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Pride Mobility Lift Chairs Overview (Read This Before Buying)

By Maurice

Pride Mobility Lift Chairs Overview

Pride Mobility lift chairs are Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Class II Medical Device Grade Durable Medical Equipment (DME) suitable to assist people with arthritis or neuromuscular disease. All Pride Mobility lift chair types and models are quality-made in the United States.

In this article, we’ll discuss details about the company and products to better inform you about which of these popular lift chairs might be suitable for you in your home.

Who Makes Pride Lift Chairs?

Pride Mobility Products Corporation designs and manufactures Pride lift chairs. Two families – the Meusers and the Kretchiks – began creating lift chairs in 1986 in Pittston, Pennsylvania. The chairs became immensely popular, and the company continuously expanded its product line over the following decades.

Where Is Pride Mobility Located?

Pride Mobility’s headquarters are in Duryea, Pennsylvania. Its other U.S. locations are Florida, Las Vegas, and Mississippi. Pride Mobility Products Corporation also has worldwide locales in Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom as it has become a renowned international brand.

Where Are Pride’s Lift Chairs Made?

Pride lift chairs are manufactured from start to finish in the U.S.A. From 1986 to 2015, the chairs were made only in Pennsylvania. In 2016, Pride Mobility expanded its lift chair manufacturing to a Mississippi plant it named Pride Mississippi.

Pride Lift Chair Models

All Pride Power Lift Recliner Models are serviceable and stylish. These medically assistive chairs offer function, fit, and fashion to allow each person to find their perfect Pride lift chair.

3-Position Pride Power Lift Recliners

Heritage-LC-358 – This smooth-functioning, classic-looking Pride 3-position lift chair is customizable to fit users of various sizes. There’s a backup lithium battery option available. This relaxing, tasteful lift chair is offered in multiple fashionable colors, plus some sizes feature heat and massage. The cozy comfort for sitting and napping is genuine as the Heritage is fully reclining and features Industry-first Total Comfort Seating.

Essential-LC-105 – The LC-105 laid-back looking, comfortable full recliner has many happy users lying back and lifting up to standing with ease thanks to the easy-to-use two-button remote. Fabric choices for the Essential-LC-105 include tasteful microsuede or faux leather. This is an affordable lift recliner that doesn’t look or operate like it, and so many love this chair with its quiet, smooth performance. A 9-volt backup battery is included for peace of mind in case of power failure.

Essential-LC-250 – With its ample seat size and 375 lb. weight limit, the LC-250 is a versatile lift chair appropriate for 5’4” to under 6’ tall users. This model also offers easy set-up since the backrest is easily attachable without tools. The mechanical mechanism provides smooth, quiet operation between settings, and this chair offers great comfort. There are four standard Cloud Nine fabric options, plus an upgrade option for Sta Kleen faux leather in Chestnut.

Infinite Position and Zero Gravity Pride Power Lift Recliners

The Infinite Position Power Lift Recliners include a wide selection of Pride Mobility lift chairs. There are nine VivaLift! models from Model PLR-925 to Model PLR-3955, plus the Infinity Model LC-525iS and the Oasis Model LC-580iM.

The Viva-Lift! options include luxe extras – depending on each specific model – such as three heat pads, a wireless phone charger, a footrest extender, cup holders, or luxurious fabric.

The Infinity and Oasis models are genuine Trendelenburg, zero gravity chaise loungers, and the VivaLift! Escape Model PLR-990 is a zero-gravity lift chair with a weight capacity of 400 lbs. made for medium to large users.

Pride Lift Chair Customer Ratings

We objectively combined all the online customer reviews and ratings we could find for each Pride lift chair below. (Sources:,,,,, & others)

3-Position Pride Power Lift Recliner

Pride Heritage – LC-358


  • The most-mentioned pros of this lift chair are the comfort for sitting and napping, the ease of getting in and out of it, its strength, and dependability.


  • Most owners of this chair said they had no cons. Some people had minor issues, such as wanting the cord longer so that the remote control would fit in the chair pocket. Several owners mentioned that the leg rests felt a bit short. A few LC-358 lift chair owners experienced the mechanism sticking at times but received prompt attention or replacement from Pride Mobility.

Overall Customer Rating Average: 4.4/5

Pride Essential LC-105



  • Most users/owners said they had no cons. The negatives mentioned were few and included more back padding wanted and that the chair should look fancier.

