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How To Put Together A Bath Lift: Quick Guide For New Owners

By Maurice

How To Put Together A Bath Lift

If you have a traditional bathtub, getting in and out might be quite challenging for your elderly or disabled loved one, especially if it has high sides. To make it easy and avoid unwarranted slips and falls that may result in injuries, you can use a bath lift. Unfortunately, while you can get these devices from multiple sources, most stores and manufacturers do not offer assembly services.

This article will show you how to put together a bath lift. Even better, it will supplement the information provided with easy-to-follow YouTube videos and user manuals from different manufacturers.

Bath Lift Instructions: How to Assemble a Bath Lift

The bath lift assembly process is simple, but it can be complicated for first-time users. Here is a quick checklist before the assembling and installation process:


Your shipping carton should contain the following components:

  • A seat section with flaps
  • A backrest and hand control with a battery
  • Battery charger
  • A user manual
  • Assembly suction cups (four)

Begin the unpacking process by removing the charging unit first. It is okay to save the shipping carton for future use, especially during transportation or bath lift storage.

Charging the Hand Control 

Charge the hand control battery for a minimum of 12 hours before using your bath lift for the first time. Make it a regular process after every bath lift use, but do not overcharge. A red flashing hand control light indicates that you are running out of charge and must recharge immediately.

The indicator light will turn amber during the charging process and green after achieving full charge. Additionally, ensure the battery hand control is on a firm, level surface during the charging process.

Emergency-Off Button 

In the event of an emergency, push the red EMERGENCY OFF button on the hand control. This action will halt all the bath lift’s operations. You can reactivate its functions by pressing the green ON button on the control.

Note that the bath lift shuts off on its own after about 30 minutes of inactivity, although you can also press the red button for a manual turn-off. See the image below of the button illustrations.

  • (1) indicates the blue button
  • (2) Red emergency off button
  • (3) Control LED lamp
  • (4) Amber light
  • (5) Greenlight

Side Flap Diverters 

Ensure you attach the side flap diverters that come with your bath lift to the tub handles. Failure to do so may result in mechanism obstruction, voiding your warranty.


  1. 1Ensure to firmly attach the suction cups to the seat unit’s bottom (baseplate). The rear suction caps’ tongues must face outward to provide easier lift removal from the bath. Recesses in the baseplate allow you to insert tongues of front suction cups. See the images below. 

  1. 2The role of suction cups at the bottom is to attach the bathtub securely. As a result, ensure they are always clean and dry. The bathtub must also be clean as dirt particles from the tub may affect the cups.
  2. 3Put the seat with the suction cups connected to the baseplate in the empty bath. The back suction cups must be near the tub’s edge. You can add more suction cups for slip resistance.

  1. 4Next, combine the drive unit into the seat’s bearing blocks according to the figures below.

Ensure you insert the guide pins into the bearing blocks.

  1. 5Now, use one hand to hold the backrest’s hand grips and tilt it backward with the other hand. Ensure the drive unit rests against the baseplate.

  1. 6Interconnect the bath lift with the hand control. To conceal the red ring at the jack, put the jack socket into the jack plug until it snaps into place. The bath lift is now operational.

  1. 7Sometimes, the backrest may be at risk of colliding with the bath’s back. In such a case, reposition the lift’s base further from the tub’s end.
  2. 8Ensure that the lifting rod is correctly positioned in the unlock ramp.

Bath Lift Cover Attachment and Removal

  1. 1Place the cover appropriately on the backrest’s top, and ensure you press the fastening buttons fully into the holes on both the backrest and the seat.

  1. 2Pull out the two fastening buttons with two fingers to remove the covers.

Headrest Installation

The openings on the backrest plate allow you to insert the headrest. You can easily modify the headrest’s height with a simple turn of the knob.

Bath Lift Videos: Best Assembly Videos on YouTube

The guide tips above come in handy during the assembly and installation process. However, you might find it hard to understand some tips sections. In such a situation, YouTube videos will help you accordingly. Here are some videos you might find helpful:

Marina Luxury Bath Lift Assembly Guide

Elixir Reclining Bath Lift Assembly Guide

Heben Bath Lift – CareCo Assembly Guide

Ashore Bath Lift – CareCo Assembly Guide

Unboxing and Assembly of the Sonaris 2 XL Bath Lift

Bath Lift Manuals

When you purchase a bath lift, it comes with a guiding user manual. This manual helps you understand its operation, offers maintenance help, and recommends safety precautions, among other issues. Below are links to online manuals of some of the most popular manufacturers:

Lift Removal from the Bathtub

  1. 1Lower the bathtub to its lowest position using the hand control. Then let the backrest tilt until the drive comes to a complete stop. Keep in mind that the backrest cannot come in contact with the bathtub’s wall. Afterward, detach the hand control.
  2. 2Ensure the side flaps rest on the seat surface by folding them
  3. 3Utilize the handles when folding down the drive unit, and remove it according to the illustration below.

  1. 4Detach the suction cups by lifting the rear part for the front suction cups and pulling the tongues for the rear ones.


A bath lift is a critical device for your elderly or disabled loved one, but its installation can be quite challenging if you are a first-time handler. However, it gets easier with the right information. With the above-provided steps, videos, and manuals, you should be able to assemble your bath lift without a hassle.

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