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Best Rollator for Travel: Top Picks + Tips for Buying

By kbeveridge

Best Rollator for Travel

Rollators are excellent mobility aids if you need a little extra help getting around. However, there are also times when you will need to transport the walker. So, what should you look for in a rollator for travel?

The overall best rollator for travel is the Medline Premium Empower Rollator Walker with Seat. It is relatively lightweight and folds flat for easy transport, despite the broader seat that can accommodate larger bodies. The walker is also very resistant and durable.

In this guide, we discuss the pros and cons of the best rollators for travel. We also explain the benefits of these mobility aids and how you can choose the best model for your needs.

Rollator for Travel Reviews

Medline Premium Empower Rollator Walker with Seat, Comfort Handles and Thick Backrest, Folding Walker for Seniors, Microban Antimicrobial Protection, 8" Wheels, Red Frame


  • It has a wide seat and can support 300 pounds (136kg).
  • It has a wide seat and can support 300 pounds (136kg).
  • It has a step-inside option for safer walking.
  • The height is adjustable from 4’11” to 6’4” (1.5 to 1.93m).
  • It has antimicrobial protection for a long-lasting walker.
  • It includes multiple accessories like a backrest, cup holder, and tray organizer.


  • The rollator is wide and may not fit through some doors.

The Medline Premium Empower Rollator is the overall best rollator for travel. It weighs 17 pounds (7.7kg) and can support up to 300 pounds (136kg). It has an extra-wide seat and supports a variety of heights with an easily adjustable system.

It is an extremely resistant rollator with Microban protection on all surfaces. This treatment prevents bad smells, stains, and mold growth. This keeps you safe, as does the step-inside option. You can lift the seat and walk inside the frame for extra protection.

The main downside of this walker is its width. It may not fit through narrow spaces, and it can be heavy for some. However, it does fold extremely flat for easy transport.

We recommend this rollator for: someone looking for a portable and long-lasting rollator.

Best Budget Rollator for Travel: Medline Steel Foldable Adult Transport Rollator

Medline Steel Foldable Adult Transport Rollator Mobility Walker with 6” Wheels, Blue


  • The price is affordable and accessible.
  • It has a reinforced and durable frame that also folds flat.
  • The handles are adjustable and have a comfortable grip.
  • It has a backrest and a comfortable padded seat.
  • It can support higher weights of 350 pounds (159kg).
  • It has secure locking brakes.


  • The wheels are not suited to outdoor surfaces.
  • It may be too heavy for some people.
  • The seat height is not adjustable.

The Medline Steel Foldable Rollator is the best budget rollator for travel. It has a safe but straightforward design with a reinforced steel frame. Weighing 19 pounds (8.6kg), it can support up to 350 pounds (159kg). The walker folds flat for easy portability.

It is safe and comfortable, with handles that adjust up to 35” (88.9cm). It also features locking safety brakes, an accommodating padded seat, and a supportive backrest. Overall, it is incredibly durable and secure.

The main downside of this walker is its wheels and its weight. The six-inch (15.2cm) wheels are better suited to indoor surfaces and may be too bumpy outside. The rollator may also be too heavy for some people, and assistance lifting the device is recommended.

We recommend this rollator for: someone looking for portability on a budget.

Best Bariatric Rollator for Travel: DMI Rollator Walker with Extra Wide Seat and Backrest

DMI Rollator Walker with Extra Wide Seat and Backrest, Adjustable Handle Height, Removable Storage Basket and a Durable Lightweight Frame that Easily Folds while Supporting up to 375 pounds, Burgundy


  • It has a compact folding design, despite its extra-wide seat.
  • It can support heavier and wider bodies more comfortably.
  • The walker navigates well inside and outside.
  • The handles are adjustable up to 38” (96.5cm).
  • It is easy to assemble.


  • You may need assistance to lift the walker into a vehicle.
  • The wide frame may not fit through standard doorways.

The DMI Rollator Walker is the best bariatric rollator for travel. It features an extra-wide, 29.5 -inch (74.9cm) seat and can accommodate 375 pounds (170kg). Therefore, it is an excellent heavy-duty option for larger people.

It uses eight-inch (20.3cm) wheels, which work well on many surfaces, including concrete, grass, dirt, and gravel. You can assemble the rollator quickly and adjust the handles’ height from 34” to 38” (86.4 to 96.5cm). Therefore, it suits many different body sizes.

It folds flat for easy transport, but you may need some help to lift the 21-pound (9.5kg) frame. The wide design may also not fit through some doorways, so we recommend moving through them sideways.  


We recommend this rollator for: someone who weighs up to 375 pounds (170kg).

Best Outdoor Rollator for Travel: Drive Medical Heavy Duty Nitro Euro Style Rollator

Drive Medical Heavy Duty Nitro Euro Style Walker Rollator, Black


  • The oversized front wheels work well on uneven, outdoor surfaces.
  • It uses a caster-fork design to allow the walker to turn quickly.
  • It can support up to 450 pounds (204kg).
  • The rollator is foldable and extremely compact.


  • It is one of the more expensive options.
  • Depending on your strength, another person may have to lift it for you.

The Drive Medical Heavy Duty Nitro is the best outdoor rollator for travel. It uses a combination of ten-inch (25.4cm) front wheels and eight-inch (20.3cm) back wheels to move smoothly over various uneven terrains. If you like to visit parks or other locations, then it could be an excellent choice.