Overall Customer Rating Average: 4.8/5

Pride Essential LC-250


  • The extremely quiet mechanism, soft and pleasant fabric, double storage pockets on each side, and ease of assembly were often mentioned as pros of the LC-250 lift chair.


  • Most of the chair owners said they had no cons. A few people said the seat was too small, and others didn’t like the full padding.

Overall Customer Rating Average: 4.6/5

Infinite Position and Zero Gravity Pride Power Lift Recliners

Pride VivaLift! – Collection rating overview


  • The majority of Pride VivaLift! Chair users love these chairs. The value for the money, the comfort, the quality, and the ease of assembly were mentioned most often as pros. Many like the lumbar and headrest features.


  • Some of the VivaLift! Chair owners didn’t find the headrest comfortable, and a few didn’t care for the lumbar feature.

Overall Customer Rating Average: 4.7/5

Pride Infinity LC-525iS


  • Fantastic comfort for sitting and napping, quality of construction, and ease of controls were mentioned most often as pros for the LC-525iS. The easy-cleaning capacity of the faux-leather fabrics, as well as the ability to stop the position at any angle, were also appreciated by many reviewers.


  • Some LC-525iS users commented that getting their legs high enough with this model was difficult. A few people said they wished the seat back would angle more upright with the footrest extended.

Overall Customer Rating Average: 4.3/5

Pride Oasis LC-580i


  • Many chair owners commented on the chair’s comfort to help relieve joint pain. The customizable features were also often mentioned as pros. Most people said they had no cons.


  • A few commenters said they didn’t like the firmness of the chair seat.

Overall Customer Rating Average: 4.8/5

Pride Lift Chairs Price Range

3-Position Pride Power Lift Recliners

  • Pride Heritage LC-358 – As this lift chair model is available in various customizable height and weight capacities, the price will vary greatly. We’ve seen this model priced between $1,189 and $2,250 depending on the chair size/fit and dealer.
  • Pride Essential LC-105 – This is one of the Pride Mobility lift chairs that offer an affordable smaller option. It’s often priced at $779 and $1,029.
  • Pride Essential LC-250 – Rated by users for its super quiet mechanics and soft, attractive fabric, this smaller lift chair is typically priced between $979 and $1,319. There are upgrades available to faux leather and heat and massage.

Infinite Position and Zero Position Pride Power Lift Recliners

  • Pride VivaLift! Collection – As there are nine different models in this line, the price will vary depending on the model and seller. A ballpark range for this popular collection is $1,199 and $1,995.
  • Pride LC-525iS – At least five different online sellers of this Infinity lift chair currently have their purchase price at $1,459. It’s available in options from Petite Wide (PW) to Large (L) and in many different fabrics.
  • Pride LC-580i – The Oasis lift chair is priced around $1,879 and $1,939 depending on its size choice of Medium (M) or Large (L).

Where To Buy Pride Lift Chairs (Online & Near Me in Stores)

Buying Pride Lift Chairs Online

Many mobility-oriented online retailers sell and ship Pride brand lift chairs nationwide. Here are links to 10 of these:

Buying Pride Lift Chairs in Stores Near You

The nationwide retailer, Walmart, carries some models of Pride lift chairs.   Here’s a link to their handy directory of all its USA stores, complete with contact info so that you can locate your state’s stores nearest to you:

United States Walmart Store Directory

Pride Mobility also offers a nationwide directory of local medical supply stores and pharmacies that sell its lift chairs. At this link, just select “lift chair recliners” and enter your address or zip code to find the store closest to you:

United States Pride Dealer Directory

Where To Find Pride Lift Chairs on Sale

Here are links to five online Pride Mobility lift chair sellers that mention sale prices and specials:

Where To Find Pride Lift Chair Coupons

Here are links to five websites that mention coupons and discount codes on Pride lift chairs:

Where To Buy Used Pride Lift Chairs: How to Buy a Pride Lift Chair on Craigslist

Used lift chairs of any brand to buy aren’t typically easy to find. Charity groups will often offer donated gently used lift chairs for medical loan closet rental only, not to buy. You may be able to find one on eBay or from your community’s medical equipment recycle program if it has one.

For most people, though, local sources are usually the best resources for finding a used Pride lift chair. You can keep checking the classified ads in your local papers, such as those for estate sales, and search Craigslist.

When buying a Pride lift chair on Craigslist, remember to keep your safety in mind and ensure the item is in good, useable condition. You can then make an offer but remember to have your pick-up or delivery options figured out, too, since even the smaller models of lift chairs weigh over 100 lbs. Also, keep in mind that any warranties left no longer apply when you buy a second-hand lift chair as they are for the original owner only.

