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Medline Hospital Bed Buying Guide: Best Models, What to Look for & More

By Maurice

Medline Hospital Bed Buying Guide

Medline Industries, ranked in 2021 at #17 on Forbes Magazine’s list of the largest private companies in the U.S., has been a fixture within the medical supplies industry for over a century. Headquartered in Northfield, Illinois, Medline is an international company that maintains a long-held reputation for quality manufacturing.

It may be Medline’s full support approach to business that enables it to perform not only as a resourceful partner to other companies but also to the community – simultaneously. Medline has regularly raised health awareness, such as with their breast cancer awareness campaign in 2009, throughout the years. And in 2022, the company was officially recognized by the Madison Chamber of Commerce in the state of Ohio for community contributions.

Background on Medline 

Back in 1912, when the company was still a garment factory, A.L Mills established Mills Hospital Supplies and began producing products for the hospital-garment industry. From then on, the company made nurses uniforms and surgical gowns for various hospitals and was successful, but did not begin distributing medical supplies until A.L.’s son Irving took over.

Today, Medline manufactures and distributes an extensive catalog of over 550,000 supplies, including lab equipment, office supplies, needles, sterile gloves, surgical blades, and wheelchairs. And according to Mass Device, Medline earned a whopping $20.1 billion in annual revenue last year in 2021.

Medline hospital bed models 

The Medline Basic Lightweight Homecare Bed is one of the best-selling beds of 2022, says HPFY. The Lightweight has a recessed foot section that only weighs 42 pounds, which makes for easier delivery. This bed has been designed to reduce routine maintenance and requires a less complicated set-up. The headspring is also recessed but can be set up to resist pinching and injuries.

 The only electrical component is a DC motor box that snaps off and on very quickly. Consumer Affairs favors the Medline Alterra 100 Hospital Bed, which is praised for its flexibility. It can be locked in just about any raised position, and its capabilities are extended even further when the optional accessories – the bed extenders, bed rails, and trapeze adapters, are added.

For those more interested in the full-electrical spectrum of beds – a recent review in Senior Mobility stated that the Medline MDR107003E Full Electric Basic Bed is one of the best beds currently available. The article mentions that it is fully functional as a hospital bed but assembles quickly and easily.

MDR107003E is also praised for its quality, which is crafted with durable materials, but isn’t too heavy at 42 lbs. Some beds do not allow height adjustment; however, everything on this model is electric and can be manipulated via remote. Senior Mobility also recommends the inclusion of the Medline mattress and safety rails for best use, and so that these types of items will fit perfectly with this bed.

The same resource also praises the Medline Basic Semi-Electric Bed – described as a basic semi-electric bed that will handle everything in the same way as a typical hospital bed. The Basic Semi-Electric is equipped with an additional safety and emergency battery pack, which prevents accidents by not getting stuck in a bad position. Though it’s not one of the lighter beds, it breaks up into tiny parts to facilitate transport.

Medline hospital bed price range 

Hospital beds can cost as much as $40,000 says Forbes, though in general, the price of most hospital beds ranges from $500-$10,000, depending on the size and features. Of course, full electric beds are going to cost more, and frugal consumers might opt for a manual-style bed, as those are usually the least expensive.

Right now at certain stores, the Medline Basic Bed costs in the $500 range, while the Medline / Medlite Full Electric Bed can be found for under $1,000. Those who purchase the Medlite Semi Electric instead, might be able to spend a bit less, closer to the $730 range.

The Medline Alterra 1385 High Low Long Term Hospital Beds are a little more expensive and are equipped with features like fold-out-swinging foot lock swings, synchronized level motion, and a four-motor electrical and locking system.

The Medline Full Electric Bed Set is now on sale at Express Beds for $15,000 – (down from $40,000). This bed comes with spring-loaded adjustable side rails, numerous mattress options, built-in antimicrobial properties, ergonomic remote, and chrome-plated steel side rails, to name a few.

Where to buy Medline hospital beds (online & in-store) 

Medline hospital beds are purchasable at designated retailers, each of which is listed on the Medline website. However, they can also certainly be found as like-new and used all over the internet and on eBay, for example. Other websites that advertise Medline beds often do not carry the actual hospital beds, which are usually only available at the listed stores on the company site.

