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Pride Mobility Scooter Parts: Pride Parts Lists & Where to Buy Them

By Maurice

Pride Mobility Scooter Parts

Like other mobility scooters, your Pride scooter is likely to develop some issues, particularly after several years of use, regardless of how well you maintain it. This will prompt you to replace some of its components after the troubleshooting process, which you might do yourself or with the help of a technician.

Before purchasing a replacement component, ensure it’s durable and compatible with your product. Purchasing substandard products will not only be expensive in the long run but may also cause further damage to your Pride Mobility scooter.

This article will take you through the various Pride Mobility scooter parts and where you can purchase them. You’ll also learn how to maintain your mobility scooter.

Pride Scooter Parts List (Major Parts of Pride’s Scooters)

Your Pride Mobility scooter has many components that are susceptible to damage but are also replaceable. The major ones include:

  • Battery
  • Light switch
  • Throttle
  • Key switch
  • Tires
  • Motor
  • Headlights
  • Mirrors
  • Armrests
  • The freewheel lever
  • Footrests

Where to Buy Pride Scooter Parts (Online & Near Me)

Repair components for your Pride Mobility scooter are easily accessible in most online and offline scooter shops. You may also get these products from the Pride Mobility scooter’s website, which is the best option. However, regardless of where you choose to buy these products, you should always compare what they offer to the specifications in the owner’s handbook. Doing so guarantees you high-quality components that are suitable for your mobility scooter’s specific type and are compatible with it.

You can get high-quality replacement components from the following online stores:

Regardless of the store you choose to order the product, the trick is to go for the Original Equipment Manufacturer components. While aftermarket parts may, in certain situations, rescue the day, particularly when you have no trustworthy local outlet to buy genuine parts, they are not dependable. This is because they may be incompatible with your scooter or give you a limited service life.

Spare Shops Near Me

If you are looking for a Pride scooter spare shop near you, the best thing to do is to go to the dealer where you purchased the device. Usually, such dealers have repair parts for the products they sell. It’s also a good option as you’ll get repair components compatible with your device.

Alternatively, you can find a local scooter dealer within your local area by following this link. The website requires you to provide your zip code, and the search results will highlight the Pride scooters near your location.

Tips for Maintaining Your Pride Scooter

Mobility scooters, like cars and motorcycles, need regular maintenance and upkeep. There are several easy methods to keep your Pride Mobility scooter running at its best, from checking the batteries to regular cleaning. Below is a guide on these tips and several others.

Battery Maintenance 

The battery is a crucial component of a Pride Mobility scooter. Each Pride Mobility scooter comes with a general range estimate for the battery that powers the scooter. However, this estimate will only be accurate if you maintain the batteries in good condition.

Upon purchase, ensure you charge the batteries for at least 12 hours. Afterward, you should always charge them for at least 8 hours every night. Additionally, lubricating the battery’s terminals is essential to maintaining your Pride Mobility scooter.

Other ways you can maintain the batteries include:

  • Always use the original charger.
  • Check the battery indicator daily before using the mobility device.
  • Always pay close attention to the Owner’s Manual guidance on connecting the battery wires.
  • Avoid exposing them to extremely high or freezing temperatures.
  • Even when you’re not using your mobility scooter, always charge the battery on a weekly basis.
  • Never completely deplete your battery’s juice.


Maintaining the cleanliness of your mobility scooter not only improves its aesthetic value but also guarantees that the scooter will operate smoothly. To clean the scooter, always use a damp cloth to wipe off the dust from the scooter’s surface, after which you must dry it off to avoid corrosion. Similarly, always avoid driving on wet surfaces when you’re on the go to reduce the chances of rusting. To prevent short-circuiting, you should also avoid pouring water on the scooter’s electrical components.

During the cleaning process, pay close attention to the scooter’s underside, which is an often forgotten area. Mud and debris often find their way into this area, and you must remove them for normal scooter functioning.

Tire Maintenance

Regular tire checks are essential to ensure that the device operates smoothly. These components are prone to wear and tear, and maintenance practices would come in handy. Below are the classifications of tires and their maintenance requirements:

  • Solid Tires. These items are puncture-free, making it easier to maneuver through some rough terrains. The maintenance requirements for these tires involve regular wear and tear checks.
  • Pneumatic tires. These are regular tires that are air-filled. Always check the pressure levels daily before leaving the house, as low pressure can not only damage the tires but may also slow down your Pride scooter. Usually, each scooter’s tire has its PSI readings on the side, which you must adhere to. Your Owner’s Manual also has these readings.
  • Filled Tires. These tires have a shock-absorbing mechanism and are a combination of air and solid. To maintain them, always keep the tire pressure at the recommended levels per the PSI readings.

Brake Maintenance

Usually, most Pride Mobility scooters have a unique braking system that gradually engages when you reduce the scooter’s speed until it stops. Before going out, always ensure that your scooter isn’t on freewheel mode. Engaging the freewheel lever, which is around the rear wheel, allows you to push the scooter in case you run out of battery. When it’s activated, your scooter’s motor will run, but the scooter will not move, and forcing it might damage the device.

Brake maintenance involves inviting a technician to check them once a month regularly. You can also adjust them yourself in case they loosen.

Scooter Seat Maintenance

Pride Mobility scooter seats have seat covers made of neoprene material, making them durable and waterproof. These covers are removable, allowing you to remove them for easy cleaning. However, be cautious when cleaning them, as using corrosive detergents will result in discoloration and eventual wear and tear.

Scooter Storage

Proper storage away from elements is crucial when you’re not using your Pride Mobility scooter. You can keep the device in a garage or a hallway away from direct exposure to rain or sunshine. You can also cover it with Pride storage covers to keep it free of dust and moisture, preventing rusting and corrosion.

Best Pride Mobility Scooter Maintenance Videos on YouTube

The tips above will come in handy in maintaining your Pride Mobility scooter. Combining the above guidelines with YouTube videos will make the process even more practical. The links below will take you to the best YouTube videos to help you through your scooter maintenance.

DIY: Replacing the front and rear wheels on a Pride Mobility Victory Sport scooter

How to Wash A Mobility Scooter (Without Damaging It)

How to Adjust Mechanical Disc Brakes on an Electric Scooter


Pride scooter maintenance services are crucial if you want a long service life from your device. They involve regularly checking the scooter’s components and ensuring they perform optimally. The abovementioned tips and YouTube videos will effectively take you through the process. In addition, repair services are equally important but ensure the repair products you go for are compatible with your scooter to prevent further damage. You can achieve this goal by opting for the manufacturer-approved dealers, preferably where you purchased your mobility device.

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