Best Mobility Scooter Trailers

Best Mobility Scooter Trailers (2021): 5 Recommended Trailers + Expert Buying Guide

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Best Mobility Scooter Trailers

Mobility scooters are wonderful products for seniors who want to stay independent. They make a lot of things easier, from maintaining a social life, to running errands without a car, to things as simple as enjoying the weather on a nice fall day.

One thing mobility scooters are not, however, is easily portable. If you want to move your scooter with you on a vacation or extended trip, it isn’t usually going to be easy. Even the most portable scooters are heavy and can be hard to disassemble and toss in the trunk. The easiest way to transport a mobility scooter is with a trailer. Check out the best mobility scooter trailers below, and find the one that works for you!

What is a Mobility Scooter Trailer?

There are few, if any, trailers specifically designed for transporting mobility scooters. There are, however, many trailers designed to transport small vehicles and tools such as lawnmowers, mobility scooters, ATVs, and bikes.

If you’re thinking about a true trailer with its own set of wheels and brake lights, you might be confused to see that many trailers for mobility scooters don’t have wheels. Instead, most of them are platforms that attach to your vehicle’s trailer hitch and hold your scooter as you drive. Some of these trailers also include a ramp that lets you roll the scooter onto the platform rather than driving it. You can still find a true trailer with wheels, but trailer hitch platforms are more common (and much more affordable).

These trailers are small, easy to attach to any car that has a trailer hitch, and very convenient. With a mobility scooter trailer that has a ramp, you can roll your scooter right up onto the platform, strap it down, and hit the road. No disassembly or debating whether or not bringing your scooter is worth the hassle - just load it and get moving!

Best Brands of Mobility Scooter Trailers

  • King Bird: This brand makes products for every type of transportation need. If you need a cover for your RV, a cargo trailer for your mobility scooter, or a high-quality roof cargo rack, you can find one with King Bird!
  • Maxxhaul: Cost-conscious shoppers may be shocked at the high price tag of many towing and storage products. They can often cost several hundred dollars, even though it seems like they should be cheaper. Maxxhaul is one of the best brands around because their products are fairly priced and work exceptionally well!

Price Range of Mobility Scooter Trailers

The good news? Scooter trailers and hitch platforms aren’t nearly as expensive as scooter lifts - products that have electric motors and will lift your scooter off the ground for you. The bad news? Scooter trailers still aren’t cheap.

The average price for a trailer hitch that will hold a mobility scooter is about $200, and the average price for a trailer with wheels that will hold a scooter is roughly double that.

Why the high prices? These products have to be made to very strict specifications to be able to perform on the road. If they’re made with cheap materials or impure metals, they’ll break while you drive and can create a potentially life-threatening situation for other drivers. So, trailers and hitch trailers have to be very, very strong - which means that you’ll have to pay accordingly.

The Best Mobility Scooter Trailers for Seniors

1. Best Mobility Scooter Cargo Trailer (Overall): GoPlus Mobility Scooter Carrier with Ramp

Goplus Hitch Mount Wheelchair Carrier, Mobility Scooter Loading Ramp, Heavy Duty Strong Hitch Cargo Carrier, 500 Lbs Capacity (Unfoldable)

That’s right - a ramp! One thing that is, unfortunately, missing from even the best trailers and cargo carriers is offered by the GoPlus carrier. The inclusion of the ramp means that you can roll the scooter right onto the platform and secure it - no lifting involved!

This trailer folds up when not in use, is easy to install, and makes everything about transporting a mobility scooter much, much simpler. If you’ve got the money (it costs a good bit more than most trailer hitch platforms), there is no reason you shouldn’t choose this mobility scooter trailer!

The only people who shouldn’t use this trailer are those who have long scooters - longer than 48 inches. If you have an extra-long, heavy-duty scooter, you might need to search more before you find a trailer that’ll fit.

2. Best Mobility Scooter Trailer for Car: King Bird Upgraded 60” X 24” Hitch

KING BIRD Upgraded 60" x 24" x 6" Hitch Mount Folding Cargo Carrier Fits to 2'' Receiver,550LBS Capacity Cargo Basket with Trailer Hitch Lock,Hitch Stabilizer,Net and Straps

This hitch platform is adaptable and can work with both 1.25” and standard 2” hitch receivers. This means that, if your car has a hitch receiver, this trailer will fit on it! Most products are only sold in the 2” size, and it can be hard to find models that work with smaller hitch receivers; this is a huge plus.

One more benefit of this trailer hitch is that it has a raised platform, which gives you more ground clearance if you have a car that sits lower to the ground. It’s a small feature that makes a big difference when transporting a mobility scooter!

This platform also comes with an elastic cargo net and two ratchet straps, allowing you to completely secure your scooter against even the biggest bumps in the road. Anyone looking to transport their mobility scooter on their car will be well-served by the King Bird Upgraded Hitch!

3. Best Mobility Scooter Trailer Hitch: OKLEAD Heavy Duty Hitch Mount Carrier

OKLEAD 400 Lbs Heavy Duty Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier 60" x 24" x 14.4" Folding Cargo Rack Rear Luggage Basket Fits 2" Receiver for Car SUV Camping Traveling

One of the best things about this carrier is the raised sides - they’ll prevent any slipping, jostling, or rolling of your mobility scooter during transit. It’s also big enough for even the largest of mobility scooters. At 60 inches long, it’s nearly a foot longer than most other models, perfect for seniors with heavy-duty or bariatric mobility scooters.

When you aren’t using it, the rails fold down neatly. The platform itself folds up and sits close to the car, making it much easier to drive when you aren’t transporting your mobility scooter. The only negative thing we have to say about this trailer is that it can be a bit of a hassle to put together. Use patience, the instructions, and maybe a helping hand, though, and you’ll be able to enjoy your new scooter trailer in no time!

