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Benefits of Hospital Bed at Home: Pros & Cons, Alternatives and More

By Maurice

Benefits of Hospital Bed at Home

Thinking about buying a hospital bed? There are many benefits of having a hospital bed at home.

In all likelihood, you will spend at least half your life either sleeping or lying in bed. For this reason, it goes without saying that a good bed is one of the best investments you can make. And this is especially true if you find yourself healing from an injury, recovering from an illness, or living with a medical condition. It is during these trying times that getting a good night’s sleep is particularly important.

The truth is that not every bed is created equal, especially when you are convalescing. When you’re recovering from an injury, surgery, or illness and are confined to your bed for the majority of the day, this becomes even more apparent.

If you have mobility challenges, then the importance of a good bed simply cannot be stressed enough. Suddenly it is more difficult, if at all possible, to get into and out of bed. And even if you can do so, you may need help.

It is easier for you to move around and receive assistance from your caregiver if you have the correct bed.

For people who have mobility problems, hospital beds are one of the most beneficial forms of beds. They aren’t simply for medical facilities. They’re also suitable for use at home. They’re an excellent way to provide optimum comfort, functionality, and safety for you at home.

Pros of Hospital Bed at Home

Adding a hospital bed to your home is widely considered a good idea. Here are some of the reasons why:

Easier for Caregivers

One of the biggest benefits of having a hospital bed is that you or your caregiver can adjust them easily. Specifically, the height of the bed can be adjusted up and down, which makes it easier for your caregivers to help you get in and out of bed, or if you are bed bound, adjusting the height to a higher level will save your caregiver from having to bend over to help you, putting less stress on their back.

Your caregivers won’t have to work in uncomfortable and unnatural positions, reaching down or moving laterally to help you in bed.

Most hospitals can also be adjusted to different angles, meaning the head and foot of the bed can be elevated, which is also good for caregivers, and it can help with your circulation and comfort while you’re in bed.

More Comfortable Sleep

When you’re bed-bound or otherwise needing a hospital bed, getting a full night of sleep can feel impossible. The last thing you need is an uncomfortable bed to make it more of a challenge.

In this way, hospital beds are great for providing both functionality and comfortability, so you can get the sleep you need.

Regardless of whether you are immobile or dealing with other health problems, a high quality hospital bed will give you the ability to move or be adjusted in bed more easily, allowing you to sleep in the best position.

Avoid Having to Stay in Hospital

If you are thinking about getting a hospital bed, the truth is that there is at least a possibility that you might have to stay in a hospital or outpatient facility, which is not always the most pleasant experience. Adding a hospital bed to your home may help you avoid such a fate.

A hospital bed can help you stay in the comfort of your home longer than if you only use a regular bed, providing the same benefits and functions of beds in hospitals and other facilities.

Added Safety

While hospital beds can be exceptionally comfortable, their main purposes are safety and functionality. They are specifically designed with added safety in mind, safety that a regular bed does not provide. You can tailor the safety to your needs by adjusting the height, elevation angle, and the side rails to limit or eliminate falling out of bed. The side rails also provide you with leverage if you need to get out of bed, giving you a bar to hold onto.

Cons of Hospital Bed at Home

More Expensive Than Regular Beds

Unfortunately, hospital beds can often be more expensive than regular beds. This is because they have added features. You are paying for safety and comfort. But in the long run, having a hospital bed might actually save you money if it allows you to stay out of a hospital, which can be even more costly.


Hospital beds are great, but they aren’t usually the most visually appealing beds. They are designed to be in hospitals and often have a utilitarian look to them. But ultimately, this is a small drawback when you consider all of the benefits of having a hospital bed in your home.

Alternatives to Hospital Bed at Home

If getting a hospital bed is not for you, there are other alternatives. One option is to get a foam or inflatable wedge pillow to help you sit up in bed or elevate your lower body. You can get as many of these wedges as you need. They come in many different shapes and sizes.

Another alternative is a product called the Mattress Genie, which is essentially an inflatable wedge that goes under your mattress to elevate the head of your bed. It can be loud when inflating, but it is a useful and cost effective alternative to a hospital bed. 

Contour Mattress Genie Adjustable Bed Wedge System - Inflatable Under The Bed Wedge Mattress Riser for Elevated Support, Fits Queen Size Bed

Wrapping Up

Needing a hospital bed (or a comparable alternative) is a difficult situation to be in. But the added safety and comfort of having a hospital bed in your home, and subsequently staying out of a medical facility, can be worth the expense. And while you can try a more affordable alternative, it is hard to achieve the same level of functionality of a hospital bed without actually having one.

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