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Golden Technologies Lift Chairs Overview (Read This Before Buying)

By Maurice

Golden Technologies Lift Chairs Overview

Golden Technologies is among the most reputable and widely recognized lift chair brands in the United States and worldwide.

While they are widely recognized for their quality lift chairs, they also produce other mobility aid devices, including power wheelchairs and mobility scooters.

Their products are born of top craftsmanship, commitment to their customers, and over 100 years of experience. Consequently, they produce quality lift chairs that are very durable and that serve a diverse range of needs.

This article will explore this lift chair brand in-depth, their products, how and where to buy them, how their customers embrace them, among many other attributes.

Why Golden Lift Chairs?

Golden lift chairs are arguably among the most preferred lift chair models in the United States, Canada, and abroad. Their customers love their products not only because of their top quality but also impressive customer service. For instance, if you cannot assemble their lift chairs, they have their “White Glove In-Home Setup” service. This service ensures that the chair is first sent to an installer before being shipped to your address. The installer then brings it home, assembles, and installs it according to your preference.

Golden Technology’s patented MaxiComfort positioning technology is among the most advanced lift and recline technologies available. This ensures that your lift chair serves you satisfactorily, smoothly lifting and reclining to your preferred positions.

Other reasons why this Golden brand is preferred include:

  • Family-owned: Their focus is majorly care, unlike most other lift chair brands that focus on profits.
  • Freedom: Golden Technology lift chairs help you regain your independence; you do not have to depend on your caregiver to stand and sit whenever you need to.
  • Impressive warranty: They have the best available warranties, including a free one-year in-home service.
  • Durability: Their products are thoroughly inspected to uphold their high standards producing long-lasting quality lift chairs.
  • Responsive tech support: If you have any concerns or questions, Golden Tech has the most knowledgeable and dedicated technicians accessible online through their website and social media.
  • Innovative: Their products are born of years of experience and innovation.
  • American Employer: This entity employs over 500 employees in the United States.
  • Multiple warehouses: They have multiple warehouses and outlets across the United States, so you can get their products in your locality.

Who Makes Golden Lift Chairs?

Golden Technology is a purely American brand based in the United States. They manufacture their lift chairs with domestic and imported resources within the country’s strict standards. Consequently, their products are approved by the relevant government agencies, including FDA.

This entity’s lift chairs are made by Americans for Americans and the world at large. The company assembles a team of highly trained engineers and designers to research and produce their quality products. Currently, it has over 500 employees in its manufacturing firm in Old Forge, PA, serving in different capacities. Their professionals ensure the company remains on top of the lift chair’s world by taking the following approach:

  • In-depth research and innovation
  • Market research
  • Intensive marketing
  • Reaction to consumer taste

Where is Golden Technologies Located?


Golden Technologies is an example of a relentless humble beginning. They rose from the ground to their current spot on top of the world of lift chairs. This company began operations in a one-car garage in West Pittston, Pennsylvania, in 1985. It was founded by Fred Kiwak and Robert Golden Sr. With time and the founder’s efforts, the company has risen to its current status, appearing on top of the world’s lift chairs manufacturers. Currently, their headquarters are in Old Forge, which is also the location of their manufacturing firm, the world’s largest lift chair production facility. This firm offers jobs to over 500 Americans.

While their main firm is located in Pennsylvania, they also have multiple dealers across the country. If you want to find a Golden Technology dealer in your locality, you can use the dealer locator on their website. This locator allows you to look up a dealer near you when you enter your zip code.

Where are Golden’s Lift Chairs Made?

Golden Technologies is an American-based manufacturer based in the United States. Their firm is located in Old Forge, PA. They produce their lift chairs using local and imported resources but within the guidelines of the relevant government agencies, including FDA standards. Even better, their task force is majorly made up of American citizens, with over 500 employees working in different departments. Their team comprises highly experienced and talented specialists.

