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What Is The Best Lift Chair Brand (2023)? 10 Best Lift Chair Manufacturers

By Maurice

What Is The Best Lift Chair Brand

There are many, many different brands of lift chairs – a simple search for “lift chair” generates thousands of results.

How can you know you’re getting a good deal and not some janky steal? This is a question that arises a lot, which is why we have put together this list of the ten best lift chair manufacturers on the market right now. These are reputable brands with high-quality products.

What is a Lift Chair?


A lift chair is a modified recliner-style chair that has extra features to help people get back on their feet after sitting.

As the name implies, lift chairs help to lift a person up and out of their chair. It is like getting a helping hand from a nearby person. We’ve all had to ask for a hand getting up at one point or another, lift chairs offer that helping hand every time you need it with the simple push of a button.

Top Lift Chair Manufacturers

A lift chair is a modified recliner-style chair that has extra features to help people get back on their feet after sitting.

As the name implies, lift chairs help to lift a person up and out of their chair. It is like getting a helping hand from a nearby person. We’ve all had to ask for a hand getting up at one point or another, lift chairs offer that helping hand every time you need it with the simple push of a button.


Ameriglide is an interesting company because it is one that does not manufacture all types of durable medical equipment – they are an American company that specializes in different types of “lifters” specifically. They make dumbwaiters, elevators, stair lifts, as well as lift chairs. That means that Ameriglide knows how to lift things!

Ameriglide has a variety of lift chairs from simple two-position affordable options to more feature-rich zero gravity chairs that come with a higher price to match. If you are interested in a company that certainly knows how to lift you out of your seat you want to check out Ameriglide.


Catnapper is a brand that is part of American furniture company Jackson Furniture. Jackson Furniture was founded in 1933 and prides itself on being founded, made, and maintained in America.

Today, they offer fifteen separate models of lift chairs that are made with their nearly century of experience. If you are looking for an established, local, company you should check out Catnapper by Jackson Furniture.

Golden Technologies

Unlike some of the other large medical equipment companies, Golden Technologies has a very narrow focus. They primarily sell lift chairs and mobility scooters. Can you see the common theme between those two products? They both rely on powerful electric motors! That means that Golden Technologies has a ton of experience in the most important part of any lift chair: the motor.

Golden Technologies has an extensive catalog of lift chairs that come with a whole gamut of different features for you to choose from. Their product line is headed by the MaxiComfort brand of lift chairs offering a quality combination of comfort, functionality and durability.

Pride Medical

Pride Medical is one of the largest and most respected durable medical equipment providers in the world. They craft thousands of high quality medical products including their own line of lift chairs.

If you are looking for support from a very large company with a long history of great products and customer service then you should definitely look into what Pride Medical has to offer.


Med-Lift is a lift chair manufacturer, servicer, and parts distributor for dozens of lift chairs. They have an online storefront and customer service options for people looking to buy a new chair or troubleshoot an existing chair. Med-Lift is based in Phoenix, Arizona, and primarily sell their chairs through

If you are someone who likes knowing they have access to quality customer service you might want to consider Med-Lift as they claim to have parts and resources for all of their chairs, including ones that have been discontinued.

Mega Motion

Mega Motion is a recent company that focuses on selling its products online via Amazon. You can see their storefront here.

Mega Motion makes a host of unique lift chairs that come in all different sizes and styles. You can get an affordable two-position chair or a fully loaded zero gravity chair with all of the bells and whistles. Being an Amazon focused company it is easy to compare prices and readily read reviews for each product offered.

Ultra Comfort

Ultra Comfort is an American company specializing in lift chairs whose motto is “built right the first time”. In business since 1985, they pride themselves on creating high fidelity lift chairs that are designed to work for years to come. These chairs are still made in Pennsylvania and they are available at multiple in-person retail locations all over the northeastern United States.


Windermere is a company that primarily sells its products online via digital storefronts such as Amazon and The Classy Home. Their chairs often come with premium features including multiple advanced positions, USB charging ports, and more. They also occupy a higher pricepoint than other brands on this list and seem to be marketed towards a customer base with a higher than average budget. If you are looking for a classy, advanced lift chair then Windermere might be the brand for you.


Yes, that La-Z-Boy. The flagship manufacturer of awesome recliners and iconic styles is also the proud maker of their very own line of lift chairs.

This classic company offers all of the benefits you expect from a true La-Z-Boy now just with lift capabilities. These chairs are extra plushy, super comfortable, and built to last a generation. The downside is, La-Z-Boy chairs have been and continue to be one of the more expensive manufacturers on the market.

But if you are a La-Z-Boy fan and are in need of a lift chair, they have some truly excellent options that you are sure to fall in love with.

Rooms To Go

If you are looking for a company that will allow you to touch it, see it, feel it and sit in it before you buy you should check out Rooms To Go.

They have fairly inexpensive products, a large market presence, and many locations available all across the United States. They make furniture that is of comparable quality to the average deals out there today and they also have the benefit of having a large number of lift chairs available for sale.

If the number of unfamiliar brands seems daunting or if you just want to head out your door and see a chair today then Rooms To Go is a great option.

Benefits of Lift Chairs

The main benefit of a lift chair is that it fills a specific need – it helps you get up from your recliner!

Lift chairs increase mobility which increases freedom and those two things are critical for maintaining mental health as you age or while recovering from injury and illness.

The secondary benefit to getting a lift chair is that they function exactly the same as your favorite recliner and will fit into your living room just like your favorite recliner.

Tips for Finding the Best Lift Chair to Fit Your Needs


One of the first things you are going to want to do is settle on a budget that you feel comfortable with. Contact your insurance company and see if you can get some of the costs covered and then decide on how much you are willing to invest in a quality lift chair.


With a budget in mind, you will be able to then start looking at various lift chairs and their capabilities. If you have a large budget you might need to start thinking about what kind of advanced chair you want to get. If you have a more modest budget you might need to decide between a two-position or a three-position lift chair.

Preferred brand

Lastly, decide if you have a preferred brand in mind. All of the brands on this list offer high quality, functional and affordable options for lift chairs. However, you might be partial to one brand over another. Check to see if your preferred brand offers the functionality and price that you want.

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