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Carex Transport Chair Review (2023): Budget-Friendly + Portable

By kbeveridge

Carex Transport Chair Review

Carex is one of the most popular mobility aid companies, with a wide range of transport chairs. and wheelchairs for seniors. If you’re in the market for a transport wheelchair, you may have come across this brand. So, what sets the Carex Transport Chair apart from the competition?

The Carex Transport Chair is a budget-friendly and lightweight transport wheelchair that you can fold up and take anywhere. Despite its lightness, it has a higher than average weight limit and a wider seat. However, it lacks some safety features and does not navigate very well on bumpy surfaces.

This Carex Transport Chair review guide evaluates the wheelchair against various criteria. We examine the product in-depth, compare it to the competition, and help you see if it could fit your needs and lifestyle.

Review of: Carex Transport Chair

Carex Transport Wheelchair With 19 inch Seat - Folding Transport Chair with Foot Rests - Foldable Wheel Chair for Travel and Storage, 1 Count

Please click image for more info

What We Like:

  • Affordable
  • Lightweight & Portable
  • Higher weight capacity
  • Large storage compartment
  • Locking brakes

What We Don’t Like:

  • Small wheels
  • Lacks anti-tippers

Our Conclusion: The Carex Transport Chair is another quality offering from the reputable mobility aid brand. If you’re still in doubt if you need a transport wheelchair, we recommend chatting to your doctor and discussing your needs.

Specifications of the Carex Transport Chair 

Carex Transport Wheelchair With 19 inch Seat - Folding Transport Chair with Foot Rests - Foldable Wheel Chair for Travel and Storage, 1 Count

Carex Transport Chair

Color Blue
Weight (not including accessories) 25.5lb (11.6kg)
Weight capacity 300lb (136.1kg)
Seat size 19 inches (48.3cm)
Wheel size 8 inches (20.3cm)
Braking system Handbrake at base
Armrest type Fixed
Legrest type Swing-away
Dimensions 30 x 23 x 16 inches (76.2 x 58.4 x 40.6cm)

Pros and Cons of the Carex Transport Chair

Like all wheelchairs, the Carex Transport Chair has its pros and cons.


  • It is one of the most affordable transport wheelchairs available.
  • It folds down and is relatively lightweight for easier portability.
  • The transport chair has a seatbelt for extra stability.
  • It has a higher than average weight capacity.
  • It includes a large storage compartment.
  • The footrests are adjustable, removable, and swing away.
  • The seat is wider than the average wheelchair.
  • It is straightforward to assemble.
  • It maneuvers well around corners and can fit through most doorways.
  • It has locking brakes.


  • The small wheels make it unsuitable for bumpy and outdoor terrains.
  • It doesn’t have companion brakes.
  • It lacks anti-tippers.
  • It does not include storage space.

Features of the Carex Transport Chair

Carex Transport Wheelchair With 19 inch Seat - Folding Transport Chair with Foot Rests - Foldable Wheel Chair for Travel and Storage, 1 Count


It has a decent comfort level for short trips. The transport chair features padded armrests, a firm upholstery back, and footrests to stabilize your legs. It is also wider than some other models, allowing you to sit comfortably without pressure on your hips or legs.

However, it may cause some discomfort during long trips. Transport wheelchairs are not intended for several hours of use, so you should keep this in mind before buying one.

Safety Features

The Carex Transport Chair has a seatbelt to keep you stable while in motion. It sits low across the hips and can clip closed to stabilize you. It also has footrests that you can use to support your legs’ weight and prevent them from slipping.

However, it lacks some of the sophisticated safety features of other transport wheelchairs. Firstly, it does not have companion brakes. The hand brake is next to the base of the chair, meaning that your carer has to lean down to use it. This could be potentially hazardous on slopes.

The transport chair also does not have anti-tippers on the backs of the wheels. You should take extra care when going up or down hills to avoid accidents. However, it does have locking wheels for safer transfers to other chairs.


It does not allow you to adjust many of the features. The seat and armrests are fixed in place, so you cannot change the height. Therefore, it may be uncomfortable for very tall or short people.

However, you can adjust the footrests to fit your legs. This process is straightforward and shouldn’t pose any issues.


The Carex Transport Wheelchair is a bit more durable than the average chair in this price range. It has a steel frame that can comfortably support up to 300lb (136.1kg). While it is not a bariatric model, this may be enough for people who are slightly too heavy for other transport chairs.


It is not the most versatile option. The wheels are only 8 inches in diameter, one of the smallest measurements for transport wheelchairs. Therefore, they cannot navigate well on bumpy surfaces like soil, grass, or gravel. It could be uncomfortable to travel outside for long periods.

