tiller. The scooter users can have hands-free access to their phones thanks to the two screw mounts. Usually, a spring load action secures the phones in place and is strong enough to accommodate even large mobile phone sizes.

Rear Basket

The Golden mobility scooter has a rear mounting bracket where you can fit the spacious shopping basket. This accessory is compatible with most of Golden’s products, such as the Avenger, Envy, and Buzzaround. For the Companion scooters, you have to add additional brackets.

Golden Scooter Charging Deck

Using this battery deck, you’ll be able to charge your Golden Buzzaround EX and LX scooters quickly and effortlessly anywhere inside your house. You’ll conveniently do so from the storage area, either in the garage or the car’s trunk, without having to take the scooter to the designated charging point.

Phone Charging Spot

One of the greatest benefits of owning a mobile phone is staying in contact with loved ones even when you’re thousands of miles distant. It is therefore imperative that you keep your phone charged at all times. The XLR Golden scooter charger ensures your phone doesn’t go off while you’re on the go. You just have to plug in your phone’s USB cable on the charger’s port, and you’re good to go.

Armrest Bag

The Golden’s armrest bag fits on all mobility aid devices from Golden Technologies, including wheelchairs and mobility scooters. Thanks to the two zipped pockets on each bag’s side, it provides a convenient access to goods you often use. Velcro straps are used to secure it in place.

Walker Holder

This holder is strong enough to carry a standard or rolling walker and is made of a robust frame. The mounting bracket is the attachment spot for the accessory.

Where to Buy Golden Scooter Accessories Online

Several online stores across the country sell scooter accessories, with others purporting to be authorized dealers of Golden scooter products. However, paying close attention is necessary to get quality items. Purchasing from the manufacturer or authorized stores not only assures you of durable products, but you can also take advantage of any available discounts and warranties.

Visit the Golden Technologies website and access some of the best accessories while taking advantage of the abovementioned benefits. The manufacturer also offers installation services and maintenance guidance.

Alternatively, you can opt for the following authorized dealers:

Where to Buy Golden Scooter Accessories Near Me

It’s one thing to access an accessory store, but it’s another thing to access authentic products. Due to the gravity of this matter, the Golden Technologies Company has a website where you can search for a local dealer near your location. The website narrows your search criteria where you enter your zip code and the distance range, and it will list down the authorized dealers within that particular radius.

Alternatively, you can visit the shop where you purchased your Golden scooter, as such dealers also have accessories for the products they sell. This is probably the best option as you may take advantage of customer loyalty discounts in addition to product warranties.


Golden scooters come in handy in restoring your mobility independence. It’s even better when you supplement its use with accessories, ensuring you get to your destination safely and conveniently. The only precaution is to ensure the product you purchase is durable enough to give you a long service life. In case you have concerns regarding these items, don’t hesitate to inquire from the manufacturer at 800-624-6374. You can also visit the main offices at 401 Bridge Street, Old Forge, PA 18518.

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