Golden Lift Chair Models

Golden Technologies produces many quality lift chairs with different features and capabilities. However, the following Golden lift chairs are considered their most-priced assets and the best:

Cloud PR-510

The Cloud PR-510 is arguably the best lift chair by Golden Technology in the market today. This is also their most comfortable chair, courtesy of its oversized and overstuffed back. While it is very lightweight, weighing about 125 lbs, it can accommodate a considerable weight, up to 375 lbs.

This chair comes with AutoFlex Lumbar support for enhanced comfort. Moreover, its MaxiComfort design allows a full backstretch when in the Trendelenburg position, and you can program the hand controls to fit your preference.

If you are looking for therapeutic benefits, this lift chair can be customized to accommodate heat and massage. However, with such additions, you lose the lumbar mechanism since they are both fitted in the same position.

This chair’s only downside is that it demands a lot of space because of its huge size.


  • Offers enhanced comfort
  • Good weight capacity
  • It is customizable
  • You can program it to your needs


  • Occupies lots of space

Comforter PR-535

The Comforter PR-535 is another top lift chair by Golden Technologies with impressive benefits and features. It features different sizes; petite, small, medium, tall, extra-wide, and bigger sizes, so you can choose your perfect fit. Moreover, its zero-gravity positioning and MaxiComfort features contribute to its comfortable and relaxing experience.

This chair can accommodate a maximum weight of 500 lbs and can be programmed to allow the user to automatically set favorite positions. Furthermore, its full chaise pad seating offers maximum comfort, while its sturdy frame makes it very durable.


  • Very high quality
  • Very comfortable
  • It comes in different sizes
  • It comes with a robust, durable build


  • Inconvenient zero gravity positioning design, no armrest

Comforter Series 3-Position

Looking for an affordable yet very high-quality Golden lift chair, the Comforter Series 3-Position is an ideal choice. This chair comes with lots of impressive features and benefits. For instance, it offers three extra-wide and four regular options so you can pick your best fit.

It can comfortably hold a weight capacity of up to 500 lbs and can be customized so that the fabric matches your interior décor. However, it comes with a relatively smaller head cushion, making it quite uncomfortable if you sit for long.


  • Can hold up to 500 lbs
  • It comes with a good warranty and free shipping
  • It comes in different sizes
  • It is a 3-position model
  • It is very affordable


  • Not ideal for long periods of use

Comforter Series Heavy Duty

The Comforter Series Heavy Duty is arguably the biggest lift chair by Golden Technologies. This extra-wide heavy-duty chair is the only lift chair that can accommodate individuals between 5’0″ and 6’8″. Moreover, it can hold a maximum weight of about 500 lbs, yet it weighs just 125 lbs. It is one of the most portable heavy-duty lift chairs in the market today.

Even better, it comes with reliable lumbar support, which contributes to its comfort. When you buy it, you enjoy free shipping, a lifetime limited warranty, and in-home service. You also get a free headrest cover and four fabrics. Its only downside is its shorter power cord.


  • Best heavy-duty model
  • It comes in different sizes
  • Excellent warranty and other benefits
  • Extra comfortable


  • Short power cord
  • Not many extra features

Relaxer PR-756

Another of Golden Technology’s most-prized assets is the Relaxer PR-756. As its name suggests, this is one of their most comfortable lift chairs by this brand. It comes with extra plush cushions and adjustable lumbar support to optimize comfort. It also reclines to a zero-gravity position when you want to sleep, reducing the backpressure while relieving your spine.

This lift chair has a weight capacity of 375 lbs, yet it weighs just 125 lbs. It also comes with AutoDrive programmable hand control so you can save your favorite position. Furthermore, you enjoy 1-year in-home service, a lifetime limited warranty, a free headrest, and free shipping. However, it is relatively noisier than other Golden lift chairs and does not offer the smoothest lifts.


  • Offers zero gravity positioning
  • Very high quality
  • Can be customized


  • It doesn’t offer a smooth lift

DayDreamer PowerPillow PR-632

If you are looking for a premium lift chair, the Daydreamer Power Pillow PR-632 is this brand’s most premium lift chair. It offers superior comfort due to its cloud seating design and high-quality features. Even better, its lumbar support adapts to your body for maximum comfort.

