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Bathtub Lift Buying Guide: What You Need to Know Before Buying a Bath Lift

By Maurice

Bathtub Lift Buying Guide

Bath lifts are a great addition to the bathroom for anyone who is too weak or handicapped to bath on their own. These devices are typically easy to install and can make bathing a lot easier for folks with joint pain, balance problems, and more.

There are different kinds of bathtub lifts and they all have benefits and reasons why they’d be a good option.

Some bathtub lifts swivel to allow easier access to the tub; others are inflatable and portable. All of them are meant to make lives easier and allow safe bathing, and they do.

Before you buy your bathtub lift, it’s best to know more about it so you can make an informed decision. In this article, we’ll look at the various types, the best brands to choose from, and more.

Types of Bath Lifts

Before you can shop around for the best bathtub lifts, you need to know the differences between them. That way, you’ll know what to look for so you or your loved one can bathe in comfort and with peace of mind.

Electric Bath Lift

As you may guess, electric bathtub lifts are automatic and the most convenient type of bath lift you’ll find. They work with the touch of a few buttons and will lower the person using it into the bath and lift them up again without much fuss.

Although the word ‘electric’ makes the bath lift sound dangerous for a bathroom, they’re completely safe and designed to work perfectly in this specific environment. These lifts work with batteries that need to be charged and sometimes replaced.

Manual Bath Lift

In contrast with the electric bathtub lift, a manual lift works with a hand crank that lets you lower and raise yourself or someone else into and out of the tub. But they’re easy to operate and are usually more affordable than manual bathtub lifts.

Inflatable Bath Lift

The inflatable bathtub lifts are quite unique and are actually rather rare. They are inflated for use in the tub and are very portable while taking up the minimum amount of space after being used. The powerpack used to inflate the lift might be a bit heavy but they normally have handles for easy maneuverability.

Portable Bath Lift

These bathtub lifts are ideal for people who don’t have difficulty storing the lift and can transfer onto a seat that may wiggle a bit. This means you’ll have to balance yourself a fair bit when using them. They’re typically relatively lightweight and inflatable bathtub lifts are an example of a portable bath lift.

Swivel Bath Lift Chair

Swivel bathtub lifts have a swivel seat that makes it easy to access the lift and tub comfortably and safely. They’re best suited for people who have serious mobility challenges. These lifts also ensure safety as they minimize the risk of falling during use.

Bariatric Bath Lift

For plus-sized people, bathing can be difficult and uncomfortable. Bariatric bathtub lifts are designed to accommodate obese people safely, comfortably, and with dignity.

Bath Lift Brands & Popular Models

There are many different brands that manufacture fantastic bathtub lifts, but some of them do it better than others. We’ve listed here the most reliable brands and some of the best lift models for your convenience.

When looking for a new bathtub lift, consider any of the following options. They’re recommended by users and buyers everywhere.

Bathmaster Bath Lifts

Bathmaster is known for making durable and reliable bath lifts and you can’t go wrong with these guys. Their lifts are of high quality and are safe to use as well.

Here’s a look at two of their most popular models:

  • Bathmaster Deltis Bath Lift

This bathtub lift is made with comfort and safety in mind. It comes with a reclining backrest that makes it possible to relax while bathing. The controller is always safely above the water (thanks to clever design) so there’s no risk of it getting wet and breaking.

It is a lightweight bathtub lift but made from durable materials and with a sturdy design, so it’s made to last long. Easy installation adds to the lift’s overall appeal.

  • Bathmaster Sonaris Bath Lift

If you’re looking for a lightweight, strong, and easy-to-clean bathtub lift, you may just fall in love with this one. It is stable and designed to last many years despite being made of all-plastic.

You can choose to either recline the backrest or leave it upright, making it easy to relax and be comfy while bathing. The controller is waterproof and easy to use as well. It comes with a safety mechanism built-in and will not let the lift lower if there isn’t enough charge to lift it up again. That way, you’ll never get stuck.

Invacare Aquatec Bath Lift

Here we have a bathtub lift that is very well-designed and requires no annoying installation. It is easy to use and promises fantastic safety. The cover it comes with can be removed and washed and the lift not obtrusive, so it can be left in the bathtub when not used.

Lumex Splash Bath Lift

This is a lightweight and battery-operated bathtub lift that weighs only a little bit over 14 lbs. Despite this, it can support a weight up to 280 lbs with ease and has a fixed back design for comfort. The slim design makes it easy to install and remove quickly.

