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Medline Hospital Bed Troubleshooting: Common Problems & How To Fix Them

By Maurice

Medline Hospital Bed Troubleshooting

A Medline hospital bed is a quality option for your sick, disabled, or aging loved one, whether at the hospital, nursing home, or at home. However, like other beds, it can also encounter some unwarranted issues, especially after a long time of use. To ensure it does not inconvenience you or your loved one when it encounters a problem, it is imperative to know some of the common issues that may come along. This way, you are better-placed to handle them accordingly.

This article is a perfect guide to help you troubleshoot your bed. It outlines the most common problems with Medline hospital beds and offers solutions to these issues. Even better, it points you to the right repair parts sources and recommends some helpful videos and manuals you can use.

Medline Hospital Bed Troubleshooting: Common Problems and How to Fix Them

How to Reset Medline Hospital Bed Remote

Medline hospital beds have unique features which ease the bed’s operation. For instance, they have a remote control that allows caregivers to adjust the bed to a comfortable position for the patient’s knees and back.

However, sometimes, the remote may become faulty. This problem is caused by several factors, especially the loss of connection with the control box. Follow these steps to reset it effectively:

  • Check the batteries to ensure they are working well.
  • If the batteries are alright, it’s time to reset the remote. Begin by holding the reset button (usually blue). Simultaneously, press any other two buttons on the pendant control while holding the reset button.
  • The control box should make a triumphant tune if the reset process is successful. If not, repeat the process until you hear the sound.

Medline Hospital Bed Stuck In Up Position

In case of power failure, the bed may get stuck up in position. If this happens, you need the standard battery backup feature to lower the bed without AC power. Ensure you plug the battery into the control box for activation and charge it for at least 12 hours before use.

Alternatively, you can push the button to operate the bed in the opposite direction if the bed has reached its maximum extension point. You can also look under the bed for pinched electrical cables that tamper with the bed’s head and foot functioning. Ensure you unplug the hospital bed before untangling the cables.

Stuck Back and Knee Sections

If the back and knee sections don’t raise or lower after turning the crank, it could mean internal problems with the drive shaft mechanism. This may require you to call your Medline dealer for repair services. You can also check to ascertain that the pull tubes are correctly installed.

Getting Trapped Between the Bed Rail

Sometimes, the patient may get trapped between the mattress and the bed rail. This is usually because the mattress is not well-centered on the frame. You can rectify this issue by removing the patient from the bed and setting the mattress correctly.

The Head and Foot of the Bed Aren’t Leveled Out

Sometimes, your Medline bed may have its head or foot in a higher position than the other end. The reason why this usually happens is because of uneven leveling of the bed ends during bed assembly. It could also mean that you used two headboards or footboards instead of one or that both boards are incorrectly switched. To correct this, follow the assembling instructions for leveling the bed.

Medline Hospital Bed Troubleshooting Videos – Best Videos on YouTube

With more people pursuing home health care options, more hospital beds are used at home. While Medline beds usually operate without problems, you may need to troubleshoot them from time to time. This article has illustrated what you need to do to troubleshoot the bed effectively. However, the process may be more effective if you supplement it with YouTube videos. Below are some videos to guide you through:

Troubleshooting the EasyCare Hospital Bed

Medline- Bed Assist Bar

Medline Hospital Bed Manuals – Where to Find Them Online

There are a lot of manuals for Medline hospital beds to help you with unpacking, assembly, and handling. These manuals also illustrate parts, accessories, or adapters authorized by Medline if you need a spare part. Moreover, they also guide you through the troubleshooting process, as they usually highlight the common problems you are likely to encounter with your bed.

Follow the links below to access the manuals:

Medline Hospital Bed Parts – Where to Buy Parts Online & In-Store

There are various stores out there selling hospital bed spare parts. However, not all of these products are approved for use on a Medline bed. Most of these aftermarket products are of poor quality and may end up causing further damage to your bed, especially electrical components.

You can buy Medline original parts from any of their stores in your locality or through their website. Alternatively, there are other retailers who sell legit Medline products, including major stores in the United States and across the globe. Below are some of these stores where you can visit or make online orders.

Medline Customer Service Info

If you experience any kind of problem with your Medline hospital bed, there is a team on standby to help you through the issue, so you don’t have to figure it out on your own. The Medline official Tech support has a toll-free telephone number that you can call to get help. There is also a great online support system. This gives you a platform to connect remotely with technicians who can access diagnostic data in real-time. For any inquiries, you can contact Medline Bed Technical Support through the following avenues:


One of the primary purposes of Medline hospital beds is to offer optimal comfort and durability. They have durable end panels and frames to withstand daily wear and tear. However, despite their top features, issues can be expected, especially if the bed has been in service for a long time. As a caregiver, you have to get accustomed to the expected issues and know how to handle them. You do not want to get caught unaware! Moreover, you have to know where to get legit spare parts when you need them.

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