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Best Lightweight Rollator Walker: Top Picks & Tips For Buying

By Maurice

Best Lightweight Rollator Walker

It is time for a brand new, state of the art, lightweight, sleek, rollator walker. The neighbors are all getting around great with their brand new walkers and now, you want in on the action. You know exactly what you want but when you go shopping online or in store, there are so many options. Picking out the right rollator walker is an important task that can determine your level of health and comfort going forward.

Studies have shown that seniors who utilize a rollator walker compared to a non-wheeled walker travel farther distances with less effort which leads to higher mobility. Further studies show that the use of rollator walkers can help people with respiratory or cardiac health issues continue to lead longer and healthier lives. In fact, it is speculated that the use of traditional walkers without wheels can actually do more harm than good in certain populations.

That means that getting a quality lightweight rollator walker is more than just a luxury, it can be a health necessity that can boost your overall quality of life for years to come. That is why we have put together this simple guide to help guide you to a walker that is right for you, whether you need a standard walker, an upright walker, or something else.

Best Three-Wheeled Lightweight  Rollator: NOVA Traveler 3

NOVA Traveler 3 Wheel Rollator Walker, All Terrain 8” Wheels, Includes Bag, Basket and Tray, Blue

The NOVA Traveler 3 is an excellent and versatile tri-wheeled lightweight rollator walker that doesn’t take up too much space and is supremely maneuverable.


Compact Design

One of the best aspects of the NOVA Traveler 3 is the narrow and compact frame. The tri-wheeled design keeps the front of this walker from getting too wide and too bulky to handle effectively. It is also able to fold down in a snap in order to be easily stored in the trunk or closet when not in use.

Comfort grips and brakes

Brakes are important for any wheeled device. Ask someone who has had a runaway scooter or walker how it felt. I can promise you, being out of control is never a good feeling. That is why the NOVA Traveler 3 comes with excellent brakes built into the super comfortable handles that will not strain your hands over extended periods of use.

Handy basket

Lastly, the NOVA Traveler 3 boasts a fantastic roomy basket which is perfect for quick runs to the store or carrying your favorite personal items when you are out and about. Some walkers have small baskets that aren’t big enough for a few groceries or your purse but this basket is big enough to handle it all. You’ll never want a smaller basket again after you fill this one with everything you could ever want while out on a walk.


  • Great control for tight spaces
  • Super comfortable
  • Easily folds down in a snap
  • Large basket for your belongings


  • Not as stable as a four-wheeled rollator
  • Bulky wheels sometimes catch corners

Who is the model best for?

considered. This walker excels in places like the grocery store with tight aisles or museums or exhibits where maneuverability is key. It is also great for anyone who does not need their walker constantly as it folds down nicely and is perfect for a quick jaunt to the store with the attached basket.

Best Adjustable Lightweight  Rollator: OasisSpace Ultra Folding Rollator

The OasisSpace Ultra Folding Rollator is a super adjustable rollator walker that keeps in mind that not everyone’s needs are exactly the same. Whether you need to adjust the height, width, or handles, this walker allows you to it easily.


Easy Fold Design

Some walkers claim to easily fold up and then when they arrive you are frustrated to discover that they are anything but easy to fold. Fortunately, the OasisSpace Ultra Folding Rollator does fold up with two easy button presses. It will even stand while in the folded position so you can easily squeeze through tight spaces without having to do any crazy maneuvering to do so.

Everything on this walker is easily adjustable. The wheels pop right off. The handle height is adjustable. The seat is extra wide but easily folds if you need it to.

Extra large comfortable seat

Despite being easy to fold and able to become narrow while standing, this walker still features a super large and comfotable seat. Whether you need the room or just like the room you are going to love the 18”x10” comfort chair. Some rollator walkers force you to cram into a tiny uncomfortable spot if you need to sit down but the OasisSpace Ultra Folding Rollator strikes the balance between adjustable and spacious super well.

8” gear wheels

The large eight inch gear-style wheels ensure sturdy stable crusing no matter what terrain you need to take your walker on. Whether you need to cut across the lawn, take a stroll down the beach or simply walk through the supermarket, these wheels are stable and comfortable. You will glide over a variety of surfaces with little to no issues.


  • Adjustable in every direction
  • Large stable wheels
  • Wide seat
  • Easy to fold and go


  • Lots of mechanisms
  • Fragile pins

Who is the model best for?

The OasisSpace Ultra Folding Rollator is the perfect walker for those of us who like to continually fiddle and adjust our personal items. If you are someone who adjusts their office chair a lot, you will like this walker. The ability to adjust the height and width while keeping a large comfortable seat and sturdy non-slip wheels is a great combination that is going to appeal to anyone who gets aches and kinks that require slight adjustments every once in a while.

Best Upright Lightweight Rollator: Vive Upright Rollator Walker

Vive Upright Rollator Walker - Stand Up with Seat and Armrests - Folding Heavy Duty for Seniors, Elderly, Handicap - Walking Assist, Lightweight and Foldable Transport Chair - Medical Mobility (Red)

Some people need an upright rollator walker as opposed to a standard rollator walker either via doctor’s orders or simple personal preference. For anyone who prefers an upright walker to a regular walker but are dismayed at the lack of options on the market, don’t worry. The Vive Uprgiht Rollator Walker is a fantastic lightweight rollator walker that is sure to fit your needs.