Mangar Archimedes Bath Lift

The Mangar bathtub lift has been designed to be easy to install and will fit almost any kind of tub. It can support up to 364 lbs and is designed for comfort while also being made of durable materials.

Tranquilo Electric Bath Lift

A heavy-duty motor allows this electric bathtub lift to easily accommodate a weight of up to 300 lbs comfortably. The design allows it to fit most bathtubs without problems and the controller is waterproof and easy to use as well. An electrically-activated recline feature makes for a more relaxed bathing experience.

Shower Buddy Bath Lift

The Shower Buddy Bath Lift’s name may be confusing, but this is a good option for anyone looking for an electric bathtub lift. It boasts a stable and safe design as well as a high backrest that can recline up to 30 degrees for comfort during use.

Peter Pan Bath Lift

This manual bathtub lift doesn’t need any batteries or controls. It is easy to use, though, and can be lowered into the tub to four inches above the bottom. The backrest is optional and the lift can be used in bathtubs as well as showers with equal comfort.

Neptune Bath Lift

If you’re looking for a bathtub lift with ample legroom, you should definitely consider this one by Mountway. It’s battery-powered and can fit almost any type of tub. It has a weight capacity of 350 lbs but still has a lightweight design and is very portable.

Aquajoy Bath Lift

The design of this bathtub lift makes it possible for the user to be comfortable during use while being safe and reliable. It is made of high-quality materials and can handle more than 300 lbs in weight. It’s also easy to install and use.

Molly Bather Bath Lift

With this bathtub lift, you can use the entire depth and length of your tub quite easily. The slip-mat makes it easy to adjust your position and the different mounting bracket styles ensure comfort and ease of use. It can handle weights up to 300 lbs.

Bath Lift Prices

Because there are so many different kinds of bathtub lifts, you can expect vastly varying prices. How much you pay also depends on the manufacturer and how much they do to ensure quality and safety.

Here’s a quick look at what you can expect to pay for a bathtub lift from major brands:


Approximate Price

Invacare Aquatec Bath Lift


Lumex Splash Bath Lift


Bathmaster Bath Lifts


Neptune Bath Lift


Where to Buy Bath Lifts

Buying a bathtub lift has become very convenient and easy in recent years. You can shop online from vendors like Amazon and browse through hundreds of options. If you prefer to see a product and handle it before buying, there are many shops that sell bathtub lifts. A quick Google search will help you locate your nearest seller quickly.


Need more info? Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding bathtub lifts:

Bath Lifts on eBay

Finding bathtub lifts for sale on eBay is quite easy, but it’s easy to be overwhelmed by all the sellers. There are several things to look out for if you plan to buy from eBay.

Do your best to make sure you’re not being fooled by the salesperson. Only use the payment options that eBay considers safe and secure. It’s also best to use a trackable posting service and look at feedback ratings to ensure the seller is not trying to scam you.

Also, ask for as many photos of the bath lift as you need so you can make an informed decision before buying.

Used Bathtub Lifts for Sale

You may wonder if it’s possible to buy a used bathtub lift, and the answer is ‘yes’. As long as the lift is still in good condition and clean, you buy one from sellers in your area. Use Google to find people near you selling their used bathtub lifts. You should also look in local newspapers and places of advertising for sellers who might not be using the internet to sell their products.

Bath Lift Problems

Although bathtub lifts are awesome, they aren’t without some elements that you’ll have to keep in mind. When buying one, there are things you’ll have to look out for to ensure your experience will be hassle-free.

There are many sizes and styles that will fit some tubs better than others. Make sure the model you want will be a good fit for your tub. Remember that if the person using the bathtub lift is severely handicapped or weak, you may want to look for extra safety features to ensure risk-free use.

The weight capabilities are important as well; you must be sure that the lift will be able to accommodate the person who will use it or risk injuries. Other factors such as whether the bathtub lift is manual or battery-operated should be considered as well.

Other than making sure that the bathtub lift you want to buy will meet your needs, you aren’t likely to experience any problems with these medical equipment devices.

Final Thoughts

Bathtub lifts are designed to make life easier for people who can’t bath without assistance. They are safe and easy to use as well, meaning even elderly or handicapped people will be able to make the most of them. Finding the right bathtub lift can seem a bit tricky because there are so many options, but once you start looking around, you’ll find that it’s fairly straightforward. Just keep in mind what you hope to get from the bath lift and make sure it will fit in your bathtub.

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