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Where Can I Donate a Lift Chair? Resources for All 50 US States

By Maurice

Where Can I Donate a Lift Chair

After a loved one’s passing – or if durable medical equipment (DME) is only required temporarily and is no longer needed – people in the United States often ask: Where can I donate a lift chair?

We answer this critical question in this article since local thrift stores, where many of us donate home items and furniture we no longer need, typically don’t accept donated lift chairs.

Can a Lift Chair Be Donated?

An upholstered lift chair – also called a power recliner – is not accepted as a donation by all thrift stores and charities.

Still, yes, a lift chair can be donated to organizations that receive them. If the lift chair no longer works, though, or has soiled or torn upholstery or is otherwise not in good condition, no, it won’t be accepted as a usable donation. The chair must be clean and gently used.

In general, thrift stores that accept medical equipment or upholstered furniture may take usable lift chairs. You can always phone your local thrift stores and ask.

Charities that refurbish and loan out medical supplies are usually the most likely to accept a donated lift chair. Yet, some don’t because they have canes, walkers, & wheelchairs, but not bulkier items because of limited space or inability to sanitize upholstery.

We’ve done nationwide research to compile a comprehensive list of different types of American organizations that accept lift chairs in good working condition. You should always contact the individual non-profit or donation center to discuss your chair to ensure they take lift chairs when you call. If not, they may be able to point you in the right direction of where your power lift recliner might be accepted.

List of Charities That Accept Lift Chair Donations in the United States

Our state-by-state list below of non-profits that accept useable lift chairs in good condition contains key sources in each state. For more information, search in your same region and area for groups such as these that may be able to direct you more locally about who to contact for donating a lift chair:

  • Muscular Dystrophy Association
  • ALS Foundation
  • United Cerebral Palsy
  • Seniors’ centers
  • Aging health and housing programs
  • Assistive technology programs
  • Church medical outreach programs
  • Church and community medical loan closets
  • Goodwill and Easterseals groups
  • Independent Living organizations


Casa of Madison County is the non-profit organization, Care Assurance System for the Aging and Homebound (CASA), based in Huntsville. They accept donations of durable medical equipment and cash donations toward purchasing mobility devices. You can reach them at (256) 533-7775.

Easterseals Central Alabama in Montgomery accepts donated lift chairs for their CARE Project, which provides no-cost or low-cost mobility equipment for adults and children with disabilities. For more information and to arrange for drop-off or pick-up, phone (334) 387-3261.


Access Alaska Durable Medical Equipment provides low-income individuals with no public or private insurance with low-cost rental mobility devices. To inquire about donations for lift chairs, you can phone either the Anchorage center at (907) 248-4777 or the Fairbanks and Interior office at (907) 479-7940.


The Catholic Charities Medical Loan Closet in Prescott provides donated walkers, wheelchairs, and crutches to those who need them. To ask if they will accept your lift chair, contact them at (602) 285-1999.

The Ability 360 Sports and Fitness Center in Phoenix has a DME loan closet and states they are always looking for clean, useable durable medical equipment in good condition. You can reach the Information and Referral Coordinator at (602) 296-0536 about donating a lift chair.


The Spinal Cord Equipment Loan Program from the Arkansas Department of Health has 10 loan closets located around the state. Since medical professionals may recommend people with spinal cord injuries use a lift chair, you could call and ask them, where can I donate a lift chair? at (501) 296-1788.

SOURCES Loan Closet loans durable medical equipment in good condition at no charge to those in need of these items in Benton, Carroll, Madison, and Washington counties. You can reach them at (479) 442-5600 to inquire about donating your chair.


California Reuse Programs accept equipment donations and provide assistive technology at no cost or low cost for people with medical conditions and disabilities. The programs are located statewide in 24 cities. Scroll down at the link to find the location closest to you to contact about donating your lift chair.


Good Health Will is a non-profit medical thrift store that supplies DME to the public at very low prices. They accept a wide variety of items and might welcome your lift recliner donation at one of their three locations:

  • Northeast Denver/Brighton – (303) 558-0671
  • Loveland – (970) 624-6002
  • Greeley – (970) 515-6935

The South Metro Medical Equipment Loan Closet in the Denver suburb of Greenwood Village accepts donations of durable medical equipment that may include lift chairs. They serve the entire metro area and can be contacted for information and questions at (720) 443-2013.


MED-EQ in New Haven connects medical equipment donors with non-profits and agencies who help those needing the devices. You can fax them at (203) 785-5241 or email them at to see if there is a need for a donated lift chair in your area.