 For instance, is a well-known store that sells the actual beds and not just the accessories and hardware. Beds are also definitely available at, where consumers can find new and used models, and at

The Medline website is probably the best place to start when looking for just the right hospital bed and for specific uses because there are so many Medline choices. Shoppers might try designating which bed is desired, and then contacting the retailers listed on the site or simply plugging the information into a Google search.

What one finds on the Medline website, are various types of beds divided up into the following categories including Acute Care Beds: short-stay beds that may include pediatric, psychiatric, and obstetric, Bariatric Beds: often found at rehabilitation centers, and built large to fit any-sized person, Bedside Safety appliances: guards, rails, etc., Homecare Beds: those that can be adjusted at the head / middle / and foot as needed for therapeutic purposes, Long Term Beds: used for chronic illness patients that require assistance from others, Specialty Beds: designed to relieve the pressure exerted on body skin as it presses into the bed. And Trapezes: devices with harnesses that hang above a patient’s bed so that they can change positions or get out of bed.

Some may prefer to purchase their accessories in person at retail stores to test out the product and because it may be easier to comply with the return policies. Walmart sells bedside safety such as the Medline Bed Assist Bar with Storage Bag Height Adjustable Bed Grab Bar – which is meant to slide under the hospital bed mattress for a customized fit.

As far as hospital beds are concerned, the store is selling beds created by Medecure – Click Medical, a young custom fabricated medical device company based in Colorado with very similar-looking products. For example, Click’s Full Electric Bariatric Hospital Bed Package with T-rails for $1649 looks almost exactly like the Medline Bariatric Hospital Bed from Medline found on their website.

Amazon is similar to Walmart in that it carries Medline bed equipment but not the actual Medline Beds. They also have many of the optional appliances like cords and backup support-ware.

Medline hospital bed warranty & return policy 

On the Betty Mills website, the beds are returnable as long as the item is unopened, and since all of the beds cost over $75, there will be a 10% fee deducted from the purchase. Added to this amount are the postage costs, which must be funded by the customer. allows returns for 30 days. The item must be in new condition, and customers are required to pay the return shipping fees. There is also a 15% restocking fee on beds. has the same policy. Thirty days for returns is allowed and with a standard restocking fee that’s a little bit higher, of 30%.

So in some places, it may be easier to open the package than others to see what you ordered and if it works. At stores like Betty’s there’s a strong possibility that they will not accept opened packages, perhaps unless the product arrives fundamentally damaged.

Hospital bed customers should verify their Medline Bed warranty specific to the product, since each model could be different. On page 28 of the Medlite Home Care Bed Owner’s Assembly and Operating Manual – for example, it states:“The Medline Home Care Bed mechanics and electronics are warranted to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for five (5) years for the original purchaser. Welds and frames are warranted for the life of the bed. In the event of a defect covered by this warranty, we will, at our option, repair or replace the bed.” Meanwhile, there is reportedly a lifetime warranty on welds, a 15-year warranty on bed frames, and a four year warranty on electrical components.

Medline customer service contact info (phone number; website; Twitter; Facebook; YouTube) 

For more information about Medline hospital beds, consumers can speak with a live customer service representative by telephone at 1-800-MEDLINE or 1800 633-5463. They can also visit the website: and/or email their questions. Following Medline on social media is another way to educate oneself on the various products available and how they could potentially assist with specific health concerns. Medline also regularly posts about its community enrichment, environmental impact, and invites others to actively participate. You can follow the company at their Twitter page address.

Their YouTube channel “This is Medline”. Medline’s YouTube channel – Industries LP, features numerous safety videos, customer testimonials, and other engaging content. There is also a YouTube channel link to Pink Glove Dance, the Medline-sponsored breast cancer charity and awareness program.

And for Facebook users, there are two different pages listed here – Medline Industries LP page and Medline at Home. The Medline at Home page posts discount codes for products and services as well as articles on how consumers may benefit from their other products and services.


Medline is the largest privately-held medical supplier and distributor in America. And perhaps anyone who enjoys buying USA, in particular, will appreciate what Medline Industries has to offer the medical supplies market. For hospital bed shoppers, the majority of opportunities to purchase Medline are going to be through online and shipping.

However, that does not necessarily mean that certain retail stores, such as those selling equipment and appliances for the physically challenged – for example, a wheelchair showroom or where other medical furniture is sold – will not carry Medline beds that can be examined in person.

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