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Medline Lightweight Wheelchair Review (2023): A Lightweight Wheelchair That Moves You!

By Maurice

Medline Lightweight Wheelchair Review

The Medline Lightweight Wheelchair is a product that moves you. It makes a statement when you see it, it keeps you mobile when you need it and all of its components also move to make your life easier. It folds, it flips, it zips and it skips the high price tag of other similar wheelchairs.

The Medline Lightweight Wheelchair is a quality product that ticks all of the most important boxes when it comes to features we love and features you demand out of a piece of durable medical equipment (DME).

Review of: Medline Lightweight Wheelchair

Medline MDS806500NE Wheelchair, K4 Basic

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What We Like:

  • High weight capacity
  • Comfortable
  • Great customer service

What We Don’t Like:

  • Narrow armrest
  • Not the cheapest chair

Our Conclusion: The Medline Lightweight Wheelchair is an excellent self propelled wheelchair that will appeal to many people. It is lightweight, durable, functional, comfortable, and affordable. 

Features of the Medline Lightweight Wheelchair

Flip-back arms and elevated legs

The Medline Lightweight Wheelchair features both flip-back arms and elevated leg rests for maximum comfort and adjustability. The elevated leg rests feature padded pressure point support that rests behind the knee so you can keep an injured leg or foot elevated without having to do any of the work yourself which goes a long way towards reducing pain.

The flip-back arms allow you to wheel yourself right up to a desk or table without having the arms be in the way. Wheelchairs with static arms can be a pain to get to sit nicely at a table without having the arms keeping you too far from the surface you need to use.

Foldable and portable

One of the best parts of this wheelchair is the ease at which it folds down to a super portable and manageable size. At only 33.5lbs, this is a light chair that is super easy to move around when folded. There are no complicated parts or pieces needed to get the Medline Lightweight Wheelchair to collapse. It simply breaks down in one fluid motion allowing you to easily put it into a vehicle or store it away somewhere until it is needed again.

Large smooth wheels

The Medline Lightweight Wheelchair is a self propelled wheelchair. Self propelled wheelchairs are only as good as their wheels. If you have wheels that don’t move well or require a lot of work it can make using them a chore when it is supposed to be easy. This wheelchair has large smooth wheels that are 24” in size meaning you get a lot of movement per pull while using it. They also feature innovative flat-free tires meaning they cannot deflate like a traditional bike tire. That cuts down on maintenance of the wheels and tires dramatically.

Specifications of the Medline Lightweight Wheelchair

Medline MDS806500NE Wheelchair, K4 Basic

When researching durable medical equipment, getting a complete specification breakdown is extremely important. Any device that is going to be used regularly, used for your health, or has any kind of weight or dimensional restrictions needs to be considered carefully. No one wants a wheelchair that won’t support their weight or can’t fit through their door or won’t sit nicely in your vehicle. Knowing and understanding the specifications of the wheelchair you are looking to buy is extremely important which is why we have provided a comprehensive specification table for you to study in detail.








Back Height




Frame Material


Axel Type


Rear Wheel Size


Weight Capacity






Video Overview of Medline Lightweight Wheelchair

Pros of the Medline Lightweight Wheelchair


  • High weight capacity

There are a lot of wheelchairs on the market that only have weight capacities that run from 200lbs to 250lbs. This is fine for some people but can be a huge turn off for other people who might need a more durable chair to fit their lives. That is what makes the Medline Lightweight Wheelchair’s 300lb weight capacity such a great addition to a chair, especially at this price point. You do not need to pay for large expensive upgrades to get the weight capacity you need out of a comfortable foldable wheelchair.

  • Comfortable

This wheelchair is very comfortable. All of the features have been designed to ensure that your time spent in the Medline Lightweight Wheelchair is comfortable and easy. The elevated leg rests, the large smooth wheels, the nylon fabric, and the large back all work together to create a comfortable wheelchair experience.

Many wheelchairs are comfortable for a little while but few are comfortable for a long while. The Medline K4 Lightweight Wheelchair is one of the rare exceptions for a self propelled wheelchair where it is comfortable more often than it is not.

  • Great customer service

Something that is becoming rarer and rarer in our modern world is the presence of consistently good customer service for products. One of the biggest pros that this wheelchair offers is great and personal customer service and technical support. The customer support is responsive, modern, and has multiple options for people to get in touch and share their problems with Medline so that they can work to an amicable and effective solution.


  • Narrow armrests

One of the only major complaints about this chair’s build is that the armrests are a little narrow. The rest of the wheelchair is sturdy and wide and made to support people up to 300lbs which makes the narrow armrests stick out. If you need to rest your arms on them for long periods of time they can get uncomfortable. The rest of the chair very comfortable and well designed but the armrests could have been just a little wider.

  • Not the cheapest chair

If you are on a strict budget, this chair might cause you some issues. While it is not an expensive wheelchair by any means, it is still more money than some of the more budget friendly wheelchairs available online. At a price that usually approaches $200 at most retailers, this wheelchair can be $50 or more than similar chairs in the same price range. If you are someone who needs a solid wheelchair fast and cheap, you might be turned off by the price tag.

Who is the Medline Lightweight Wheelchair Best for?

The Medline Lightweight Wheelchair is going to be a wheelchair that is best for a lot of people. It is comfortable, largely affordable, portable, and has an above average weight capacity. All of these things put together make for a very versatile and popular wheelchair.

Anyone looking for a quality wheelchair that they need to use consistently or even constantly will find a lot to love about the Medline Lightweight Wheelchair. This chair is doubly great for anyone who needs a chair with a little bit of a higher weight capacity without needing a full blown bariatric wheelchair.

Product Resources – Medline Lightweight Wheelchair

If you are curious about the complete specifications, customer service, and available resources for this wheelchair you can find everything you need with the links listed here. Medline has a modern and effective customer service center that allows for phone calls or even remote access help. This allows you to pursue help in whatever method makes you the most comfortable. The remote access help is truly modern as it allows you to upload diagnostic information directly to Medline in order to get quality personalized customer service care.

Top Comparable Wheelchair: Drive Medical Blue Streak Wheelchair

Drive Medical Blue Streak Wheelchair with Flip Back Desk Arms, Swing Away Footrests, 18 Inch Seat

If you are looking for perspective on a wheelchair with similar quality from a competing brand, you are going to want to take a look at the Drive Medical Blue Streak Wheelchair. Like Medline, Drive Medical is a well respected company within the DME market with a strong history of crafting quality products for a broad audience.

This wheelchair is one of the best selling models on the internet today, it is available for a fair price and it comes with many of the same features as the Medline Lightweight Wheelchair. The downside to the similar Drive Medical model is that it is not as heavy duty as the Medline model. It only has a weight capacity of 250lbs instead of 300lbs. This would be a decent choice for anyone looking for a standard wheelchair without a heavy frame that is good for consistent but not constant use.  

Affordable Medical Supply Store Medline Lightweight Wheelchair Review

Wrapping Up

Overall, the Medline Lightweight Wheelchair has everything you want out of a wheelchair including flip-back arms, smooth wheels, elevated leg supports, and excellent customer service. If you are in the market for a quality wheelchair that has these kinds of features and benefits, you would be doing yourself a disservice if you did not consider the Medline Lightweight Wheelchair.

Medline MDS806500NE Wheelchair, K4 Basic

Medline Lightweight Wheelchair (Click image for more info)

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