Charlie’s Closet, run by Guilford Interfaith Volunteers, collects, repairs, and distributes donated DME to those of all ages and income levels. They offer both drop-off and pickup depending upon the item. To talk to them about donating your chair, phone (203) 453-8359, Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to noon.

Farmington Seniors Medical Equipment Program in Unionville accepts clean, gently used medical equipment on an appointment basis. To ask about a lift chair donation, contact them at (860) 673-1441.


Caring Hearts Lending Closet (CHLC) is a project started by a physical therapist connected with The Blue Church in Springfield. If they don’t have room or the immediate need for donated medical equipment such as a lift chair, they try to find somewhere where it can go to help someone who needs it. Contact Caring Hearts by email at


Easterseals Northeast Central Florida operates a loan closet that provides donated medical equipment no-charge to those who need it. Their website mentions that they are always in need of donations of durable medical equipment, and you can phone (386) 944-7822 about your lift chair.

Located in West Palm Beach, Clinics Can Help has the motto “Mobility, Independence, and Dignity”. They seek donations of clean, working medical equipment that requires no repairs or straightforward ones. They offer free pick up in their area that can be arranged at (561) 640-2995.


friends of disabled adults and children (fodac) has about 20 donation centers accepting gently used medical equipment for their home programs. Scroll down at the link to find the closest location to you, but please phone about donating your lift chair first at (770) 491-9014, Ext. 114.


Offering state-wide services, the non-profit organization Aloha Independent Living Hawaii helps people with disabilities live independently. If you ask, where can I donate a lift chair? they may be able to accept your donation or connect you with someone in Hawaii who can. Call (808) 339-7297.


The Knights of Columbus in Nampa accepts donations of DME such as wheelchairs and walkers for anyone in Idaho and surrounding states who needs these assistive items. To inquire whether they will accept your lift chair, they can be reached at (208) 461-9248.


Devices 4 The Disabled in Chicago (D4D) relies on medical equipment donations to provide a variety of mobility aids to Chicagoans who need them. They can do minor repairs and pick up the gift if it’s in their area.

D4D requests that you contact them with some information about your donation by first filling out the form on their website (at the link). They add that it may take a few days for their reply as they are a small organization.


Great Lakes Loan Closets lists 18 donation sites for gently used medical equipment in good condition that they lend at no-cost or low-cost to individuals who need it. This list is for Northern Indiana, but if you live in another part of the state, you can phone a number or two on the list, and they may be able to suggest where to donate a lift chair in your community.


Quad Cities Habitat for Humanity in Davenport can be reached at (563) 349-7339 to ask if they will accept a lift chair for donation for their ReStore Health and Home Program. The chair should be in excellent condition.

Easterseals Iowa runs a medical equipment loan program that provides low-cost options for those who need short-term or long-term products. Their location is in Des Moines, and they don’t pick up donations. You can contact them for a drop-off appointment or ask if they know where else you could donate a lift chair in Iowa at (515) 309-2395.


The University of Kansas accepts donations of durable medical equipment for their Kee Reuse Program through their Assistive Technology for Kansans initiatives. They provide refurbished equipment for Kansans in need of it and can be reached for information on whether they can accept your lift chair at (316) 942-6300, Ext. 209.


Project CARAT accepts, coordinates, and distributes donated DME to those who need it. Contact their community loan closet closest to you to ask about your lift chair donation.

  • Hazard – (606) 439-3557
  • Lexington – (859) 218-7979
  • Louisville – (502) 992-2448
  • Paducah – (270) 538-6844
  • Paintsville – (606) 788-6630


The Loan Closet in Lake Charles is associated with the Southwest Louisiana Independence Center (SLIC) and accepts donations for walkers, wheelchairs, and more types of medical equipment in good condition to loan out to those needing the items. You can call (337) 477-7194 to ask if they will take a lift chair donation or know of an organization in your part of Louisiana.


Spurwink Alltech in Portland accepts gently used and working assistive equipment donations for their Recycle and Reuse Program. To ask if they will accept a gift of a lift chair, they can be reached at (207) 232-6421.


The government-run Maryland Department of Aging collects gently used DME donations to give older adults free of charge. Scroll down at the link to the closest donation location and phone them to discuss your chair.


United Cerebral Palsy of Western Massachusetts accepts donations of durable medical equipment for their Requipment Loan Program to help people with disabilities and senior citizens. They may take lift chairs in good condition or be able to answer your inquiry of where can I donate a lift chair? by directing you to another non-profit. Their contact number is (413) 442-1562


The United Way of St. Clair County has the distinction of being known as America’s only United Way medical loan closet. To inquire whether they can accept a lift chair donation, phone them in Port Huron at (810) 985-8169, Ext. 3. 

