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Bed Wedges for Elderly: Best Types, Brands & How to Choose

By Maurice

Bed Wedges for Elderly

While pillows are a common sight in the bedrooms, bed wedges or pillow wedges can increase your quality of sleep as well. Polyester fiber and foam in the wedges are the materials that make them capable of holding the precarious backbone of an elderly person to relieve back pain.

Besides back pain, pillow wedges can help in relieving nighttime asthma, sleep apnea, post-natal drip, and post-operative care in the elderly. While medical care remains the number one reason for having the foam-filled tool in your bedroom, you can use it for leisure simply by lying on the gentle slope it provides.

There are plenty of reasons to have a bed wedge, especially as a senior. The following literature explains the ins and outs of owning a bed wedge and ways you can use one.

What Is A Bed Wedge?


A bed wedge appears like a pillow at first glance, but its steep elevation to support the body differentiates it from the likes of neck pillows, feather pillows, and lumbar pillows. While it is not as cozy as ordinary pillows, it can support the body for many reasons.

Creators of wedge pillows also had people chronically bedridden in mind. The pillows help elevate them for feeding or having a general chat with their family members. Today, most folks enjoy having wedge pillows in their bedrooms for no medical reasons. The elevated platform offered by the wedges offers a good relaxing spot for the back muscles and bones.

Types of Bed Wedges

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, there are plenty of bed wedges. They also come in different shapes explicitly for different body parts. The most common ones are the triangular-shaped, called the flat-bottomed wedge pillows, which elevate the head. Here is a list of other bed wedges you probably did not know about:

  • Contour wedge pillows aid people who sleep on their side because of spine problems
  • Latex wedges—used by people who want their backs fixed on the wedge without sinking inside the flurry foam as in other pillows
  • Memory foam pillows—these pillows accept the previous configuration of the person lying on them, though they may heat, causing discomfort.
  • Adjustable wedge pillows—these are flexible to accept different configurations. They are important for people with various medical needs.

Best Brands & Models of Bed Wedges

There are several ways to select the best wedge pillow for your situation. One is by checking the product description and matching it with your specific situation. For acid reflux, pick elevated pillows that will raise your head to a higher level than the rest of your body to deter the acid from flowing upwards.

You should also consider the opinion of an orthopedic if you are buying a bed wedge for back or spine issues. Remember, self-medication can be as dangerous as not medicating. Usually, orthopedists know the type of wedges you need and can connect you to a specific brand.

Here are some brands you can consider for different situations.

Yorkshire Home Extra-High Wedge Pillow—Best for Acid Reflux

With a superior foam factor than others in its class, this wedge pillow delivers for those suffering from acid reflux. One differentiating thing is the bamboo material used for the cover; it helps provide that cozy feel while maintaining strong support for the back at night.

You will not sink inside the pillow due to the hardened foam, meaning stomach acid has a little chance of flowing to the esophagus and eventually to the mouth. One shortcoming, though, is that it does not last as long as other premium wedge pillows in its class. While the bamboo offers luxury for a small price, it wears off after a short time.

Helix Wedge Pillow—Best for Back Pain

When you decide to look beyond the price, the Helix pillow, made in the US, offers superior quality. It is prism-shaped and delivers an elevation that supports the backbone fully. If you have back pain, you can rest your legs on it easily for that additional relief.

The Helix wedge pillow also comes in different sizes to fit the profile of different heights and weights. The one-year warranty is icing on the cake. You can return it if it fails to deliver within the period.

However, it fails a bit on the cleaning aspect. It might take a long time to dry after spot cleaning it.

Xtra-Comfort Wedge Pillow—Best Adjustable Pillow

Flexibility means that the Xtra-comfort goes beyond its use for medical purposes. While on the bed, you can use it for reading, or watching TV by simply removing a section to increase the angle of elevation. Its major purpose is to relieve acid reflux. It may also offer support to the bedridden and those needing relief from severe back pain.

The main downside of the bed wedge is that it cannot reach extreme elevation to support some functionality, but it is washable and easily movable. You can use it anywhere you want to lie down.

Contour Living Foam Bed Wedge Body Pillow—Best For Travel

The Contour Living gives the word flexibility another meaning. The pillow can transform into any configuration to support different purposes. You can zip it apart to travel with it, or adjust the configurations to make it easier to sleep on for an acid reflux issue.

Another advantage is that you can easily clean it by taking it apart, meaning that you never have to worry about it turning color from bright white or the original color purchased.

Though packed with many uses, it comes with some significant downsides. One, it takes up a lot of space on the mattress. It also has various sections holding it together that need a lot of energy to take apart. For a senior with back pain, it can be an impossible task.

Hammacher Schlemmer Adjustable Wedge Pillow—Best For Back Pain

The Hammacher Schlemmer is large, and smaller people will not find it fit for use. However, beyond that shortcoming, it offers support for large people with back issues. The dense memory foam used in its creation helps keep it sturdy and tender enough for problematic backs to lie on it without issues.

Further, it is adjustable and comes with a warranty that lasts a lifetime.

Where to buy Bed Wedges

Amazon is easily the best place you can purchase your wedge pillows online. However, before making a purchase, it is relevant to understand why you need it. Your orthopedic might have an idea or two of the best wedges to buy if you have back pain. Consult one.

Other places to consider for wedge pillow purchases are physical mattress stores, which you can easily find in a Google search. Traditional offline stores such as Walmart also have pillow sections where you can have your pick.

Bottom Line

Wedges have crucial functions, and in the bedroom, they help relieve certain situations. The pillows come in many shapes and sizes, so you have to consider the ones useful to your situation. Amazon is the best online store to make purchases, and the opinion of your doctor can help you find a specific one for back problems.

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