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Recycle Mobility Scooter: Where to Recycle a Mobility Scooter Near Me

By Maurice

Recycle Mobility Scooter

Mobility scooters are a popular technology in recent years that can aid the elderly that have trouble walking or simply getting around.

Scooters are an important tool to aid the elderly in their everyday life and independence. Research studies found that scooters can increase social life and another study found that after four months of use, they can feel almost completely independent.

As the technology continues to progress, different and new types of mobility scooters are developed. You may have decided to get a new one, or have an old one that is broken or not in use.

So, when you have an old mobility scooter on your hands, you may be wondering what to do with it.

Can a Mobility Scooter be Recycled?

You can recycle mobility scooters. You can easily donate or recycle a scooter dependent on your choice.

According to the Gadget Review, you can take a scooter to a recycling center and they may even pay you for the metal or pick it up free of charge.

Where to Recycle a Mobility Scooter Near Me

When it comes to finding a way to recycle a mobility scooter near you, it is important to call around and find a recycling center. There is normally a recycling center in each city or near one.

In this case, you can call to verify if they take electronics like the mobility scooter. They may even be able to pick up the scooter or have you drop it off.

There are also a few other options outside of the recycling center route. You can also find a scrap yard. A scrap yard will likely recycle the mobility scooter for the metal and other electronic parts on the scooter.

They can even possibly pick up the scooter. The scrap yard will also pay you for recycling the scooter with them. While the price might not be as much as you purchased it for, it is added money to your pocket.

Another option is that you can contact the original manufacturer of the scooter. According to Gadget Review, the original manufacturer can usually pick up the old scooter and recycle the parts to make more mobility scooters.

Other ways to Dispose of a Mobility Scooter (donate; sell; etc.)

Outside of scrapping your old mobility scooter, there are other ways to dispose of it or get rid of it.

Donate the scooter

Donating your old mobility scooter is a great option outside of using a recycling center. When you donate a scooter you can give it to a foundation or someone who needs it. Mobility scooters can be expensive for people who cannot afford them.

However, they are needed for some people with mobility issues, and at times they cannot afford them or have the means to own one.

The Wheelchair Foundation has made a complete list of organizations that will pick up and take the donation. The donations go to elderly and disabled people in need of a scooter who may not be able to afford one.

You can also locate and contact your local veteran’s office or senior living center that can refurbish the scooter and donate it to someone who needs it. There is usually a local place that can use a scooter for someone who needs it.

Another option for donating the scooter is handing it off yourself to someone you know that may need the scooter. There are usually friends and family that need a mobility scooter or have a loved one in need.

Sell the scooter

Selling the mobility scooter is another solution that may be worth the hassle. While you are not recycling the metal or donating it to someone in need, you can make back some money that you paid for the scooter.

When it comes to selling the scooter, you can use multiple platforms to market the scooter online. There are many places to sell the scooter to take it off of your hands.

Sell your mobility scooter on Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace has become the go-to selling and buying tool for almost every person. You can list items for sale for people near you to find and buy.

Facebook Marketplace is a safe platform to sell on because you can see someone’s Facebook profile before meeting up with them to sell the scooter. It is also a good option because you can have a conversation with the buyer before the transaction, and even schedule to meet in a public place for the transaction.

Sell your mobility scooter on eBay

While eBay is not as popular as it used to be, it has plenty of daily and new users that search to find used and new products. You can easily list your scooter for a buy-it-now or starting auction price.

If you have trouble shipping or delivering the scooter, eBay does offer a “local pick-up” only option. This shipping option will save you the worry of packing up the scooter and shipping it off. You simply set up a convenient time and place for the scooter to be picked up after it is sold.

Sell your mobility scooter on Craigslist

Craigslist is a similar option to Facebook Marketplace. You can list items for others to see for sale in your area.

You can either connect your email or phone number to the listing so people can contact you to purchase the scooter.

While it is completely anonymous, something that is different from Facebook Marketplace, you can still schedule a time to meet in a public place, so it is a completely safe transaction.


If you have upgraded your loved one’s mobility scooter, or have one that is not in use anymore, it may be a hassle storing the old mobility scooter. It is important to find the scooter a new home or recycling center so its parts and metal can be reused for something else.

While it may be difficult to find out what you would like to do with the scooter, there are multiple easy options to find it a new home.

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