Great Lakes Loan Closets lists Michigan counties by name with a contact number so you can phone the one closest to you to see if they will accept a lift chair for donation. Just scroll down the county list at the link.


Goodwill Easterseals MN may either be able to accept your lift chair donation or point you in the direction of an organization that might. You can reach them at these locations:

  • Arden Hills – (651) 484-0258
  • Fridley – (763) 571-2153
  • Maplewood – (651) -770-2401
  • Roseville – (651) 633-6228 or (651) 634-3609
  • White Bear Lake – (651) 426-0824


The Second Time Around Program, operated by the North Mississippi Medical Center Rehabilitation Institute in Tupelo, assists people with stroke and other illness recovery. To find out whether they can accept your lift chair donation, call (662) 377-4058.


Missouri Assistive Technology in Kansas City will pick up gently used medical equipment donations within a 20-mile radius or accept drop-offs. To ask about your lift chair donation, phone them at 1-(866)-201-3829.

NorthEast Independent Living Services in Hannibal lists gently used lift chairs as one of the donations they seek. To arrange to drop the chair off or schedule a pick-up, contact them at (877) 713-7900.


To find out whether Cascade County Aging Services may be able to use your clean, well-working lift chair to help older people in Montana, give them a call at 454-6990.


The Assistive Technology Partnership with the ReUse Network is a government initiative that accepts mobility-related medical devices to keep them out of landfills and provide them to people who need them. You can call about your lift chair donation at any of their three offices:

  • Omaha – (402) 979-0142
  • Lincoln – (531) 207-2226
  • Kearny – (308) 440-8000

Omaha Habitat for Humanity may accept a donation of a gently used lift chair in excellent condition if they have a client who needs it. If not, they might be able to give some great suggestions about where in your part of Nebraska your donation is likely to be accepted at (402) 934-1033.


The non-profit Club CARE Chest may be able to help answer your question, where can I donate a lift chair? They are a state-wide organization that helps seniors and those recovering from injury. Their clients have incomes that don’t qualify them for free chairs but still need equipment to borrow for a reasonable charge. Phone (775) 829-2273.

New Hampshire

Community Caregivers of Greater Derry accepts DME in good condition. They may be able to take donations of lift chairs if their low-income elderly clients or those with disabilities need them. They have a 4,000+ square foot space, so contact them about your chair at (603) 432-0877 or (603) 432-7041.

New Jersey

Goodwill Home Medical Equipment is based in Bellmawr but accepts donations at any of its New Jersey stores. They list reclining lift chairs with unsoiled upholstery as the equipment they accept. Be sure to call (609) 812-2210 first though. If you can’t drop the chair off, pick-up is usually offered.

The Medical Equipment Ministry in Pluckemin helps people needing mobility devices and other supplies by providing them at no charge. Phone the ministry about your lift chair for donation at (908) 396-6057.

New Mexico

Back In Use accepts donations of clean, working, durable medical equipment to help seniors and people with disabilities. Contact them at (505) 341-7171 to see if you might be able to donate a lift chair at one of their thrift store or warehouse locales in Albuquerque, Artesia, or Los Lunas, or suggest another New Mexico non-profit organization.

New York

Burke Rehabilitation Hospital might be able to accept your donation of a lift chair in good condition. If they can’t, they may be able to direct you to one of the many organizations they work with. Call Sandra Alexander for more information at (914) 597-2581.

North Carolina

Better Health in Fayetteville helps around 500 people with needed durable medical equipment loans every year. They are seeking usable DME in good condition. If they can’t allow a lift chair donation, they may be able to refer you to another North Carolina non-profit. You can reach them at (910) 483-7534 or (910) 483-2157.

North Dakota

Healthcare Equipment Recycling Organization (HERO) accepts durable medical items in good working order. Call (701) 212-1921 to see whether they will take your donation or help direct you to a charity that can.


Goodwill Easterseals Miami Valley may be able to accept your lift chair donation for their assisted living medical equipment loans programs. If they can’t, or you live in other regions of Ohio, they might be able to connect you with an organization for your donation. Try inquiring at one of these locations for more information:

  • Dayton – (937) 528-6357
  • Lima – (419) 228-4821
  • Springfield – (937) 399-9013


The Oklahoma ABLE Tech Rehabilitation Program arranges drop-offs or pick-ups for donated gently used medical equipment. You can fill out the donor form at the link or phone (405) 523-4810 about the possibility of donating a lift chair to one of these locations:

  • Bethany
  • Enid
  • Owasso
  • Stillwater
  • Tulsa
  • Wilburton


The Access Durable Medical Equipment Loan Program in Medford might be able to suggest where you can donate your lift chair or accept it themselves. For details, phone (541) 690-3972.


