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I Want to Sell My Mobility Scooter: Where Can I Sell My Mobility Scooter for Cash?

By Maurice

sell my mobility scooter

Whether you no longer require the use of your mobility scooter in the case of a healed injury, or your personal circumstances have changed, you might be considering “where can I sell my mobility scooter for cash?

Instead of watching your mobility scooter gather dust in storage rather than being appreciated by someone who could use it, find out how you can cash in on your mobility aid.

How Much do Mobility Scooters Sell For?

There are several factors that determine the value and therefore the price of a used mobility scooter.

Age of Device

The newer the mobility scooter, the more you can ask for it.

Used or Gently Used

A gently used item can typically fetch a higher price than a more worn model. Be honest about how often the unit was used and for what purpose. Also include information regarding the age of the batteries.


If you purchased a wider, heavily padded, deluxe seat, be sure to mention that in your ad. If you have accessories such as additional storage, a cup holder, tray, or anything else to increase the value, include the information in your item description.

Working Condition

Most on-line sale sites identify used items for sale as in good, very good or excellent condition. If there are parts that aren’t working well or need replacement, offer your scooter at a discounted price. Be sure to honestly disclose if there are any parts that are not in working condition.

Delivery, Shipping

If you plan to ship your scooter, check shipping rates from different carriers such as the post office or UPS. It’s important to get an accurate weight of the scooter, the batteries, packaging, and anything else that may add additional weight to increase shipping fees.

You need to decide if the buyer will pay shipping fees or if you want to offer free shipping. If you offer free shipping, you might want to ask a bit more for your scooter to offset some of the shipping costs.

If you choose to sell your mobility scooter on an online platform, check into their shipping policy and associated fees.

Determining the Price

To get a fair market value for selling your mobility scooter, type in the brand name and model into Amazon or eBay and see what other sellers are asking for used models. By doing the research here, you can offer a fair and competitive price.

Where Can I Sell My Mobility Scooter On-line?

If you’ve ever watched infomercials well into the wee hours, you may have seen ads for seller sites such as Mercari. These sites allow sellers to post their items for sale and deal directly with potential buyers.

In addition to Mercari, there are a few other on-line sites you may be familiar with:


You’ll need to set up a free individual seller account from which you can sell up to 40 items per month. Amazon charges a $.99 per sale fee, but there are no up-front costs to list your items. Amazon also charges a fee upon the sale of your item, anywhere from 3% to 45% depending on the item and final sale price.


You’ll need to sign up for a free account, on which you can list up to 50 items per month. You can either set a fixed price or set it up as an auction listing. eBay takes a percentage of anywhere between 2% and 12%, depending on your item and the final sales price. You as the seller are responsible for all shipping charges.

Facebook Marketplace

You’ll need an active Facebook account, and the good news is, there are no listing fees.

Other mobile app and on-line marketplaces:


You can list as an auction or fixed-price item under one of over 28,000 available categories. You will be charged no greater than a 3% final sales price fee.


This site lets you sell or trade items for a wide range of categories.


Free listing with 10% fee on final sale price at Mercari.


A free buying and selling Apple iphone app.

How Can I Find a Place to Sell My Mobility Scooter for Cash Near Me?

It’s far easier to sell a large and heavy item like a mobility scooter to someone nearby, within a few miles or reasonable driving distance. Here are some local-based buying and selling sites.



This is a relatively new social media site for your neighborhood. You join for free and list your items for sale in the “For Sale and Free” section of the site. Plus, you’ll get to virtually know some of your neighbors and current events around the block.


A local classified ad site requiring an active Facebook account to post your listing.


Create a local free listing in about 30 seconds.


A virtual, local garage sale with free listings.


Tips to Sell my Mobility Scooter for the Best Price

  • Thoroughly clean your scooter, touch up any paint, replace pieces that may have been removed, fix any broken or worn parts
  • List all add-ons or features very clearly in your product description
  • Include a short history of your mobility scooter such as how often the scooter was used, battery detail, year of purchase, and any other relevant information. Provide as much detail as possible to avoid tons of back-and-forth questions for clarity.
  • Use descriptive keywords so anyone doing a search can easily find your item (i.e., “heavy-duty mobility scooter.”)
  • Include a few good color pictures of your scooter from different angles.
  • Include your contact information, but don’t reveal too much. It’s better to list a general area or city than to give out your address. A phone number or email address is enough information.

Wrapping Up

Aside from word of mouth, you can see that there are a lot of on-line places to search out a buyer for your used mobility device.

Remember, when conducting any kind of sales transaction, keep personal information to a minimum and use the “buddy system” if setting up an in-person meeting with any potential buyer.

6 thoughts on “I Want to Sell My Mobility Scooter: Where Can I Sell My Mobility Scooter for Cash?”

  1. Brand new 3 wheel Vive scooter for sale. Bought it with the idea I could put a basket on the back for my dog but I can’t. It’s a beautiful great little scooter , candy apple red. Rode once, around the block. I have a Pride 3 wheel but it needs work and can carry my dog. I have to stick with that. Paid $799.00 for the Vive. Best offer accepted.

  2. I have 2018 go gbo2 buzz around xl3mobility scooter that was purchased in 2018. I paid 1’499 for it. It’s in great condition .all accessories comes with item. It hasn’t been used since 9/4/2021.
    I’m asking 1000. For it’s sale. Will negotiate.

  3. I have a gogo elite traveler mobility scooter for sale. Three years old. Needs battery. Selling for 300.00. Can send pictures.

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