This chair features a powerful dual-motor making it very reliable. This motor makes it possible to independently adjust the footrest and the backrest so you can easily assume your most comfortable position. It also comes with a one-year in-home service, free shipping, and a lifetime limited warranty.

However, being a premium option, this lift chair is very expensive. It is also relatively huge hence occupying a lot of space.


  • Very high-quality premium lift chair
  • The most comfortable lift chair
  • Lots of excellent benefits
  • Very customizable


  • Very expensive

Comforter PR-505

The Comforter PR-505 is the best Golden Technologies medium-size lift chair. Its compact size is further enhanced by selected fabrics to produce an appealing outlook. And while it offers solid features, it is very lightweight and can accommodate a weight capacity of up to 375 lbs.

If you have back pains, this chair has outstanding lumbar support to alleviate such pain, and it is programmable, so you can set your favorite position. It is also very affordable compared to most others of its type.

Another amazing benefit of this chair is that it comes with a 1-year warranty with in-house service, repair, and labor contract.


  • 1-year warranty
  • Best medium lift chair by Golden Technologies
  • Has selected fabrics
  • Very comfortable and durable


  • Basic model with just a few features

Tips for buying the best golden technology lift chairs

Golden Technologies lift chairs offer incredible features and come with unique qualities. However, some features and qualities might not fit your needs. When buying this brand’s lift chairs, here are some aspects you should consider:

  • Comfort: Go for the chair that offers you the best possible comfort.
  • Durability: The idea is to enjoy your lift chair’s service for as long as possible. As such, you should buy the most durable lift chair.
  • Price: Of course, you cannot buy what you cannot afford. However, you can choose the most affordable lift chair with the best lift chairs. Ideally, most Golden Technologies lift chairs cost between $1000 and $2000.
  • Features and specifications: what features does the lift chair offer? This question should influence your buying choice as much as possible. Buy the chair with features that serve your needs the best.

Golden Lift Chair Customer Ratings

Golden lift chairs are highly rated not only in the United States but also worldwide. Ideally, they are among the most popular lift chairs in the market today because of their high quality and user-friendliness. Most users have left positive reviews on popular online markets like Amazon and eBay. Moreover, you can always see how these chairs are rated on independent sites such as Community Clinic Association.  

While different people will always have different experiences using Golden lift chairs, their popularity has proven their credibility and reliability. In most sites, they are positively rated, with most customers offering positive reviews.

Golden Lift Chairs Price Range

Golden lift chairs come at different prices depending on the individual model. This is often determined by features and, of course, positional adjustments. If a lift chair has additional features such as heat and massage, it will cost higher than a standard one without such features. Moreover, if it has an additional motor to control individual parts, its price definitely shoots up.

Ideally, the price range of most Golden lift chairs is between $ 1000 and $ 2000. The most expensive ones have superior features, including zero-gravity and therapeutic features such as heat and massage. However, if you have a tight budget, you can acquire a used Golden lift chair from popular markets such as Craigslist or eBay. Here you might be lucky to get a quality chair for as little as $200.

Where to Buy Golden Lift Chairs (Online, and Near Me/in Stores)

There are many reliable online and on-site markets where you can buy quality Golden lift chairs. For instance, you can choose to buy online through Golden Technology’s website. Buying from their site is easy, and you are sure to enjoy their warranties and other promotional offers. Golden lift chairs are also available on Amazon, Spin Life,, and eBay, among many other online stores.

You can also explore on-site stores in your locality. Ideally, buying in person in your local store is among the wisest buying decisions you can make. Sometimes what you buy online might be different from what is delivered. Some of the most reputable stores where you can purchase Golden lift chairs include La-Z-Boy and Rooms To Go.

Can Medicare pay for your lift Golden lift chair?

A golden lift chair comes in handy if you suffer from health complications such as arthritis or recently had surgery. It is also a lifesaver for the elderly. Ideally, these chairs come at a considerably high cost, and some people might not be in a position to afford them. In such as case, your Medicare insurance can help you out. Although it does not cover the entire cost of your lift chair, Medicare part B can partially pay for your chair while Part C can cover the seat-lift mechanism. However, a professional doctor must confirm that it is medically necessary for you to get a lift chair.

