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Bicycle Clubs For Seniors (2022): How to Find Senior Bike Clubs Near Me

By jwilder

Bicycle Clubs For Seniors

Have you just bought the perfect bicycle and are excited to start riding it? You might be able to increase your enjoyment of cycling by joining a biking group in your area!

Bicycle clubs for seniors aren’t always easy to find, but they’re a wonderful way to enjoy your new hobby with others! Read on to learn more about how a bicycle club for seniors can be part of your routine.

What is a Bicycle Club for Seniors?

Cycling clubs for seniors can be very simple or very involved; the one thing they have in common is that they exist to bring seniors together to enjoy bike riding together. Most of the time, this involves meeting together- weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly- for group rides on bike paths, trails, or roads. Cycling clubs may also enter races together in the senior division for a bit of friendly competition.

What are the Pros and Cons of Bicycle Clubs for Seniors?


  • Social Interaction: Millions of seniors report feeling lonely. Unfortunately, isolation has been shown in research to be related to shorter lifespans. Getting involved in a cycling group gives you social interaction that you may be missing in your life; even if you have an established social group, it’s never a bad idea to make new friends!
  • Exercise: Cycling is good for your heart- reducing your risk of heart disease and heart attacks by up to 40%. Bike riding is also good for the joints, strengthening the muscles in your legs without wearing down your knees or hips. Joining a cycling group is a great way to engage in exercise without getting bored or quitting; when you do something with other people, they can hold you accountable and help you achieve your fitness goals!
  • Adventure: Riding your bike in the same area, at the same speed, for the same distance every day can get boring over time. Joining a cycling group that takes you to new places, rides at different tempos, and potentially even trains for races together makes everything more fun!


  • Availability: While there are many senior bike groups and likely some in your area (more on that below), cycling groups aren’t always easy to find. If you live in a smaller town or an area separated from large concentrations of other seniors, you may have trouble finding a group near you.
  • Scheduling: Adding something new to your schedule is never easy; cycling group meetings will take up a big chunk of your day, and it can be hard to carve out 2-3 hours at a time that might not work well for you. It is very disappointing to find a bicycle club for seniors in your area, only to discover that they meet at times you aren’t free.

Most Popular Types of Bicycle Clubs for Seniors

Road Cycling Clubs

This might be the most popular type of cycling club for seniors. These groups will meet together (likely in the morning before it gets too hot to ride) on a regularly scheduled day and ride together. Sometimes, it’s just 10-15 miles of casual riding.

Other times, you may be riding up to 50 miles as part of a long weekend cruise. Many of these cruises end at breweries and pubs where everyone can relax, eat, and drink together once the ride is over!

Mountain Biking Clubs

If you’ve got a taste for adventure (as well as some life left in your knees and shoulders), you can join a mountain biking club. With your group, you’ll embark on new and exciting trails, challenging yourself to complete parts of the trail that are a challenge for both the mind and the body.

Figuring out the best way to get over a downed tree, a steep drop, or a section of large rocks is a large part of the fun of mountain biking. When you join a mountain biking club, you’ll get to do that together!

Indoor Cycling Clubs

Exercise bikes are perfect for seniors who want to experience the fitness benefits of cycling without risking a nasty accident on the road. Joining a spin class or indoor cycling class for seniors is a casual and natural way to stay in shape, meet new friends, and never have to pick yourself up after falling off your bike!

How to Find a Bicycle Club for Seniors Near Me

Finding Clubs Using the Internet

  • Facebook Groups: Facebook, though we might have a love/hate relationship with it, is very useful for finding people to connect with. Facebook has a massive network of groups dedicated to every interest and location imaginable. Start your search for a bicycle club for seniors in your area by checking here!
  • MeetUp: This website was built to help people create, manage, and promote groups and clubs in their areas. If you live in a larger city, there’s a decent chance you can find a bicycle club for seniors on MeetUp!

Finding Clubs In Person

If you cannot find a club in your area by checking online, you aren’t out of options just yet. Continue your search by checking bulletin boards at your local senior center, retirement home, gym, or bike shop. If there is a bicycle group for seniors in your area, you’ll find a flyer for it on the bulletin board at one of these places!

If the bulletin board leaves you dry, you can call these establishments and ask if the staff knows of any groups in your area. If all else fails, they should be able to direct you!

Alternative: Start Your Own Club

What do you do if you go through all your available search options and can’t find one? You get to work starting your own! If there isn’t a bicycle club in your area, it’s likely you aren’t alone in your desire to be part of one. Post a flyer, create a Facebook group, and let your local senior centers, bike shops, and gyms know about the group.

Once you do that, it might take a while for people to find and join the club, but they will eventually come around. Managing the club doesn’t have to be complex: set a time and place to meet, get to know each other a bit, and go for a ride. That’s all there is to it!

Wrapping Up

Joining a bicycle club for seniors is a great way to stay in shape, make new friends, and keep from feeling like you’re trapped in the house. Joining a club in your area might take some searching, and you may even have to start your own group if none exists. However, it is well worth the effort to enjoy all the health and social benefits of being part of a biking group for seniors!

4 thoughts on “Bicycle Clubs For Seniors (2022): How to Find Senior Bike Clubs Near Me”

  1. Claudette LaFreeman

    ‘Mahalo nui loa’ Mr. Jared Wilder
    Totally enjoyed reading your style of writing in shared information..feeling your enthusiasm, support and encouragement for us ‘Kupuna’ seniors..You’ve inspired me ‘BigTime’ Love It !! ? I don’t dabble with FB anymore, too consuming for my schedule of personal drama of others…. I hot caught up in it too much…Lol but blessed their hearts. Born and raised in Hawai’i but been and will be a life long resident of Dallas.. Just recently turned 66 and I need to fullfill my personal wishes (bucket list) and that is too get on a bike and ride to check out the sights and prolong my life…since I now met that mile stone of maturing, I mine as well Go For It and see how much more stamina this ole gal can handle as I become more and more seasoned.

    Aloha n respectfully submitted
    C.K. LaFreeman

  2. Hello
    I could do with a regular exercise regime, meeting up with similar people. I’m 69, got an electric haibike.
    Are there any rides i could try please?

  3. My name is John perna I live in New Port Richey FL I’m looking to join a bicycle club I’m 56 years old and I love meeting new people my phone number is 7273771124 I don’t drive a car anymore I have no license so meetings would have to be around Sims park to North of me. Sam’s Club to south west Gulf Harbor east greys park

  4. I am in North MIAMI BEACH fla. Looking to find others who ride…casual riding…IS THERE a meet up somewhere?

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