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Who Buys Used Scooters Near Me? How to Find a Buyer & Sell for the Most Money

By Maurice

Who Buys Used Scooters Near Me

You have a mobility scooter you do not need. Perhaps you inherited it or used it during a previous health-related situation. Now, it occupies space as the battery wears down and the chassis gets dusty. Before creating a sales listing on the first website you see, carefully consider who buys scooters near you and the best way to get better value.

Who Buys Used Scooters Near You? 

Your decision on how to sell the scooter can take a variety of directions. The choice you make will depend largely on your comfort working with a particular bricks-and-mortar business or using an online platform. You must also consider that many online dealers choose not to buy or broker used scooters, even if in fairly good condition.

Before contacting a local dealer or creating an online advertisement, you should do some basic homework and market research. These steps will allow you to get a better understanding of the scooter’s market value, learn about nearby buyers that may have an interest in acquiring it, and allow you to evaluate the best online platform.

Consider these tips that AARP suggests for selling goods online, thinking carefully about the condition of the used scooter you plan to sell:

  • Consider a Fair Price: Get to the sweet spot, not a price too high or too low.
  • Create a Well-Written Description: Use the brand name in the title, and give information a potential buyer will want to know.
  • Add Keywords: Think of words a person would use in a search engine to find your scooter.
  • Take Pictures: Take lots of images available of the scooter, without distractive clutter in the background.
  • Be Responsive and Honest: Whether you sell in-person or online, make yourself available to answer questions and be up front about any wear-and-tear issues.
  • Handle the Transaction Safely: If you use an online platform, know their policies; for in-person sales, meet in a public location and protect yourself.

Now that you have thought about the steps above, you should consider possible venues to sell your scooter. Here are some options to consider:

  1. 1Local Business: Depending on the market in the local area and the number of retirees, this may offer a quick and tech-free option. Remember that companies with high operating expenses and overhead may not pay what you consider to be fair market value.
  2. 2Auction Sites/Flea Markets: These locations offer hit-or-miss potential. Most people who shop at them expect deals and bargain prices, so assume that you will not get top-dollar for a used scooter.
  3. 3Classified Ads and Online Marketplaces: These offer the greatest potential in most cases, though you must carefully consider the benefits and limitations of different sites.

If you decide to use the online marketplace of a commercial or social networking website, consider these tips, summarized by AARP:

  • Register and Create Your Account: Use a secure computer and wifi, rather than a public computer or free wifi hotspot.
  • Limit What You Share: Communicate within the messaging functions on the website rather than your personal email or phone, whenever possible. Make sure the images you post do not include other details that may alert fraudsters or thieves.
  • Interact Carefully. Out-of-towners who claim they cannot meet in person raise red flags.
  • Never Meet Alone:  Meet your buyer at a mutually agreed-upon public place and have someone join you, if possible.
  • Take Care with Payments: If meeting in person, take cash rather than a check that may be fraudulent. If online, understand how the platform will get funds to you.

There are many online platforms to consider. Here are a few that have been used to sell used scooters on many occasions: is a portal specifically created to match sellers and buyers of second-hand mobility equipment. In addition to wheelchairs, the company heavily focuses on used mobility scooters. The listing process is simple. The company requires a 300-word description of the scooter, so you can include specifications and details about its condition.

Websites with localized marketplace search options include Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and Nextdoor. Other online portals include Amazon, eBay, and VarageSale. The Seniors Mobility site offers comparisons of these and other platforms.

Tips for Selling Your Mobility Scooter for the Most Money

To get the best return on your used scooter, you must understand how to determine value, remember your responsibilities as a seller, and put yourself in the mindset of a prospective buyer.

Determing the present value of a used scooter requires you to consider a number of variables, such as the condition, make, and model. Similar to any product, once a new scooter leaves the store it will lose value. One way to get an idea of fair market value is to search for comparable scooters already on the market. Know the difference in value between types, from travel scooters that are widely available, to more-expensive folding scooters, and full-size and heavy-duty mobility models.

As the seller, you should remember your responsibilities to ensure that you get the best price possible. These include the following:

  • Inspect It: Clean and touch up the used scooter. Locate the manual, if you have one.
  • Check It: Check the battery, since it will usually last between 18 and 24 months. Check the battery connections, tire pressure, wiring harness, and brakes.
  • Describe It: List available features, offering a short history of frequency of use and other relevant information.
  • Sell It Traditionally: Be sure to get cash for your sale and accept only payments you know how to process.
  • Sell It Digitally:  If offered a check or digital currency, understand that some payments can be canceled or reversed. With sites like PayPal, investigate their protection schemes for sellers. Never rely on an email confirmation stating that funds have arrived. Log into your financial or bank account and confirm them.
  • Ship ItInvestigate the shipping rates and limitations of various carriers before sending a scooter to a long-distance buyer. If you send the scooter through a carrier service, have insurance and require a signature at the receiving end.

Think of the Buyer’s Concerns:

They may want to know the serial number and compare it with what is on the scooter. A legitimate buyer also wants the transaction to occur in a safe place and may want to test the scooter. They may also ask about the service history.

Finding a New Opportunity to Offer Mobility

If you have questions about the best practices in your area, consult people in your community and social networks. Good luck as you sell that used mobility scooter.

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  1. Donald Goldman MD

    Maurice i have a ViVE # 4 for sale . It’s 1 1/2 years old. I want to buy an all terrain mobility sco replace this one. Can you recommend some one locally.Thank you. Don Goldman

  2. Hi Maurice,
    I have a Jazzy Scooter Select 6 -only used twice in perfect condition except by now the battery has died and I don’t know if I should replace the battery and sell it online or look for a local dealer near me in Lafayette, La.
    If you have any advice I would appreciate it.
    Cynthia Breaux

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