The doctor can necessitate the need for a lift chair in the following cases:

  • Severe arthritis, or severe neuromuscular disease
  • A patient cannot stand up from a regular chair
  • The seat lift mechanism is necessary for the doctor’s efforts to treat or improve a patient’s condition.

Golden Lift Chairs on Sale – Where to Find

Golden lift chairs are very popular and are readily available in most national supply chains stores across the country. Even better, you can trace a Golden Technologies dealer in your locality through their online dealer locator page on their website. This locator allows you to enter your zip code, and it directs you to their nearest approved dealer in your locality.

Furthermore, you can find a variety of Golden lift chairs online through the company’s website or other online stores. Luckily, most of these stores have a search button where you can look up your favorite Golden lift chairs. Popular sites include Spine Life, eBay, and Amazon. The availability of multiple markets allows you to compare prices so you can buy the most affordable lift chairs.

Golden Lift Chairs Coupon – Where to Find Coupons

Golden Technologies always has some incredible promos and discounts for their customers. You can check out their offerings, coupon, and promo codes on their website or other popular coupon sites such as CouponBirds, Socieblelabs, Operamediaworks, coupons, and refe.

Some of their currently running promos include the following:

  • Get Up To 30% Discount on Sale Items
  • Hot Deal – Save Up To 15% Off on Selected Items
  • Additional 20% Off on Autodrive Hand Control For Golden Technologies Lift Chairs Zkad-1 Final Cart Value
  • Autodrive Hand Control For Golden Technologies Lift Chairs Zkad-1 Sale! 15% Discount on All Orders
  • Verified, and Working 10% Off Autodrive Hand Control For Golden Technologies Lift Chairs Zkad-1 Coupon Code
  • Flat 10% Off Autodrive Hand Control For Golden Technologies Lift Chairs Zkad-1 Offer for All Orders
  • Popular Offer! 20% Off Autodrive Hand Control For Golden Technologies Lift Chairs Zkad-1 Coupon Code
  • 15% Cashback Offer on All Orders With Autodrive Hand Control For Golden Technologies Lift Chairs Zkad-1 Discount Code
  • Enjoy 20% Cashback Offer on Next Purchase
  • Redeem 20% Off Using Autodrive Hand Control For Golden Technologies Lift Chairs Zkad-1 Discount Code
  • Flash Sale! Get Up To 25% Off on All Orders
  • Up To 20% Off Autodrive Hand Control For Golden Technologies Lift Chairs Zkad-1 Working Promo Code

Used Golden Lift Chairs – Where to Buy Used

There are some online marketplaces where you can buy a used Golden lift chair. However, it can be quite a challenge to get a market where you can consistently get this brand’s lift chairs every other time. Nevertheless, there are some reliable markets where you can check out to see if they have such chairs. These include eBay, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace.

Moreover, you can also check any medical equipment rental shops, medical equipment suppliers, or hospice homecare stores in your local area. These establishments have some used lift chairs in their possession, and you could land your favorite Golden lift chair.

How to Buy a Golden Lift Chair on Craigslist

If you are looking to buy a used Golden lift chair, craigslist is among the most popular used lift chair’s market today. With the proper hunting knowledge, you can land a quality Golden lift chair that will serve you well. Here is how you buy a lift chair on this platform:

  1. 1Visit craigslist homepage
  2. 2Click US, and proceed to click your state or city
  3. 3Visit the For Sale section, and select the furniture category
  4. 4Click on the relevant Golden lift chair picture displayed
  5. 5Read the lift chair’s description, and details
  6. 6If satisfied with the above details, click the reply button to reach out to the seller through email
  7. 7Express your interest to the seller through the email, and engage him accordingly. You could ask for additional information and more details about the lift chair on sale.