Pride Lift Chair Warranty

Pride lift chairs are Durable Medical Equipment (DME) (Pride FDA Class II Medical Device) and are made to perform dependably under daily use. Since these chairs are not designed for beds, though, using one as a bed may disqualify the warranty. Lift chair buyers should also note that the warranty is for the original buyer and doesn’t cover multiple purchasers.

Here are a few more warranty details for different models:

Heritage LC-358

  • Lifetime warranty on a steel frame
  • 7-year prorated warranty

Essential LC-105

  • 3-year structural warranty
  • 1-year limited warranty: battery, motor, electronics, lifting mechanism

Essential LC-250

  • Lifetime warranty on the lift mechanism
  • 2-year prorated warranty

VivaLift! Models – Warranty Overview

This is an overview only of the VivaLift! Line of lift chairs. Check the model in the VivaLift! Collection of Pride Mobility lift chairs for more specific and up-to-date information.

In general, though, these lift chairs have a:

  • Lifetime warranty on the frame and lift and recline mechanisms
  • 7-year prorated warranty, including the motor and remote control

Infinity LC-525iS

  • Lifetime warranty on the frame and lift and recline mechanisms.
  • 7-year prorated warranty

Oasis LC-580iM

  • 7-year limited warranty on the frame
  • 3-year limited warranty on the seat post

Pride Lift Chair Return Policy

Each Pride lift chair dealer has its own return policy, and you should always pay attention to it before purchasing the product. Pride Mobility notes that in case of defects covered in the warranties, it will accept returns of the affected part only, not the entire chair. For more information about returns and replacement due to the manufacturing of the chair and the warranty, Contact Pride Mobility.

Pride Lift Chair Sizing, Dimensions & Fabric

3-Position Pride Power Lift Recliners

Pride Heritage – LC-358 

(Scroll down to see chair fit & measurements)

This Pride Power Lift Recliner model is customizable to fit everyone. The sizes are Petite Wide (PW), Small (S), Medium (M), Large (L), Extra-Large (XL), and Extra-Extra-Large (XXL).

The weight capacity for these sizes ranges from 375 to 600 lbs. The seat width range is from 18” to 30,” and the seat depth is from 19” to 22”. The chair’s height from the top of the back to the seat varies from 23.5” to 29”.

The fabrics for the Pride Heritage-LC-358 are Cloud 9, Crypton, Sta Kleen, and UltraFabrics UltraLeather. The colors are solids and heathers in light, medium, and dark neutrals from cream to black and include three shades of red and one of blue. Not all fabrics and colors are available in every custom size.

Pride Essential – LC-105

This is a favorite more petite Pride Power Lift Recliner that offers comfort and value. It’s suitable for shorter to average height individuals and has a 325 lb. weight capacity.

The seat is 19”x20”. The height from the seat to the top of the chair back is 28”. The Essential LC-105 is available in your choice of soft microfiber fabrics in Cocoa, Sandal, or Sky and a leather-look Lexis Urethane in New Chestnut.

Pride Essential – LC-250

The LC-250 model is best for individuals 5’4” to under 6’. This model is easy to assemble as it has a separate backrest that goes on and off without tools.

The seat measures 20”x20”. The overall chair width is 31,” and the height from the seat to the top of the chair back is 26”. Cloud 9 fabric, available in a choice of Black Cherry, Stone, Pacific, or Walnut, is Standard. Sta Kleen faux leather in Chestnut is an available upgrade.

Infinite Position and Zero Gravity Pride Power Lift Recliners

The Pride VivaLift! Collection:

  • VivaLift! Radiance PLR-3955

This Radiance model has three heating pads and is sized in Petite Width (PW), Small (S), Medium (M), and Large/Tall (LTD). The weight capacity is 400 lbs. The seat widths range from 20-24” with the seat depth range from 18-20.” The heights from the seat to the top of the chair back vary from 23-31.” The fabric for this model is available in tastefully muted “Canyon” shades of Ocean, Silt, Steel, and Walnut.

  • VivaLift! Atlas Plus PLR-2985 (Not sold online – only in brick & mortar stores)

The Pride Atlas Plus has a 400 lb. weight capacity and is available in one size only. Its height from the seat to the top of the chair back is 26,” and its seat size is 21×22”. The beautiful faux-leather “Badlands” material is offered in Steel, Walnut, and Mushroom, and the contrasting decorative stitching gives an elegant look to this lift chair.

