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How to Keep a Mattress From Sliding on an Adjustable Bed: Quick & Easy Guide

By Maurice

How to Keep a Mattress From Sliding on an Adjustable Bed

Now that you have your new adjustable bed, you can start enjoying all its benefits. However, you might notice some problems right away. The most annoying issue might be that your mattress is not staying in place. So, what can you do to keep it from sliding off the bed?

Before buying a mattress, you need to determine the right measurements for your adjustable bed. Then, you can buy the right mattress made of flexible materials. It should reduce the risk of sliding, but an anti-slip pad between the bed base and mattress can also be helpful.

In today’s guide, we’ll give you the best tips on how to keep a mattress from sliding on an adjustable bed. You’ll also learn what characteristics to consider when buying a new mattress for your adjustable bed.

Do Adjustable Beds Need Special Mattresses?

How Much Does A Mattress Weigh?

Your new adjustable bed is a piece of technology with excellent benefits for your sleep quality and overall health. However, purchasing one of these devices can be very expensive compared to standard beds and even more costly when considering you’ll probably need a new mattress.

Adjustable beds switch positions constantly. If your mattress doesn’t have good flexibility, it will not allow the mechanism to move. In other words, without the ideal mattress, you won’t enjoy the perks of your adjustable bed.

These are the best mattresses for your adjustable bed:

  • Memory foam mattresses: Memory foam mattresses are the pinnacle of comfort and flexibility. They can adapt to the contours of your body, relieving pressure on joints and muscles. However, these mattresses are also the most expensive options available.
  • Latex mattresses: They are some of the most flexible mattresses on the market. You can find them in two presentations: natural or synthetic. Both are durable and flexible, but the natural option has better breathability and is more eco-friendly.
  • Non-innerspring mattresses: Innerspring mattresses use metal coils to support their cushioning. However, they are the least flexible options available and do not provide the best comfort.

Why Do Mattresses Slide On Adjustable Beds?

There can be multiple reasons why your mattress slides when you use your adjustable bed. In most cases, the problem is the mattress itself. Sometimes it can be too big or might not have enough friction to remain steady.

Here are the main reasons why mattresses slide on adjustable beds:

  • The base of your adjustable bed is what allows it to switch positions. It is also the reason why your mattress might slide off. If you raise the elevation of the upper part of the bed, gravity will slide the bed down and vice versa.
  • Another reason mattresses slide when switching positions is that the base doesn’t create friction. Without friction, the mattress will simply move in the direction where you incline your bed.
  • You might have bought a mattress that is not the right size for your bed. If the mattress is too big, it won’t allow the bed to switch positions properly. However, if the mattress is too small, it will constantly move whenever you adjust the bed.
  • The other reason why your mattress slides off is if it’s too old. Worn mattresses have smoother surfaces, which do not create friction between the mattress and the adjustable base.

How to Keep Mattresses From Sliding On an Adjustable Bed?

There are different ways to prevent your mattress from sliding off when adjusting the position of your bed. The ideal option is purchasing the correct sized mattress, but there are other things you can try.

Getting the Right Size Mattress

Adjustable beds need different mattresses than regular beds. When the bed switches positions, the mattress needs the flexibility to adjust. However, that’s not everything a mattress needs.

It needs to be the right size. If not, it will slide off whenever the bed inclines in one direction. Usually, you can get good deals when buying adjustable bed packs, including the correct mattress and bedding for the bed dimensions.

However, if you prefer to buy accessories separately, you’ll need to pay attention to the bed’s measurements. Twin-size frames need twin-size mattresses, and the same goes for California king models.

Placing the Mattress Retainers Properly

Adjustable bed manufacturers understand that keeping the mattress from sliding is essential for a good customer experience. So, many of these companies have added holders to the headrest and footrest at the base to prevent any slipping. The mattress holder is simply a steel bar you can attach to one side of the bed.

Here’s what you need to do to install the retainers:

  1. 1Firstly, locate the mattress holder bar and its bushings.
  2. 2You’ll notice two holes in the base. Place the bushings in the holes by pressing them as firmly as possible.
  3. 3Once the bushings are in, you can attach the mattress retainer bar.
  4. 4Test your bed with the mattress before using it to sleep.

If the retainer bar does not help prevent sliding, you will need to consider buying a new mattress or the next option.

Buying an Anti-Slip Pad

One more option you have is to simply buy an anti-slip pad and place it in between your mattress and the adjustable base. This pad will adhere to your mattress, creating the necessary friction to prevent unwanted movement.

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The only drawback of this option is that these accessories are not always easy to find and can be rather expensive.

Here are some other options if you prefer not to buy an anti-slip pad:

  • You can place a yoga mat between the mattress and the base. The yoga mat is designed to prevent unwanted movement. It can be a helpful and affordable option if you can’t find anti-slip pads.
  • Alternatively, you can put stick-on velcro strips on your mattress to create friction with the base. These incredible tools have sticky sides you can put on your mattress. Then, the velcro side of the strip will prevent any sliding.

Tip: Some mattresses include anti-slip surfaces you can place on your adjustable bed. You only need to put the right side facing the base. They tend to be more expensive, but they are also extremely helpful.

How to Buy the Right Mattress for Your Adjustable Bed

Buying A Mattress Online vs In-Store

Now that you have your new adjustable bed, it is time to turn your attention to getting the right mattress for it.

Here are the characteristics to consider when buying a mattress for an adjustable bed:

  • The right size: We’ve already mentioned how important buying the right size mattress is. But, we will say it again because it is essential for your comfort and the overall functionality of your bed. You need to determine your base’s exact measurements before buying a mattress.
  • Flexible materials: Another important aspect to consider is the mattress’s flexibility. You need an option that allows for smooth movement when switching bed positions. That’s why it is better to buy memory foam mattresses or mattresses without inner springs.
  • Durability: Your mattress will move a lot when switching positions, which can wear it down. If you don’t want to replace your mattress every year, you should find a high-quality option with excellent durability.
  • Thickness: The thickness of your mattress is another decisive factor when it comes to flexibility. While thicker mattresses provide better lumbar support, they’re also less flexible. So, the best thing to do is find a model with just the right thickness for both support and flexibility.

Note: Picking the right mattress for your adjustable bed is as important as the adjustable frame itself. If the mattress is uncomfortable, it doesn’t matter which position you use. You won’t find the sleep quality you’ve been looking for.


Finding the right mattress for your adjustable bed can be challenging, but it is essential if you want to prevent sliding. Ideally, you should find a flexible mattress with the right dimensions for your bed. However, you shouldn’t compromise on lumbar support or comfort.

If your mattress slides even with the right size, you can try installing the retainer bar on one side of the bed. It should prevent any unwanted movement. If it is still not enough, you can try placing a pad between the mattress and the base to create friction.



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