How to safely buy on craigslist

Craigslist is an unregulated platform that attracts all types of people, including scammers and conmen. As such, it is imperative to be extra careful when buying from the platform. When buying from this market, the following safety tips can come in handy to ensure you do not fall prey to scammers:

  • Buy locally: If possible, try to buy from people within your locality. This way, you can easily meet to inspect the Golden lift chair you are buying seller.
  • Meet the seller in a secure location: If you organize to meet with the seller, meet in secure places such as public places like the mall. Moreover, be keen to bring a friend or a loved one along for your own safety.
  • If the deal is too good, walk away: if a Golden lift chair is selling at a very low price compared to other listings, be wary it could be a scam.
  • Do not disclose personal information: Avoid giving the seller personal information, and if possible, use craigslist’s anonymous emails to engage the seller.
  • Pay in cash: If you are lucky to meet a seller from your locality, be keen to pay in cash. Avoid paying through online means that could mean sharing some of your details, including emails.
  • Ask for more information: Before you seal a deal or even agree to meet a seller, ask for more information about the lift chair, such as different angle photos. This can help you tell whether the seller is legit.

Golden Lift Chair Warranty

Golden Technologies offers warranties on their lift chairs through their authorized distributors, dealers, and service organization. Their warranties cover individual models and lift chair parts. They include the following:

Consumer limited lifetime and seven-year warranty

The company offers warrants to original owners as follows:

  • 1- Year in-home warranty: the company covers repair costs, labor, service calls, and replacement if need be within one year since purchase.
  • Lifetime warranty: this covers repair, and labor of chair frame, recline frame, and seal lift mechanism within a period of three years. However, the Capri, Monarch, and Slimline are only covered for six months, while Space Saver is covered for one year.
  • 3- year Warranty: The company covers electric repair parts of most chairs for a period of three years. However, for the Monarch, it covers two years and one year for the Capri, Space Saver, and Slimline. This further covers labor for one year for most models except Monarch, Slimline, and Monarch, which are covered for six years.
  • Limited warranty fourth through seven-year: After the expiration of the first three years, Golden warrants the electrical parts on a prorated basis as follows:
  • Year 4 – 35% discount off retail price
  • Year 5 – 25 % discount
  • Year 6 – 15% discount
  • Year 7 – 5 % discount

While consumers have a right to claim Golden lift chair warranties, there are some guiding conditions that you have to meet. The company will only warrant if:

  • The warranted parts have not been subjected to misuse, abuse, or improper service.
  • The parts have not been damaged in transit or repaired by unauthorized individuals.
  • The warrants do not cover unnecessary service calls

Golden Lift Chair Return Policy

If you are not satisfied with your Golden lift chair, you can return it to the store within 30 days. However, this attracts a restocking fee of up to 20 %. Moreover, there are some conditions that must be met. These include:

  • The chair should be in new or unused condition just like you bought it
  • The lift chair must be accompanied by all its accessories upon return
  • The user must incur the shipping costs
  • Their return policy does not cover clearance items unless your lift chair was delivered damaged.

Golden Lift Chair Dimensions (Weight/Weight Limit; Height; Material)

Golden lift chairs come in different dimensions depending on individual models. They are often categorized into different classes according to their dimensions. There are petite, small, medium, large, and tall lift chairs. Their dimensions are as follows:

  • Petite/small, under 5 inches
  • Small- 5 ‘ – 5 ‘ 3”
  • Small/medium- 5 ‘ 2 “- 5 ‘6”
  • Medium- 5 ‘ 4 “- 5 ’10”
  • Medium/ large – 5 ‘ 7 “-6’ 2”
  • Large – 5 ’11”-6′ 2”
  • Tall – 6′ 3 “-6’8”

Ideally, the dimensions of a Golden lift chair can be described in the following ways in relation to the chair’s measurements:

  • Seat to top of back; this is the measurement from the seat’s back to the top of the head
  • Seat depth; the measurement from the back of the seat to the back of the user’s knee
  • Floor to top of seat; measurement from the back of the knee to the floor
  • Width between arms; measurement from the right hip to the left when seated, add two inches.
  • Height: the height of the chair’s user measured in feet
  • Weight; the weight of the user measured in pounds

Golden Technologies Customer Service/Contact (Phone Number; Website; Twitter; Facebook; YouTube)

You can engage Golden Technologies through their responsive customer service through any of the following means:

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