4. Best Small Trailer for Mobility Scooter: Maxxhaul Cargo Carrier, 22” X 49”

MaxxHaul 70108 49" x 22.5" Hitch Mount Aluminum Cargo Carrier With High Side Rails For RV's, Trucks, SUV's, Vans, Cars With 2" Hitch Receiver - 500-lb Load Capacity , Grey

If you’ve got a smaller scooter, a smaller vehicle, or both, this is the carrier for you. It is just big enough to fit a small scooter, but not so big that it makes it difficult to drive, back up, and park your vehicle.

It’s made from a lightweight aluminum alloy, which makes it easy to install as well as fold when not in use. This trailer hitch platform is perfect for a smaller, 3-wheeled mobility scooter such as the Pride Go-Go 3-Wheeled Scooter.

Go-Go Elite Traveller Mobility Scooter by Pride 3-Wheel - Red & Blue

A final thing worth mentioning: the price. This hitch platform can be yours for less than $125, a stellar deal for any product as tough, light, and useful as this! If your scooter will fit on the platform, it’s an excellent purchase.

5. Best Mobility Scooter Pull-Behind Trailer: MotoAlliance Impact Heavy Duty Trailer

MotoAlliance Impact ATV/UTV Heavy Duty Utility Cart Cargo Trailer 1500lb Capacity 15 cu. ft.

This is a small trailer that packs a powerful punch! It’s perfect for taking anywhere because the tires are thick, durable, and springy. It can handle any bump in the road, and then some, without damaging your mobility scooter.

It’s also available in three different sizes, so you’re able to get one that’s just as big - or small - as it needs to be. It’ll attach easily to any 2” trailer hitch, but extra-tall trucks and SUVs may put the trailer at an awkward angle. As long as your vehicle isn’t lifted, though, you should be fine.

The biggest drawback of the MotoAlliance Impact trailer is that it doesn’t have a ramp. That means you’ll still be lifting the scooter up to put it in the trailer. If that doesn’t bother you, though, this is an excellent choice for any vehicle and any scooter!

Used Mobility Scooter Trailers Sale - Where to Buy Used

There are two places to find used trailers and hitches: Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist.

You might be able to stumble upon one at a thrift store or local home improvement store, but that is pretty unlikely. So, you’ll most likely be searching for your used trailer on one of those two websites.

Facebook Marketplace is, according to most, the superior place to search. Since most people already use Facebook, it’s the first thing they think of when they have something to sell, and the platform is very easy to use. You can also communicate with sellers via Messenger and see their profiles, which adds transparency and safety to your shopping. Nobody is going to rip you off using their personal Facebook page!

Craigslist, before Facebook Marketplace was launched, was the only place for most people to find used items in their area online. Craigslist is notoriously a bit difficult to use and is a hotbed for scams, so be careful when you buy scooter trailers! Most of the time, you’ll have nothing to worry about, but you should still look out for Craigslist red flags.

Buyer’s Guide: How to Find the Best Mobility Scooter Trailer for Your Needs

Weight Capacity

This is one of the most important things you need to confirm before purchasing a trailer for your mobility scooter. Many trailers and hitch platforms are made to hold bicycles, coolers, and suitcases - all things that weigh far less than a mobility scooter.

If the product you’re looking at doesn’t hold at least the weight of your scooter +50 pounds, it’s a bit of a risky purchase. Always make sure the trailer can safely hold your scooter!

Hitch Size

There are two measurements you need to confirm before you buy your trailer.

The first is the size of the hitch receiver on your vehicle. If the hitch you buy doesn’t fit your car’s receiver, you’ll have wasted a lot of money. Most vehicles have a 2-inch receiver, but 1.25 and 3-inch sizes are also still in use.

The second measurement is the size of the trailer hitch ball. The standard is, again, 2 inches, but other hitch ball sizes do exist. Before you make a purchase, make sure that your trailer and hitch will all work together with your vehicle!

Hitch vs Trailer: Which is Right for You?

In our list, we looked at two different types of products:

  • Trailers with wheels,
  • And trailer hitch platforms without wheels

Both types of mobility scooter trailers have their own advantages. So, which one is right for you?

If you are price or space-conscious, a trailer hitch platform is perfect for you. They don’t take up as much space, and they save you a lot of money compared to full trailers. These trailers are also better for people who never want to have to take the trailer on and off the hitch; you can leave them on 24/7.

Full trailers are more expensive, but they’re a lot stronger and often easier to load. They also need to be put on and taken off the hitch every time you use them. If you only need to transport your mobility scooter on certain occasions and use a different trailer for other purposes, you may want to get one of these products. A hitch platform that stays on the vehicle 24/7 means you’ll never be able to use your other trailers as easily.

Do All Cars Have a Trailer Hitch?

Many mid-size and compact sedans do not come with a hitch receiver installed, but nearly every other car - large sedans, SUVs, vans, and trucks - does. This means that nearly everyone will have a vehicle that can tow a trailer.

If your vehicle doesn’t have a hitch receiver, you can have one installed on your car’s frame. But, the costs of having a hitch receiver installed often outweigh the benefits, so, unless you are willing to spend even more money, you’re out of luck if your car doesn’t have a trailer hitch receiver.


Getting a trailer for your mobility scooter can feel like a lot of work - and a large expense. But, compared to the inconvenience of trying to transport your mobility scooter in any other fashion? It’s much, much better to have a trailer or hitch platform than not to!

Which trailer from our list intrigued you the most? Do you have any questions about trailers for mobility scooters? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

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