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How to Set Up a Hospital Bed: Step-by-Step Instructions, Videos, Manuals & More

By Maurice

Set Up a Hospital Bed

Hospital beds are designed specifically to provide the patient with the highest level of comfort and stability. These two factors are crucial towards the resting and recovery process, whether the hospital bed is at home or at the hospital. Since a hospital bed is not your average bed, special care and attention are needed during the setting up process at your home.

Keeping that in mind, in this article, we provide step-by-step instructions on how to set up a hospital bed. We also provide links to the best YouTube instructional videos, along with links to manuals for the most popular hospital beds. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

How to Set Up a Hospital Bed: Step-by-Step Instructions

Of course, before you go ahead with the setup process, you will have to read the manufacturer’s manual thoroughly to make sure you’re following the right steps.

Additionally, it is always best to inspect the parts of the hospital bed for any ill-fitting or damaged parts, which could be a problem once you’ve begun the assembling process.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, it’s time to find out how you can assemble a hospital bed at home the right way.

Step One - The Spring Section

For hose of you who aren’t familiar, when it comes to assembling a hospital bed, you always start with the spring section. To get started, grab hold of the head spring and foot spring sections of the bed, which are the two largest parts that you will have to deal with during the assembly process. These two sections have been designed to latch on together in the middle. The best way of doing that is by putting the sections down on their sides at 90 degrees. Then move then closer to attach the two sections.

To do that, you will have to attach one section to the other by latching one section on to the center mounting rivet on the other section. Once you have successfully attached the latch to the rivets on both sides of the hospital bed, you are ready to turn the bed over and straighten it out. It’s advised to attach the two latches where you plan on placing the hospital bed, so you don’t have to move the heavy bed later.

Lay the bed flat on the floor to straighten the bed base. Now you will be ready to move on to the next part of the assembly process.

Step Two - Connecting the Links

Now, look at the spring section of the hospital bed and find the spring links. These are the parts that connect the two sides together so that you have one single surface on which the mattress is going to be placed. To give some slack to the links, lift the head spring away from the bed’s frame. Then, connect the spring links by using the links that have been included separately in the box.

Step Three - Head Section Pull Tube

The pull tube is connected to the side of the frame. But, that is just so it doesn’t get damaged during shipping. You will need to disconnect the head pull tube assembly by removing the hitch pin from the clevis pin. Now, extend the inner pull tube shaft until you hear a click sound. Then, connect the pull tube end assembly to the lift arm of the lead spring.

Step Four - Head and Footboards

Now, you need to install the head caster wheels. For brands that provide tow locking casters and two without locks, you should start with the casters that are diagonally opposite from each other.

Step Five - Bed Ends

Most head and footboards come with a gear (receiver) that is attached to the bed ends. To do this, you need to lift the head spring section by the side and raise it until the rivets of the spring section are at the same level as the corner locks that are on the bed end. Now, tilt the bed end slightly towards the head spring section to place the rivets. Next, you need to return the universal bed end to its upright position so that the rivets will lock in place.

Step Six - The Drive Shaft

To connect the drive shaft, there is a ‘T’ device on the headboard where the spring-loaded rod connects. The rod is attached directly to the T shaft by slightly compressing then releasing it to secure it to the end of the T points once the rod is aligned from the headboard to the drive motor.

Step Seven - The Motor

This should not be a problem if you are using one of the latest hospital beds, which comes with an easy snap-on motor design.

How to Set Up a Drive Hospital Bed: Links to Videos & Manuals?

If you are using a drive hospital bed, then here are some links to videos and manuals that you will find handy during the assembly process:

How to Set Up an Invacare Hospital Bed: Links to Videos & Manuals?

If you are going to be purchasing an Invacare hospital bed, then here are a few links to videos and manuals that you can use to make sure you assemble the Invacare hospital bed correctly:

How to Set Up a Hospital Room at Home: Preparing for Hospice at Home?

When setting up a hospital room at home, the comfort and safety of the patient should be your top priority. This means the room should not only have a comfortable hospital bed but also be free from hazards in the walkways. Special mobility assistance devices should also be installed to prevent the patient from falls. Temperature control, proper lighting, and soundproofing are all factors that should be considered when setting up a hospital room at home.

Furthermore, when preparing a hospital room at home, one not only needs to think about the comfort of the patient, but also the caregiver. The hospital room needs to be accessible and safe for both the patient and the caregiver.


The good news is that the hospital beds that are made by most manufacturers are assembled in pretty much the same way. This means that regardless of the manufacturer or brand, it is possible for you to assemble a hospital bed at home in a matter of minutes. Using the information provided above, even you can now make sure that your loved one is comfortable and safe while using the hospital bed that you’ve assembled.

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