Golden Scooters Reviews

Golden Scooters Reviews: 6 Top Golden Mobility Scooters for Every Need

By Maurice

Golden Scooters Reviews

When researching products for a potential future mobility scooter purchase, you are sure to have come across the name Golden Technologies or Golden Scooters. They are a prominent scooter maker in the United States and ship their products worldwide. So who is Golden Technologies and are their products any good?

This Golden Scooters reviews guide features the top six models of mobility scooters made by Golden Technologies that are available today for all different kinds of buyers. We will break each product down in detail so you can get a grasp of which scooter is perfect for you. If you have any questions about what kind of company Golden Technologies is or if their products are worth your valuable time and hard earned money, they will be answered here.

Top Golden Technologies Mobility Scooters Available Now

These are the six most popular and versatile scooter models available from Golden Technologies. Each of these different mobility scooters covers a different group of buyers and no matter what kind of mobility scooter you are looking for or what your budget is, there is a scooter on this list that will work for you and is available right now.

Best Daily Use Golden Scooter: Golden Technologies Companion

Golden Technologies COMPANION II- 3 WHEEL

The Golden Technologies Companion is a durable tri-wheeled mobility scooter suitable for everyday use. Everything about the Companion II was designed with your comfort in mind for the long term and prolonged use.

It comes with comfort features such as ergonomic armrests, a supremely adjustable seat, and rugged tires designed to ensure a smooth ride. These allow you to ride the scooter for prolonged periods of time without getting cramped or uncomfortable which is important if you are someone who needs to use the scooter all day.

The Golden Technologies Companion also features a headlight, removable carpet, and self-diagnosis indicators. These features are designed to keep your scooter running for longer and in any situation. These features really elevate the Companion II beyond feeling like a simple grocery store scooter to a place that feels more like a small car.

Dark outside? No problem with the headlight. Scooter acting up? Check the diagnosis to make sure that everything is running as intended. The carpet pops out making it easy to clean or replace if the need arises.


  • Wildly comfortable
  • 350lb weight capacity
  • 15 miles of battery life
  • Features that feel like a car


  • Tricycle design not for everyone
  • Pricey

Who is it for?

This is an excellent mobility scooter for anyone looking for a quality day-to-day scooter. It has all of the quality of life features that you will need to use this scooter day in and day out for long periods of time. It has a long battery life, a comfortable seat, and a bright headlight.

If you are someone who needs a more specialized scooter or is someone who is bent on getting a four-wheeled model, you are probably going to want to look elsewhere for something a little beefier.

Best Portable Golden Scooter: Golden Technologies LiteRider

Golden Technologies - LiteRider - Lightweight Travel Scooter - 4-Wheel - Blue

The LiteRider model mobility scooter provides people with an option for a scooter that is lighter than average and is able to be disassembled. The disassembly option could be game changing for someone who does not have the ability to adequately transport their mobility scooter via car. The LiteRider breaks down into six separate pieces which makes it much easier to transport or store. The heaviest piece weighs 50lbs which is much more manageable than the full weight of 130lbs.


  • Great daily scooter
  • 12 miles of battery range
  • 5mph top speed
  • Affordable price


  • No frills
  • Still too heavy for some
  • Only a 300lb weight limit

Who is it for?

This scooter is perfect for anyone who does not have a way to transport their scooter via car but might need to. The whole scooter completely breaks down into multiple manageable pieces so you do not need to have a scooter rack mounted to the back of your vehicle. It is lightweight without sacrificing in the way of comfort and functionality. Best of all, it is on the more affordable end of the price scale.

Best Golden Scooter For Small Homes: Golden Technologies Buzzaround

Golden Technologies Buzzaround Carry On Fold-Flat Travel Lithium Battery Mobility Scooter-BLUE

Not everyone lives in expansive houses with tons of storage room and wide entries. Some people live in more modest condos, apartments, or recreational vehicles. These smaller accommodations can make it hard to keep and store a mobility scooter. That is why the Buzzaround model is so ingenious.

This model folds down flat to a height of just 12” which makes storing it in a closet or under a bed a breeze. That eliminates the need for large dedicated storage space for your mobility scooter meaning it will be much easier to accommodate even in tight living quarters.


  • 18 miles of battery charge
  • Folds down easily
  • Breaks down easily
  • Front and rear lighting


  • Not the most comfortable
  • Not great for daily use

Who is it for?

The Buzzaround fold down scooter is perfect for anyone who has space concerns for their mobility scooter. Not many scooters on the market can be folded down something only a foot in height and only thirty-eight inches in length. This makes having a mobility scooter much more accessible to those who might not have large dwellings.

Best Heavy Duty Golden Scooter: Golden Technologies Avenger

Golden Technologies GA541 Avenger 4-Wheel Heavy-Duty Scooter - Silver

The Golden Technologies Avenger mobility scooter takes everything people love about scooters and cranks it up to an eleven. It has a higher top speed, longer battery range, bigger tires, more lights, and more comfort than standard models.

If you are someone who is going to be using this scooter often and in all kinds of situations you’re going to appreciate the upgraded features that are present here.


  • 7mph speed
  • 18 miles of battery range
  • Oversized seat
  • Tons of safety lights and features


  • Expensive
  • Heavy

Who is it for?

If basic is never good enough for you or you are someone who knows you are going to spend a lot of time on your scooter, this is the model you are going to want to consider. Despite the high price tag and bulky weight, the Avenger features that are going to make standard models look paltry by comparison. This scooter is comfortable, versatile, and safe. What more could you ask for other than a deep discount?