The University of Pittsburg Medical Center (UPMC) refurbishes used mobility devices through their Horizons Foundation’s Medical Equipment Recycling Program (MERP). To determine if the MERP program will accept your lift chair donation, you can contact their Greenville office at (724) 589-6377 or the Farrell branch at (724) 347-6377.

Serving the Southern New Jersey and Philadelphia areas, Goodwill Home Medical Equipment lists recliner lift chairs as items they accept for donation. The upholstery must not be soiled, and the chair must be in good condition. Call (609) 812-2210 for more information.

Silver Lining Foundation in York mentions lift recliners as donations they are looking for in their mission to help individuals and families with disabilities. There’s a donor form at the link or phone (717) 515-8075.

Rhode Island

The Robert J Allen Medical Equipment Center, run by the Grand Masonic Lodge Charities in Warwick, mentions lift chairs specifically in the types of donated DME they accept. You can contact them at (401) 451-0184.

South Carolina

Able SC Assistive Technology may be able to answer your question, where can I donate a lift chair? They might accept a gently used chair in great condition or refer you to another assistive living agency in South Carolina. Call (803) 779-5121, Ext. 226 to inquire.

South Dakota

Medical Equipment Recycle and Reuse (MERR) in Sioux Falls may accept lift chairs as donations or let you know of possible organizations in South Dakota that accept them. For more information, phone (605) 271-5074 or 1-866-274-2594.


The Tennessee Habitat for Humanity ReStore might accept your lift chair donation within the Greater Memphis area. The chair must be in excellent condition in looks and function. They may be able to refer you to other agencies in other parts of the state for lift recliner donations. Call (901) 737- 8673.


AGE of Central Texas is a health equipment lending program free to seniors and anyone in need. If they can’t accept a lift chair donation, they may be able to recommend another Texas nonprofit that can. You can reach them at (512) 600-9288. 

Faith In Action, in partnership with Baylor, Scott, and White, may be interested in accepting a lift chair for donation. Phone (214) 818-1080 for the Dallas office or (254) 202-1280 for the Waco location.


Habitat for Humanity Utah may accept a donated lift chair in excellent condition or refer you to another organization. You can reach them for more information at (801) 344-8527.


The United Church of Underhill accepts donations of medical equipment such as wheelchairs, walkers, and shower chairs. They might also accept a lift chair donation if they have the space or be able to refer you to another medical lending program in Vermont. Call (802) 899-1722.


Goodwill Virginia accepts donations and might accept your gently used lift chair or direct you to a nonprofit elsewhere in Virginia. For inquiries call (804) 745-6300 or (757) 248-9405.


The Al Boe Wheelchair Warehouse, run by the Bellingham Central Lions Club, accepts a wide range of medical equipment donations, They serve both Skagit and Whatcom counties. Contact them at (360) 752-5526 to learn if they’ll accept your lift chair.

The The Knights of Columbus, through the Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Parish, run a medical equipment borrow and donate loan closet. They include lift chairs as donation items they seek. Fill out the form at the link about your donation.

Located in Lacey at the Woodlawn Funeral Home, the Medical Equipment Bank accepts gently used mobility and other healthcare devices in good condition. For donation information and to ask if they’ll accept a lift chair, phone (360) 456-8810.

West Virginia

The Health Access Inc Free and Charitable Clinic in Clarksburg provides gently used medical equipment for the working poor. They may accept a lift chair donation or suggest another group in West Virginia. Call (304) 622-2708.


The Burnett County Government Center accepts donations of medical equipment and adaptive aids in good condition. The contact number for more information is 1-(715) 349-7600. The donation site locations are in:

  • Ashland
  • Bayfield
  • Burnett
  • Douglas
  • Iron
  • Price
  • Sawyer
  • Washburn

Midstate Independent Living Choices (MILC) serves 16 Wisconsin counties helping older adults and individuals with disabilities. They may be interested in usable, clean lift chairs for donation. MILC can be reached at their Stevens Point office at 1-800-382-8484 or the Rhinelander location at 1-800-311-5044 to learn more.


The Habitat for Humanity Cheyenne ReStore may accept a clean lift chair in good condition. Still, you should always call ahead when donating these more oversized, bulkier items that are also medical equipment. You can reach them for more information at (307) 637-8067.

Well, that’s about it for resources for donating lift chairs in the U.S. We hope you’ve checked out the key donation ideas for your state, plus considered all possible non-profits in your local area. If you’re still wondering, where can I donate a lift chair? consider doing a deeper Google search. Enter the name of your city or town along with phrases such as “lift chair donations,” “lending closet,” and accepting DME donations.”  

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