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How to Disassemble a Hospital Bed: Step-by-Step Instructions, Videos & More

By Maurice

How to Disassemble a Hospital Bed

If you have a bed-bound loved one at home or work in a hospice, nursing home, or even a hospital, you have to learn something about hospital beds. You will need to know how to move the bed, adjust it to different positions to the patient’s comfort and also how to assemble and disassemble it if need be.

This article will take you through the disassembling process in detail and provide you with helpful videos that you can use if you get stuck along the way.

Why Would You Need to Disassemble a Hospital Bed?

Disassembling a hospital bed might be necessary in several cases, especially in the case of institutional relocations and home shifting. If you work in a hospital or a nursing home and the whole institution has to relocate, hospital beds might be disassembled for ease of packaging for transit. Moreover, if you have such a bed at home and you have to relocate to a new home, then you will definitely need to disassemble it for transportation. If a patient is transferred from one facility to another, they might also decide to move along with their bed, and of course, it will need to be disassembled for transit.

Tools You’ll Need to Disassemble a Hospital Bed

Disassembling a hospital bed during transportation requires you to use the right tools and instructions for the process to be effective. You do not necessarily need the services of a technician, as the task is easily manageable, but before you start the process, ensure you get ready with the following tools.

  • Screwdriver
  • Allen wrench
  • Plier
  • Small hammer or rubber mallet
  • An adjustable wrench

How to Disassemble a Hospital Bed – Step-By-Step Instructions

If it is your first time dealing with a hospital bed, the disassembly process might be challenging. However, with the right resources, you can definitely nail it. Ideally, most beds come with user manuals that you can refer to for any bed-related engagements, including disassembling.

The process and guidelines for disassembling a hospital bed may differ depending on the type of bed and the accessories attached. For example, some beds have head and foot springs latching together at the center, and in this case, you need to unlatch the springs into individual pieces. Other hospital beds have side rails, which have completely different removal methods.

Hospital beds are often delicate and feature large components; hence it is advisable to get an extra pair of hands to help you. With the right tools, and extra help, the following step-by-step instructions can guide you accordingly:

The Power Supply

Most hospital beds have electrical components. As such, ensure you disconnect them from the power supply before anything else. More importantly, ensure your hands are dry when unplugging to prevent electrocution. After this, coil up the cables nicely and keep them in a safe and dry place.

Remove the mattress

Remove the mattress and store it in a safe place, away from water to prevent dampness and away from fire to prevent any damage.

Fold the Bed Up if Possible

Many electric hospital beds are incorporated with a built-in folding feature which allows them to fold for storage easily. This function is enabled using remote controls, and an individual bed’s user manual can help you understand this mechanism.

However, there are some hospital beds that can’t be folded up, and any attempt to do so leads to breakage or damage. As such, these beds need to be disassembled smoothly and carefully. The user manual offers the necessary instructions.

Remove the Wings

Using a pair of scissors, remove the wing nuts and other relevant nuts and bolts. This helps to detach the bed’s different parts. Ideally, nuts are small and could get lost easily hence the need to put them away in a safe place before you proceed.

Remove the Rails

Most rails are easily detachable from the bed’s frame. Simply unscrew the attaching nuts, and keep the nuts safely.

Flip the Bed Sideways

Once the rails come off, flip the bed on its side to make it easy to perform other disassembling steps. Be careful not to damage the bed when flipping as it is delicate.

Remove the Driver Shaft

This activity is simple. You just have to press the driver shaft to disengage the attachments and pull it out from under the bed frame. This helps other parts of the bed to unlock easily.

Remove the Coupler

Disassemble the coupler from the foot end to make it easy to remove the footboard. Then, remove the footboard and ensure you store the parts safely to avoid breakages.

Store All the Parts Safely

After a successful disassembly process of the hospital bed, you need to secure all the pieces to prevent them from getting lost. Avoid keeping them in a congested store where you keep many other items as they may get damaged or, even worse, get lost. In addition, do not expose them to fire, water, or heat, and always keep the backup batteries disconnected to prevent accidents.

How to Fold Up a Hospital Bed

If you have a foldable bed, you might not need to disassemble your bed whenever you are relocating. It occupies pretty little space in its folded state, and you can lift it with ease but, of course, with another pair of hands. To successfully fold your bed, the following steps will come in handy:

  • Coil up the power supply and the pendant cables
  • Secure with the hoop and loop provided
  • Remove the screws at the center of the hospital bed on both sides
  • Lift the bed’s center and push the ends together to secure them. Use the latch provided to secure the ends together, then put the screws back in place.

Best Videos for Disassembling a Hospital Bed

The disassembly process can be way more effective and easier when supplemented with some demonstrative videos. You get to see how people are doing it, and you can put the skills into practice. Below are some of the helpful videos on YouTube:

How to Take Apart a Homecare Hospital Bed

How to disassemble electric bed / Hospital bed

How to Disassemble a Hospital Bed


Disassembling a hospital bed does not to be a challenging endeavor. All you need to complete the process are the right tools and the best guiding instructions provided above. Moreover, alongside the recommended YouTube videos and your bed’s user manual, the process becomes very easy, especially if you follow the instructions religiously.

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