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Lift Chair Rental Near Me (2023): Where to Rent a Power Lift Chair

By Maurice

Lift Chair Rental Near Me

Did you know you can rent medical equipment such as lift chairs instead of buying them?

Renting medical equipment for short periods of time can save you hundreds of dollars over the long run. But unlike rental cars or carpet cleaners, finding a place to rent a lift chair is not as easy. So where can you find a lift chair rental near you?

We are going to answer that question and more so you can get started saving hundreds of dollars on rental equipment that you need right away.

How to Find a Lift Chair Rental Near Me


If you do not want to purchase a lift chair at full price or if you only need a lift chair for a small amount of time then renting a chair is probably your best option. There are a few ways to find lift chair rentals in your area:

  • First, do a quick web search for your area for medical equipment rentals or lift chair rentals. You might have a local shop in town that does rentals right off the bat that you can find with one quick search.
  • Ask your insurance company. Many times, insurance companies have a Rolodex of places that are “in network” or affiliated with the insurance company. They might know of a local place that does medical equipment rentals and they might cover the cost to boot.
  • Ask your doctor or physician. If you or someone you know is in need of a lift chair, chances are they are seeing a doctor. Your medical professional will be aware of places in the area that do rentals and equipment sales and they might be able to give you a good lead.

How Much to Rent a Lift Chair?


In the short term, renting a lift chair is cheaper than buying one but in the long term, the costs even out. Making a smart choice about whether or not to rent or buy a lift chair is going to depend on what kind of rates you can find and whether or not you have a firm ending date in mind for the use of the chair. Rates for a lift chair rental will vary based on the length of the rental and what kind of chair you choose.

Basic two-position and three-position lift chairs can be available for as low as $100 per week. If you only need the chair for a week or two, you will easily save money over purchasing one. Monthly rentals can be found for as low as $225 for the whole month.

More advanced chairs with extra features or newer models might rise in price. Some of the better chairs can be rented from $125 per week or $250 for the month.

Weekly vs Monthly

Whether you need to rent a lift chair on a weekly basis or a monthly basis will largely depend on how long you need the chair for. Generally, monthly rentals are much cheaper per day than weekly rentals so if you know you will need the chair for at least two weeks then a monthly rental probably makes the most sense. Weekly rentals are the most expensive way to rent medical equipment so if you can get a better rate for a longer period of time, you should definitely look into monthly or long term rentals.

There are also programs offered that are rent-to-own. Places such as Rentacenter and Aaron’s will allow you to get an item on a rental but put that monthly payment towards the full cost of the item. If it turns out you like it, need it longer, or simply want to keep it then you will be well on your way to owning the lift chair outright.

Will Medicare Pay for Lift Chair Rental?

Yes. In the event that you do not want to purchase a piece of medical equipment that Medicare covers, they will also cover the cost of the rental instead. The standard Medicare plan will cover the cost of a rental for up to 13 months at the same rate as they cover a purchase. In fact, rentals are processed almost identically to purchases. You still need to get a prescription and you still need to find a place enrolled with Medicare that will rent you the equipment.

medicare logo

If you do all of that, then Medicare will cover 80% of the cost of a rental for a lift chair for up to 13 months. Depending on your needs, this option can save you hundreds over buying a new chair.

What to Look for When Renting a Lift Chair

If you have a chance to go in person somewhere and look at the chairs, that would be ideal. That way, you know what kinds of models they have, the condition of the chairs and whether or not they’re in good working order. The last thing you want to happen when you are in need of a lift chair is to have it show up from an online renter only for it to be in poor condition or not working at all.

The most important function of the lift chair is the lifting motor and ensuring that you have a chair that can do the job for the entirety of the rental period is crucial.

Losing time when it comes to medical equipment can be disastrous so getting a good product the first time is extremely important. If you cannot go in person to talk to the people and see their rentals then at least do some research online about the places you are looking to rent from. Do they have good reviews? Do they have live people you can talk to about your rental questions and concerns? If you cannot get answers that you are satisfied with to those important questions you probably want to find a different place to rent from.

National Retail Chains That Offer Rent-To-Own Lift Chairs

Your tight budget might be stifling your efforts to get your ideal lift chair, but it does not have to be like that. There are many rent-to-own entities all across the United States that can help you own your favorite lift chair through a relieving payment arrangement.

How do rent-to-own lift chair stores work?

As the name implies, these rent-to-own stores allow you to rent a lift chair for low monthly payments, and eventually, the lift chair legally becomes yours as soon as you make the final payment. While the idea is to keep paying a set monthly rate until you cover an agreed overall cost, you can still pull out of the arrangement if the chair does not impress you.

Rent-to-own lift chairs entities are quite appealing, and most users who cannot afford lift chairs go for them. Even better, most do not demand a credit check, and their monthly rates are often lower than credit card payments or other repayment plans.