The walker is heavy-duty and can handle up to 450 pounds (204kg). You can also adjust the height with a simple push-button system. It uses a caster-fork that allows it to turn easily in all spaces.

This isn’t the cheapest or lightest rollator. However, you can fold the walker with one hand, and it becomes reasonably compact. If you’re looking for a mixture of portability and durability, it could be a sound option.

We recommend this rollator for: someone active who likes to visit many places.

Best Upright Rollator for Travel: ELENKER Upright Walker

ELENKER Upright Walker, Stand Up Folding Rollator Walker with 10” Front Wheels, Padded Armrests, Seat and Backrest for Seniors and Adults, Red


  • The upright design can correct posture and alleviate pressure from the back and shoulders.
  • It uses oversized wheels and a 360-degree swivel to operate inside and outside.
  • It has detachable accessories.
  • You can fold it side to side or flat for easy portability.
  • It includes a wide seat and backrest for comfortable sitting.
  • The rollator has brakes and an obstacle aid pedal for extra safety.


  • It is a less affordable rollator.
  • It is one of the heavier options.

The ELENKER Upright Walker is the best upright rollator for travel. It can support heights from 5’ to 6’1” (1.5 to 1.85m) with adjustable armrests. The vertical design also prevents hunching over and can improve posture in the long-run.

It uses oversized wheels and can swivel in a complete circle, allowing you to move easily across any terrain. You can also rest as needed with the wide and comfortable seat with a supportive backrest.

The rollator has standard handbrakes and an additional obstacle aid pedal. You can step on it when moving across uneven surfaces to prevent tipping or falling.

This rollator is one of the heaviest and more expensive options. However, it could be worth the investment if you want to protect your back in the long-term.

We recommend this rollator for: someone who wants to maintain good posture in the long-term.

Rollator for Travel FAQ

What Is a Rollator?

A rollator is a kind of walker that includes wheels on each of the legs. It usually has four wheels, although three-wheel options are available. Most rollators also include a seat in the middle, allowing you to sit as needed.

Unlike traditional walkers, you do not have to lift a rollator. Because of its wheels, you push it along the ground while you walk. It can help you to balance and move more efficiently.

However, it is not suitable to rest your weight on while standing. The wheels could slip out from under you and cause you to fall.

Can I Bring a Rollator on a Plane?

If you need to travel by plane, you may be wondering if you can take your rollator into the cabin with you. In the United States, rollators and other walkers fall under the classification of assistive devices. Therefore, airlines recognize them as necessary equipment for people with disabilities.

Suppose you want to take it in the cabin. In that case, you must store the rollator in the overhead compartment, under the seat, or in another dedicated storage area in the plane. If the rollator cannot fit, the airline can store it in the aircraft’s hold at no extra cost.

We recommend speaking directly with the airline before taking your flight. They can advise you on the exact procedures for traveling with your rollator.

What Are the Advantages of Using a Rollator?

There are numerous advantages to using a rollator walker:

  • More mobility: Rollators can roll across surfaces and move in various directions. By letting the rollator help you move, you can move faster and across greater distances.
  • More balance: If you struggle to maintain balance and sometimes fall down, a rollator can help you maintain stability. However, take care not to rest all of your weight on the walker while standing.
  • More independence: Mobility aids like rollators allow you to move around with minimal assistance. This could be liberating if you have relied on a nurse or other helper before.
  • Opportunity to rest: Most rollators have seats that let you sit down to rest. This feature could be a lifesaver if you struggle with fatigue or breathlessness.
  • Versatility: Many rollators function both inside and outside. If you like to get out and about, the walker can grant you more freedom.
  • Increased fitness: When used consistently, a rollator can increase your aerobic fitness. Consequently, you can improve your overall health and reduce the risk of obesity, diabetes, and other disorders.
  • Better posture: When the rollator fits your measurements, it can improve your posture. If this is a top priority, you should consider an upright rollator walker.

What to Look for in a Rollator for Travel?

There are a few factors to consider when choosing a rollator for travel:

  • Weight: Rollators can range from lightweight to heavy-duty models. You will need to lift it in and out of a vehicle, so aim for a weight that you can comfortably handle.
  • Foldable design: Most rollators have seats and can be wide and bulky. By choosing a model that folds into a compact shape, you will have an easier time transporting it.
  • Maximum load: Rollator walkers have a maximum weight that they can support. Check that the model can hold your body without damaging the frame. You should also check that the seat is wide enough to accommodate your hips.
  • Height and adjustability: Most rollators have adjustable handlebars that let you change the size of the walker. You should measure yourself beforehand so you can get the best fit for your body.
  • Wheels: You can usually choose between models with six or eight-inch (15.2 or 20.3cm) wheels. The larger wheels are more suitable if you want to navigate outdoor terrains.
  • Wheels: You can usually choose between models with six or eight-inch (15.2 or 20.3cm) wheels. The larger wheels are more suitable if you want to navigate outdoor terrains.


In conclusion, the overall best rollator for travel is the Medline Premium Empower Rollator Walker with Seat. It is sturdy and resistant, with a compact folding design that can fit in most vehicles.

Rollators can be helpful if you are looking for more independence, extra balance, and a better quality of life. The walker can increase your fitness, lets you rest, and can even improve your posture.

When choosing a rollator for travel, your top priority should be a lightweight and compact design. You should also make sure that the rollator fits your height and weight, with plenty of durability to last for years.

Overall, choosing a portable rollator allows you to move more easily in all kinds of environments. By investing in the right option, you can travel almost anywhere that you like.

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