Best Bariatric Golden Scooter: Golden Technologies Patriot

Golden Technologies - Patriot - Heavy Duty Scooter - 4-Wheel - Orange

Some scooters have disappointing weight limits. Some of them have weight limits capping out at a mere 250lbs. It sure must be nice to be able to ride something that tops out at such a healthy weight but that is not the reality for everyone. The Golden Technologies Patriot has one of the best weight capacities on the market at 400lbs total. That means that a larger portion of the population can comfortably ride this scooter without putting undue wear on it and without worrying that it might give out on you.

This can be critical because mobility scooter use can help facilitate a more active life which can help keep you mobile even if you are no longer as healthy as you once were. This scooter was designed with heavy-duty use and long trips in mind.


  • Fast 8mph speeds
  • Independent suspension
  • Cup holders
  • Comfortable captain’s chair


  • Extremely heavy
  • Expensive

Who is it for?

This is one of the best built scooters available. If you have any durability concerns or simply are someone who does not settle for anything less than the best you are going to love how well built the Patriot mobility scooter is. However, if you do not need the full 400lb weight limit or do not plan on using your mobility scooter extensively, you can probably get away with a more mid-ranged model.

Golden Technologies Scooter Powered-Wheelchair GP162

Some people want the speed, accessibility, and functionality of a mobility scooter but do not like scooters. Whether you think they are too bulky, too heavy, or hard to store or transport, scooters are not for everyone. Thankfully Golden Technologies knows this and also designed a powered wheelchair based on their top notch scooter designs.

The Golden Powered Wheelchair is the perfect mobility scooter for those who do not like mobility scooters. You still get an impressive 15 mile battery range with a top speed of 4mph giving you the mobility you crave in a package that is more to your liking.


  • Fast
  • Long battery range
  • Hand controls
  • Tight turn radius
  • Multiple colors and options available


  • As expensive as full scooters
  • Frequent upkeep needed

Who is it for?

This powered wheelchair easily breaks down into various component parts which makes it easy to store and easy to handle. It does not look like a scooter for those who do not like the look of scooters but still want scooter-like mobility options. This powered wheelchair is fast and has a great battery life allowing you to zip around your home, local store, or neighborhood in the comfort of your chair. If you are in the market for a top quality powered wheelchair this is a model that needs to be on your list for consideration. If you are looking for a simple day-to-day scooter you might get more utility out of the Companion model.

Golden Scooters FAQ

Who are Golden Technologies?

Golden Technologies is an American company that has risen to prominence by creating industry leading lift recliners, power wheelchairs, and mobility scooters. Golden Technologies was founded in 1985 and remains a family-owned and operated business to this day. The CEO of Golden Technologies is Richard Golden of the Golden name. Their headquarters are located in Old Forge, Pennsylvania.

They employ over five hundred Americans at their facilities in Pennsylvania including managers, salespeople, and manufacturers. Golden Technologies is known today for their craftsmanship and their spectacular warranty that they provide on all of their products. Golden Technologies has risen from a small local company to a global brand and they are currently the largest manufacturer of power lift recliners in the world.

Where are Golden scooters made?

Golden Technology mobility scooters are made in America. They have manufacturing facilities in Old Forge, Pennsylvania at their headquarters. Whenever possible, Golden Technologies uses high-quality American materials and components in their manufacturing as well which is why they feel confident offering some of the best warranties in the industry.

What is a good price for a Golden mobility scooter?

Golden mobility scooters are available in the mid to high range of price for mobility scooters. Being made in America, by Americans with high grade materials means that the price is going to be higher than some other imported scooters that do not use similar quality materials. That being said, the price range for a Golden mobility scooter is going to run from $1000 to $2200 depending on the options and upgrades that you select.

Golden Technologies makes a wide range of different kinds of mobility scooters from heavy-duty off road scooters to basic daily scooters. This means that there is a large spread on the price.

The average price for a Golden mobility scooter runs around $1500. Anything too far north of $2000 might be too much depending on what model you are looking at.

Tips for making your purchase

If Golden Technologies is on your radar as a potential source for your next mobility scooter, you might be wondering what the best way to move forward. There are a couple of key tips to keep in mind before you make your final decision.

1. Identify the main use

The first thing you are going to want to do is zero in on what the main use for your new mobility scooter is going to be. Many people have successfully switched from traditional cars to mobility scooters. Other people want a scooter for outdoor use. Different people might need a scooter for health reasons. Each one of these different uses is going to require a different scooter model to fulfill them properly. Deciding on what the main use for your scooter is going to be is the most important step to narrowing down your options.

2. Pay attention to specifications

Once you have narrowed down the use cases for which you want to use your new mobility scooter, the next thing you want to do is pay attention to specifications. Check to see what the battery life is, what the top speed is, how heavy the unit is and how large the scooter is. This will determine whether you need special storage, long wait times to charge, and more. You do not want to find these important details out after the scooter has already been paid for and arrives at your home.

3. Seek help if needed

Lastly, if you have any questions or concerns when it comes to Golden Technologies’s products do not be afraid to ask for help. They have a great warranty program, great customer service, and are very responsive. They also have hundreds of global retail locations where trained salespeople can help you with their extensive knowledge. You can also visit a physical location to get a feel for the scooter and see your options in person before buying online. If you have any hesitations or concerns, contact the company and let their expertise work for you. There is no reason to spend a large chunk of change on a new mobility scooter if you have any doubts or lingering questions.


Golden Technologies is a reputable company based in the United States committed to making some of the best durable medical equipment available on the market today. If you are looking for a high quality mobility scooter backed by local customer service and sales agents then you really need to consider Golden Technologies. This article should go a long way in answering any questions you may have had regarding Golden Technologies and its product line.

We are confident that no matter what kind of scooter you are looking for, Golden Technologies has a scooter that is right for you.

If you have any more questions feel free to contact their team here.

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