However, buying a lift chair through this arrangement is not cheaper than paying upfront. You will pay leasing fees, and by paying installments over a long period, you end up paying more. Nevertheless, it is a convenient way to get your favorite lift chair without a hassle.

When to choose a rent-to-own lift chair company?

Of course, when you choose a rent-to-own arrangement, you end up paying more than you would have to pay when paying wholly on the spot. Nevertheless, this is very feasible, especially if you do not have the full amount of money to buy a lift chair. Ideally, renting-to-own makes a lot of sense in the following cases:

  • When you want to try a lift chair before committing to buy it: if you do not like it, you can comfortably return it to the specific store.
  • You need the lift chair for a short time: this is an ideal option if you temporarily need a lift chair for a short time; maybe you need to repair your own lift chair or run maintenance.
  • Low credit: you do not need to worry about a credit check in many rent-to-own stores. They can lease their lift chairs in spite of your low credit score.

Before you choose where to buy your lift chair through the rent-to-own arrangement, there are some factors you need to consider. For instance, the most critical factor is the payment arrangement. Before you sign that rent-to-own agreement, critically consider your financial situation. How much will you need to pay monthly or weekly? Are there additional fees? What will be the total cost? If you are comfortable with the set fees and the payment arrangement, you can sign the agreement. Remember that if you miss a payment, the rent-to-own company can repossess your lift chair.

The best rent-to-own lift chair companies

There are many rent-to-own stores that can offer you your desired lift chair in an instance, but always go for the most reputable ones. Among the most popular rent-to-own national retail chains that can sell lift chairs are the following:


FlexShopper is arguably the best rent-to-own lift chair entity in the United States. They offer a wide range of lift chairs so you can be sure to land your favorite. Moreover, you do not have to physically visit their locations to apply; they are fully functional online through their website. However, they check your credit score, and if it is low, they will not rent a lift chair to you.

To qualify for their services, you must meet the following conditions:

  • Be 18 years or above
  • You must be living in the US but not Wyoming, Wisconsin, New Jersey, or Minnesota.
  • You must have an active bank account
  • You must be earning at least $1000 per month

Their customers, however, enjoy the following benefits:

  • Short-term commitment; their lease run for up to 52 weeks
  • Early purchase; all their lease agreements come with a set early purchase option amount so you can clear with them as soon as you are comfortable.
  • Instant services; as soon as you qualify, they allow you to get your lift chair immediately.


If you are looking for the best rent-to-own lift chair company that does not mind your credit score, LeaseVille is your ideal choice. If you meet the following conditions, this entity allows you to walk away with your favorite lift chair:

  • You earn at least $1000 each month
  • You must have an active bank account that has been operational for the last 90 days and makes five or more transactions each month.
  • You must have been working in the same workplace for the last six months or more unless you have a long-term disability or are self-employed.

Their customers enjoy these benefits:

  • No down payment is needed; you only pay the shipping fee
  • You can pay off the whole amount after 90 or 120 days.
  • You can own your lift chair in less than a year

Rent Delite

Rent Delite is another reliable rent-to-own lift chair company you can engage to get a lift chair if you do not have enough funds. However, they check your credit score and do not rent out to individuals with a bad score. Their other approval requirements feature the following:

  • An applicant must be above the age of 18
  • You must have a credit card or a debit card (they do not accept prepaid cards)
  • You must have a proven steady source of income
  • You must provide a valid email address

Being their customer, you will enjoy these benefits:

  • You can own your chair within a year or less
  • Early payoff option available
  • Approvals are instant upon qualification


ColorTyme is a rent-to-own shop that offers a variety of products, including lift chairs of all types. They do not conduct a credit check on their customers, and application is both online and offline. However, they have some application requirements such as the following:

  • Income verification and reference
  • Proof of residence
  • Age above 18 years

Being their customers, the following benefits come in handy:

  • Instant approval
  • No credit card score needed
  • Flexible payment options
  • No down payments
  • You can pay your dues online

Rent One

You can also get a lift chair through a rent-to-own arrangement from Rent One as long as you satisfy the following conditions:

  • You have proof of income
  • You have a valid address

Their services come with the following benefits:

  • Free delivery
  • Free assembling
  • You can pay online
  • You can pay weekly or monthly

Lift chairs contribute significantly to your wellbeing, especially if you have medical conditions that make sitting down or standing challenging. They are also crucial to those in society who are advanced in age. As such, nothing should stand in your way if you need one. There are many reputable companies that sell even used or pre-owned lift chairs at an affordable rate. Even better, other companies offer relieving payment arrangements that are easy on your pockets, so you can pay what you can when required over an agreed period. Do not suffer on account of your budget; explore!

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