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Who Buys Used Wheelchairs Near Me? How to Sell a Wheelchair

By Maurice

buy used wheelchair near me

Have you recently recovered from an illness that had you using a wheelchair? Or did you get to upgrade from your current wheelchair? Then you probably have a used wheelchair just taking up unnecessary space in your home.

The question now is, what should you do with your old wheelchair? The obvious answer is: sell it!

But how? And to who? Where? This article aims to answer all these questions so you can sell your used wheelchair in confidence.

Let’s get right into it!

Can You Sell a Used Wheelchair?

Yes, there is nothing stopping you from selling your used wheelchair. As long as you took care of it during your time with it and there is no serious damage to the wheelchair, you can even get a reasonable price for your old wheelchair.

There are several ways to sell used wheelchairs, and it’s a bit different from selling new products. But, as you’ll learn from this article, it’s not impossible, and it’s not very difficult.

Who Buys Used Wheelchairs Near Me?

Finding someone who is interested in buying a wheelchair near you may seem like it’s going to be very challenging. But it doesn’t have to be. There are many places near you that will serve as the perfect platform for your sale.

Thrift Stores

If there are thrift stores in your area, you should be able to sell it to them at a reasonable price.


Goodwill often has used wheelchairs for sale. And where do you think they get these wheelchairs? From people like you, of course!

Auction Houses

This may seem like an odd place to sell used wheelchairs, but you’d be surprised at how many people show up just to find an affordable wheelchair.

Classified Ads

You can place an ad in your local newspaper to announce that you’re selling your wheelchair. Your ad might not get a lot of attention, though, because many people turn to the internet rather than newspapers these days.


There are many, many online sites where you can put your used wheelchair up for sale. Sites like eBay and Craigslist make it really easy to sell old items quickly and at a good price.

Yard Sale

If there are no stores in your area, or they’re not giving you the price you’re looking for, then you can always have a yard sale and make the used wheelchair the focal point. You might even make a little extra money with the other items you sell along with the wheelchair.

Where to Sell Your Used Wheelchair In-Store

Selling your wheelchair in-store might be a little bit tougher than online or at your own yard sale. It’s still possible though.

You can visit centers that sell wheelchairs to the public and find out if they’re interested in buying your used wheelchair. You can also visit pawn shops and similar stores that tend to sell a variety of items and try selling your wheelchair to them.

Perhaps local clinics and medical centers might also be interested in your used wheelchair. Just drive around and find out, you might be surprised where you end up selling your item.

What Used Wheelchair Retailers Look For

Before you try selling your used wheelchair, you need to make sure you meet the requirements of buyers. If you don’t, you might lose out and not get your wheelchair sold at all, or for a much lower price than you’d expected.

Reasonable Prices

You may have a specific price you want to ask for your used wheelchair, but it might not be reasonable or realistic. Remember, it’s used and won’t give the new owner the same experience as a new wheelchair would. Find ads for used wheelchairs, look at the condition of the items for sale, and compare them to yours. Use this info to determine a fair price for your wheelchair.

Clean Wheelchair

Even if your wheelchair is a few years old, there’s no excuse to sell it with stains or dirty marks. Give the wheelchair a good and thorough clean before selling it. Chances are you’ll get more for the item if it’s shiny and good-looking.


Expect potential buyers to want to take a look at the wheelchair before they buy it. They may also want to try it out first to be certain it will be comfortable. Don’t deny them this, or you’ll lose out on the sale.

Where to Sell Your Used Wheelchair Online

ebay wheelchair

There really are many online sites where you can easily and quickly sell your used wheelchair. Here are the main sites to consider:


This site has been around for many years and it lets people bid on items. Create an auction for your wheelchair and wait for interested buyers to start bidding. You can also add a ‘Buy Now’ price for those who don’t want to bid but buy immediately.


Craigslist is one of the most popular online classified ad sites and it’s easy to use. You can sell to your local area with ease and get into contact with interested buyers on the site itself or leave your number to be contacted directly. (This might be risky, though!)

The Mobility Market USA

This is a site that connects people who want to sell or buy used wheelchairs and other mobility aids. Since the sole purpose of the site is selling and buying these kinds of items, it might be easier to sell your wheelchair here.

How to Sell a Wheelchair – Tips for Making the Sale

Selling a used wheelchair isn’t only about putting yours up for sale. There are a few things to remember that will make your sales journey a little easier.

Take High-Quality Photos

You should take as many photos of the wheelchair as you can so you can find the best ones. Make sure you get the wheelchair from all angles and that the quality of the photos are all really high.

Make a Video

If you can, record a video while you walk around the wheelchair to give potential buyers a really good idea of the wheelchair and how it looks.

Be Honest

Be upfront about any damage the wheelchair may have suffered or any dents or other issues that might upset buyers if they only find out about them after buying.

Be Detailed

When you write a description of the wheelchair, be as detailed as you can. Share all the specs of the wheelchair and you won’t receive as many calls asking for more information.


There you have it—ways to sell your used wheelchair to interested buyers in your area. All you have to do now is follow the advice shared here!

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  1. Jan Larsen - Heartland Fire Protection

    I was wondering if you would be able to help me. My husband died a year ago this December, he was a quadriplegic & nonverbal he had a wheelchair that had eye gaze and a computer to help him speak. It was a $50,000.00 wheelchair. My husband wasn’t able to have life insurance because he was on Medicaid, I’m still paying for his funeral. I was wondering if you would happen to know of anyone or anywhere, I could possibly sell it. I have a video of my husband using the wheelchair & the quote from Nu Motion where he got it from.
    I understand your probably very busy, but it would be a huge blessing to me and my family if we could find some place to sell it, I understand we most likely wouldn’t get near what it’s worth, but I’d love to bless someone like my husband Tom that would really need it and could be a life changer for them. As it truly was for my husband.
    You can either call me or email me or work, phone is 402-640-8870.
    Jan Larsen

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