Allows for upright walking

The Vive Uprgiht Rollator Walker allows for seamless upright walking. It is just as if you are walking without the assistance of a rollator and keeps you nice and straight which helps with posture and back issues.

Locking brakes

Since this unit is much taller than other rollator walkers, it comes with a handy locking brake which ensures that when you leave your walker for whatever reason, it does not follow you to where you are going. The locking brake keeps your walker firmly in place either for standing or storing when not in use.

Still has a seat

Many upright walkers or canes do not allow for you to sit down if you grow fatigued. The Vive Uprgiht Rollator Walker still has a comfortable seat that is easy to get up and down from without sacrificing the upright nature of this rollator. It truly is the best of both worlds.


  • Keeps you upright
  • Great for your back
  • Still folds and allows for sitting


  • Not as comfortable as standard rollators
  • Poor return policy & customer service

Who is the model best for?

Not everyone wants to spend their days hunched over a walker but some people still need a walker to get around. This is a great standing walker that will fufill your doctor’s requirements for upright walking while still giving you the assistance you need to safely get around. It offers the best of both worlds. If you need a standing walker but still want the sitting features, advanced brakes and foldable design of other rollator walkers, this is the one for you.

Best Traditional Lightweight Rollator: Drive Medical 10257BL-1 Four Wheel Walker

Drive Medical 10257BL-1 Four Wheel Walker Rollator with Fold Up Removable Back Support

If you read all of that and said to yourself “I don’t need any of that fancy stuff”, not to worry. The Drive Medical Rollator Walker is your bar standard lightweight rollator walker with no frills or extras. It just works well and is comfortable. Oh, and it is available for a great price.


Four smooth wheels

A classic rollator walker features four wheels but not all walkers wheels are equal. Some walkers have small back wheels and large front wheels. Some walkers only have two good wheels and two cheap wheels. The Drive Medical Lightweight Rollator Walker has four similarly sized wheels that are super smooth and won’t mark any flooring you might use them on.

Basket or pouch options

The Drive Medical Lightweight Rollator Walker comes in two options that include either a standard wire basket or a closed bag to store your personal belongings under the seat. Not everyone wants their things exposed to the elements in a basket while others enjoy the easy freedom that an open basket provides.

Comfortable everything

This walker is supremely comfortable. It is universally regarded as one of the most comfortable walkers on the market for sitting, standing and walking. This is because of the super padded seat, large smooth wheels and excellent balance that this walker provides.


  • Reputable company
  • Classic design
  • Affordable


  • No frills
  • On the heavier end of lightweight

Who is the model best for?

This is your typical four-wheeled, lightweight rollator walker that can suit just about anyone’s basic walker needs. If you don’t want to fret over multiple options or invest a lot of money into your rollator walker, then this is the perfect option for you. It is functional, affordable and useful in many situations.


What is a lightweight rollator walker?

A lightweight rollator walker is a walker whose weight, generally, comes in under twenty pounds for the whole. There are many rollator walkers on the market with reinforced frames, bulky wheels, or extra large seats which can become very heavy very quickly.  These walkers are much harder to ship, store, and move, especially for those people whose muscles simply aren’t what they used to be.

That is why there are a large number of lightweight rollator walkers on the market that keep the weight at a more manageable level so no one has to struggle with their walker. A lightweight rollator walker has all of the same functionality and features as a standard rollator walker just at a more reasonable weight.

What is the typical price for a lightweight rollator walker?

The typical price for a lightweight rollator walker is one hundred dollars. There are some models that come in under a hundred dollars and a few that come in closer to a hundred and fifty dollars but typically one hundred is a good number to keep in mind.

If you are budgeting for your next rollator walker upgrade or need to talk to the insurance company about what they will cover, the one hundred dollar price tag is the one that will most likely get you close to the mark.

Top tips for buying your next lightweight rollator walker

  1. 1
    Find one that fits your lifestyle the best. Not all of these walkers are the same and each of them has features and benefits that are right for some people but not right for others. You do not want to simply pick a walker at random and dive in without choosing one that fits your lifestyle.

Some rollators are better suited for walking outdoors or on the beach. Other walkers have large or adjustable seats for bigger persons. Maybe your doctor has recommended that you use a standing rollator walker as opposed to a traditional configuration. Perhaps you are on a budget or were prescribed a specific brand by your doctor and the insurance company. All of these things must be taken into effect before choosing the walker that is right for you.

  1. 2
    Don’t overpay. Most reputable walkers are available for right around a hundred dollars. Do not let an insurance company, doctor, or smiling salesperson try and get you to buy a lightweight rollator walker for more money than they are worth. Some people try to push walkers that are two, three or even four hundred dollars. If you get suggested one of these pricey models, make sure to do extra research to ensure you aren’t getting ripped off. Everyone wants a good deal, not a bad steal.


If you keep this guide in mind while going to purchase your next lightweight rollator walker, you are sure to end up with the best fit for you.

There are a lot of products on the market and a lot of people pushing different things, especially toward seniors and it is always a good idea to have the best information fresh in the mind when making an important decision.

Rollator walkers are proven to help with many health problems, including mobility issues, obesity, and COPD, so getting one and getting the right one is vitally important.

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