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Lift Chairs Near Me

Lift Chairs Near Me (2021): Where To Buy Lift Chairs Locally

By Maurice

Lift Chairs Near Me

Finding a place to buy something as specific as a lift chair can be frustrating. They are not readily available at all locations and the pressure to get something you need quickly can make finding a lift chair locally stressful. Luckily, in today’s modern commercial world there are many different places to find lift chairs, new and used, online or in person.

In this quick guide we cover the best places to buy lift chairs locally.

Where to Buy Lift Chairs


There are multiple quality options for purchasing lift chairs online. The easiest and most accessible is Amazon as they have hundreds of options from multiple brands and sellers for you to easily search and compare. There are also multiple other online retailers that are aimed specifically at selling lift chairs and other similar equipment. Some of the big ones include and SpinLife.

If you want to look at local options, you can always search for medical equipment outfits and local furniture stores and see if they have an online catalog.

In Person

The best place to go and look for lift chairs in person is at local furniture stores. While lift chairs are technically designated as durable medical equipment by insurance companies, they are primarily sold in furniture stores. Since they are basically modified recliners they fit easily into most local stores.

Some big furniture stores that are located in many places include La-Z-Boy and Rooms To Go which both sell lift chairs in person.

If you live in a small town or do not have access to the national chains you can always check with your local furniture store to see if they carry lift chairs. You will probably be surprised.

In addition to furniture stores, you can also look to see if you have any medical equipment retailers in your town. These stores sell things like wheelchairs, hospital beds, and lift chairs and are available in many places. If you have a medical equipment store in your area, there is a good chance they also carry lift chairs.

Where to Buy Used Lift Chairs

Used lift chairs hit the market quite often and they can be found, primarily online if you know where to look.

One of the best places to find used lift chairs is on Facebook Marketplace. This makes it easy to connect with people in your local area regarding used medical equipment. You can also search for used lift chairs on eBay but that will give you people from all over the world and shipping something as large and heavy as a lift chair can be a hassle. Craigslist offers a similar experience as well.

Other places to find used lift chairs are at consignment or donation shops such as Goodwill and Habitat For Humanity Restores locations. These places get large influxes of unwanted goods, including furniture. Lift chairs are often offloaded by people who no longer need them and sometimes end up in places like these for sale for cheap.

If you are planning on buying a used lift chair, especially online, be sure to practice safe buying habits and look out for potential scams and red flags.

Typical Prices for New and Used Lift Chairs

Depending on the style and type of lift chair, the price can vary dramatically. The most basic lift chairs start at around $500 but the more advanced models can go as high as $1200 or more. The basic style lift chairs include two-position and three-position chairs. The advanced models include infinite position chairs and zero gravity chairs. Prices can still vary quite a bit between brands but expect to pay between $600 and $1000 on average.

Used chairs, like new chairs, can vary in price by quite a bit. Getting a gently used lift chair from a rental place can be close in price to a new chair. You also might be able to find someone trying to get rid of a chair quickly for prices as low as $100. It all depends on where you found the chair and who is selling it.

How to Get Medicare to Pay for a Lift Chair

medicare logo

There are ways to get Medicare to cover a large part of the cost for a new lift chair. The first step to getting Medicare coverage for a new lift chair is to have one prescribed by your doctor. Medicare will not cover any durable medical equipment that is not first prescribed. Once you have a prescription you can move onto the next step.

After you get a prescription for your lift chair, you need to find a brand or retailer that is partnered with Medicare to obtain your chair from. If you pick out or purchase a chair from a place that is not enrolled with Medicare, they will not cover the chair, even if it was prescribed.

Once you have those two bases covered, you submit your purchase to Medicare for reimbursement. Standard Medicare coverage will comp 80% of the total cost leaving you with only 20% to cover for yourself. So, if a chair costs $600 Medicare will cover $480 of the total cost to you.

Tips for Getting the Best Deal on a Lift Chair

If you have the time, the best tip for getting a great deal on a lift chair is to be patient. If you can wait, go over your options and not rush into a purchase, you will give yourself the best opportunity for finding a deal you are happy with. But not everyone has the luxury of time.

The next best tip for getting a deal you can feel confident in is to buy from a reputable dealer. If you are in a hurry and cannot wait to check for sales and compare prices, going to a place you are comfortable with and getting a new chair that you know will work for a long time to come is the best thing to do. That way, you are not worrying about whether a used chair or a brand you are unfamiliar with is going to work in the long run. A purchase that works as intended and is built to last is always a good deal.

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