However, the transport wheelchair has adequate handling inside. It is relatively narrow and has a good turning radius, allowing you to navigate around furniture and corners.


The Carex Transport Chair could be viable if you are looking for portability. It weighs only 25.5lb (11.6kg). While this isn’t the most lightweight model on the market, it is light enough for most people to lift without assistance.

It also fits well in small spaces. You can take off the footrests and fold down the frame until it is flat. This design allows you to put it inside your car trunk or storage space. If you have a small vehicle or home, this could be an excellent space-saver.

Extra Features

It is only available in one color: metallic blue. It also does not have a storage compartment or pouch to put your valuables or other possessions.

Video Overview of Carex Transport Chair

Who Should Buy the Carex Transport Chair?

Carex Transport Wheelchair With 19 inch Seat - Folding Transport Chair with Foot Rests - Foldable Wheel Chair for Travel and Storage, 1 Count

People Who Mostly Travel Indoors

With its small, smooth wheels, the Carex Transport Chair works well indoors. It can glide across surfaces like tiles or floorboards and navigate around restrictive corners. If you are primarily looking for a transport chair to use inside houses, shopping malls, and other buildings, it could be suitable.

We don’t recommend it for outdoor surfaces, so you should keep this in mind if you go outside a lot.

People Who Take Short Trips

This transport wheelchair is a portable option. With its lightweight frame, folding design, and removable accessories, you can fit it in small spaces and lift it with minimal effort. Therefore, it can suit people who travel around a lot.

However, because the chair is not the most comfortable option, it is more suitable for short trips. If you spend long hours outside of the house, you should probably opt for a different model.

People on a Budget

The Carex Transport Chair is excellent value for money and is one of the cheapest transport wheelchairs on the market. It has its limitations, but overall it is a functional chair that can serve you well. If you are mindful of your budget, it could be viable.

Carex Transport Chair Resources

Carex Transport Chair Vs. Drive Medical TR39E-SV Lightweight Transport Wheelchair

Carex Transport Wheelchair With 19 inch Seat - Folding Transport Chair with Foot Rests - Foldable Wheel Chair for Travel and Storage, 1 Count Drive Medical TR39E-SV Lightweight Steel Transport Wheelchair, Fixed Full Arms, 19" Seat, Silver

The Drive Medical TR39E-SV Lightweight Transport Wheelchair and the Carex Transport Chair are two of the most affordable options on the market. What sets these two similar transport wheelchairs apart?

  • Comfort: Both models have a similar comfort level. They include nylon upholstery and padded armrests. However, they may cause discomfort after a few hours of use.
  • Safety features: Both transport wheelchairs use hand brakes near the base and include seatbelts across the chair. However, the Drive Medical model also has heel loops on the footrests. Therefore, it could be more suitable if you need stability in the legs and feet.
  • Durability: The Drive Medical wheelchair is a less durable option. It can only support the standard 250lb (113.4kg). Although it also has a steel frame, it is a less hardy chair overall.
  • Adjustability: Neither of the wheelchairs allows you to adjust the seat or armrests. They both let you change the footrests’ height, but this is limited to average height ranges.
  • Versatility: Both transport wheelchairs have the same handling indoors and outdoors. Because of their 8-inch (20.3cm) castor wheels, they have decent handling on smooth surfaces but can suffer on outdoor terrains.
  • Portability: The Drive Medical TR39E-SV is slightly heavier at 26lb (11.8kg). However, this weight difference is so nominal that we argue that they have the same degree of portability.
  • Extra features: Neither of the wheelchairs offers storage space. The Drive Medical chair also only offers one color option: silver.

The Verdict

The Drive Medical TR39E-SV and the Carex Transport Chair are very similar models. However, the Carex has a slightly lighter frame and higher weight capacity. The Drive Medical unit may be preferable if you need extra leg stability.

Carex Transport Chair Review Conclusion

In conclusion, the Carex Transport Chair is an affordable and lightweight option if you want a transport wheelchair. It also has decent indoor maneuverability and is more durable than similarly priced options. However, it performs less well outside and also lacks some of the safety features of other models. It could be the right transport chair for you if you are looking to save money and use the wheelchair for short trips. It works best indoors and is also an excellent portable choice if you travel a lot.

Carex Transport Wheelchair With 19 inch Seat - Folding Transport Chair with Foot Rests - Foldable Wheel Chair for Travel and Storage, 1 Count

Carex Transport Chair (Click image for more info)

Compared to the Drive Medical TR39E-SV Lightweight Transport Wheelchair, the Carex Transport Chair has a very similar design. However, it can support more weight and weighs a little less.


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