The “Plus” refers to the handy built-in wireless phone charger.

  • VivaLift! Atlas PLR-985

This model is exactly as described for the Atlas Plus above but doesn’t have the built-in wireless phone charger, so it’s available online.

  • VivaLift! Escape PLR-990

The Escape is stylish and easy-clean, and at the top of the line of luxury Pride Mobility lift chairs. The attractive Ultrafabrics Ultraleather is available in buff or fudge. Its weight limit is 400 lbs. and it’s available in two sizes. The Medium has a 20×20” seat size and a seat to top of backrest height of 26”. The Large features a 29” backrest height and a 22×23” seat. A soft-button USB remote and a power backrest and headrest are great features of this chair.

  • VivaLift! Elegance PLR-975

The Elegance is designed for relaxing with its lay-flat capability and power backrest, headrest, and footrest. Its soft Ultrafabrics Ultraleater material gives any room rustic elegance with contrasting stitching detail on a choice of “Badlands” colors of Walnut, Steel, and Mushroom.

The Medium has a 21×21” seat and a 27” backrest, while the large seat is 22×22” with a 29” backrest. Both have a weight limit of 400 lbs.

  • VivaLift! Metro PLR-925

The stylishly streamlined Metro features a power headrest, lumbar, and footrest. It has a 400 lb. weight limit, a 21×21” seat, and a 26.5” backrest height measured from the seat. The remote includes smart device charging capabilities. The soft color options are Saville Brown or Saville Grey.

  • VivaLift! Legacy PLR-958

The Legacy has a 400 lb. weight capacity in both of its sizes. The Medium offers a 21.5×22” seat and a 25” backrest height from the seat to the top of the chair. The Large has a 22×22” seat and a 26” backrest height.

The comfort is real with a power headrest and lumbar, plus a footrest extension. The chairback features button-tufting and soft “Saville” color selections in Wine, Grey, and Brown.

  • VivaLift! Urbana PLR-965

With a power headrest and lumbar the lay-flat, infinite position Urbana provides customized comfort. It has a 400 lb. weight limit, a seat size of 20×21”, and a seat to chair-top height of 25”.

The attractive “Stonewash” color options for the Urbana are Granite, Gunmetal, and Mossy.

  • VivaLift! Tranquil PLR-935

The Tranquil provides neck, shoulder, and lower back support along with a footrest extension. The soft-button remote has a smart device charger too. Beautiful faux-leather “Astro” color options include Brown, Grey, and Mushroom.

With a weight capacity of 400 lbs., this lift chair is available in four different sizes: Petite Width (PW), Small (S), Medium (M), and Large/Tall (L/T). The PW has a 24×18.5” seat and a 24.5” backrest height from the seat. The seat measurement for the S is 20×18.5,” and the backrest is 25” high. The M has a 22×20.5” seat and a 27” back, while the L/T offers a 23.5×22.5” seat and a 30” tall backrest.

This infinite position, zero gravity lift chair has sizing options from Petite Wide (PW) to Large (L) with a weight limit of 375 lbs. The Infinity’s seat depth varies from 19-21” with a seat width of 19-24.” The height of the removable chair back from the seat is 25-29” depending on the chair size ordered.

This lift chair has black, brown, grey, and beige color options, a rich navy, and several reds. The fabrics are Burbank, Crypton, Sta Kleen, and Ultrafabrics Ultraleather.

The Oasis LC-58 infinite position, a zero-gravity lift chair has a weight capacity of up to 375 lbs. It’s available in sizes Medium (M) and Large (L). The lift chair dimensions of the Medium are 20×21” for the seat and 26” for the height of the backrest from the seat. The Large size features a 29” backrest height and a seat measurement of 21×21”.

Fabric choices for this Pride Mobility lift chairs model include Saratoga, Crypton, UltraFabrics Ultraleather, and Sta Kleen. There’s a wide range of colors with different neutrals, three reds, and a purple.

Pride Customer Service

  • General – (800) 800-8586
  • Sales – (800) 522-7391
  • Customer Support – (800) 800-4258

Wrapping Up

We hope this article gave you some useful info about Pride Mobility and its lift chairs. There’s a Pride lift chair recliner model suitable for people of all sizes and budgets and to fit in a wide range of home styles. Whether you choose Pride quality products or another brand, we hope you find the best lift chair for you!

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