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How to Install Headboard on Adjustable Bed: Quick & Easy Guide

By Maurice

How to Install Headboard

Adjustable beds are great – they have tons of health benefits, from pain management to sleep apnea and acid reflux treatment. They make it easy to relax, lounge, and sleep in a variety of different positions, including zero-gravity.

But, for all the good they do, they aren’t exactly stylish, especially if you’re spending less than $1,500 on your bed. That can be easily remedied with a nice headboard – but how do you install them?

This guide will teach you everything you need to know about how to install a headboard on an adjustable bed!

Can I Use a Headboard With an Adjustable Bed?

The simple answer? You can absolutely use a headboard with your new adjustable bed. There are two ways to do it:

  • Anchoring to the wall; or
  • Using an adapter kit to attach to the bed base

Let’s explore both of those options below:

Anchoring to the Wall

This is the easiest of the two options because there is no measuring and lining up the headboard brackets with the platform brackets or holes, and no adapter kits. No worrying about whether or not the bed will accidentally lift the headboard when you try to recline, either!

It’s pretty much the same as hanging a heavy photo or mirror, except that the floor of your bedroom will be holding the weight, not the wall. You only have to make sure the headboard is snug against the wall before you drill it in.

Use a headboard wall bracket like this to keep the headboard flush against the wall. All you need is a drill and 5-10 minutes of time to get your headboard attached to your wall. Then, just move your bed into place, and you’ll have a clean-looking bed that adjusts at the touch of a button, without a single issue!

Headboard Adapters for Adjustable Beds

The second method is attaching the headboard to your platform. This is usually accomplished with a headboard adapter kit like this one. These kits are nearly universal, and they allow you to attach your headboard directly to the bed without any interference or disruption of the bed.

Ronin Factory Hook On Bed Frame Brackets Adapter for Headboard Extra Heavy Duty, Set of 2 Brackets with Hardware, 711 Bracket, Bolt-On to Hook-On Conversion

You can also search for headboard kits that are specific to different adjustable bed brands. You’ll find some of them listed below:

LUCID L300 Ergonomic Upholstered 5 Minute Assembly Dual USB Charging Stations Head and Foot Incline with Wireless Remote Control Adjustable Bed Base, Headboard Brackets, Black

GhostBed Adjustable Base Headboard Brackets

ZINUS Jared Adjustable Base Headboard Brackets, Set of 2 / Hardware Included

Types of Headboards for Adjustable Beds

There are, generally speaking, two types of headboards: free standing headboards and headboards that attach to bed frames. They can both be used with adjustable beds, but freestanding headboards are probably your best bet.

There is no headboard type or brand that is genuinely bad to use with an adjustable bed, but some headboards require more work and adaptation than others. Headboards that can be attached to a wall are, by far, the simplest and most cost-effective way to use a headboard with your adjustable bed. They’re easy to install, and there are thousands of different choices – you can search as long as you want to find one that fits your style and still be confident that it will work with your bed.

How to Attach Headboard to an Adjustable Bed Frame – Step-By-Step

Attaching a Headboard to a Wall

  1. 1Plan out your space. Ideally, you’ll only have to drill one set of holes.
  2. 2Make sure you’ve got the proper equipment. Some headboards will come with extra screws and a wall adapter, others will not.
  3. 3Line up the headboard against the wall. Make sure both legs are sitting firmly on the ground and that the headboard is level against the ground and flush against the wall.
  4. 4Screw the headboard into the wall using a drill.
  5. 5Move your adjustable bed into place.

Attaching a Headboard to an Adjustable Bed

  1. 1Check your owner’s manual or the manufacturer’s website to make sure you have any adapters or hardware that are required.
  2. 2Make sure the adjustable bed base is in a completely flat position.
  3. 3If the mattress is on the bed, remove it. It’s not a requirement, but this task is a lot easier without the mattress.
  4. 4Line up the frame and the headboard and use your bolts and adapter brackets to attach the platform to the headboard. Don’t completely tighten up the bolts until you are sure everything is lined up.
  5. 5Once you are sure that everything is lined up, tighten the bolts and test the bed. If it can move freely, rising and lowering without moving the headboard, your job is done. If not, loosen the bolts and check for any clearance issues before testing again.

Best Videos on How to Install a Headboard On an Adjustable Bed

This section is for the visual learners out there. These videos will help you get your headboard attached in no time:


Logan and Cove Headboard Bracket Installation

(This video is specific to Logan and Cove beds, but the adapters are very similar to those for other brands)


Attaching a Headboard to the Wall – DIY

Want to skip the adapters and get the job done yourself? Watch this video, grab your tools, and get to work:


Leggett & Platt Headboard Installation


Sleep Number Bed Headboard Installation


You can use most, if not all, headboards with an adjustable bed. The adjustable bed base is designed to move independently of the frame and headboard, so there won’t be any adjustment problems caused by using a headboard.

Furthermore, you can get a headboard that attaches to your wall instead of the bed frame, making it easy to simply scoot your adjustable bed up next to it. It will look and feel exactly the same.

Yes – you can attach a headboard to a Tempur-Pedic bed, but you’ll need an adapter kit to get it properly installed. You can find the adapter kit here, and a video on proper installation below:

Yes! You can have a head and footboard with your adjustable bed. The easiest way to do this is with a freestanding bed frame, where the headboard, footboard, and side rails do not make direct contact with the bed base.

Wrapping Up: Adjustable Beds and Headboards

Many headboards aren’t naturally compatible with adjustable beds, but a simple adapter kit takes care of almost every issue. If an adapter kit won’t work with your bed, you can just attach it to your bedroom wall instead of the bed frame.

Have you found a headboard that’s perfect for you? What method did you use to attach it? Leave your experience in the comments below, and thanks for reading!

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