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How Much Does A Lift Chair Weigh? Complete Guide to Lift Chair Dimensions

By Maurice

How Much Does A Lift Chair Weigh

A lift chair is definitely a worthy investment if you have mobility limitations that make sitting down and getting up a hassle. Ideally, this chair comfortably gives you a boost to your ideal position where you can comfortably stand or sit on your own.

This article will come in handy to your questions about lift chairs, including how much does a lift chair weigh, their different available types, their dimensions, and of course, how you can buy the best that perfectly suits your needs.

What is a Lift Chair?

Lift Chair Troubleshooting

Most people often mix up between standard recliners and lift chairs. While there might be some similarities, these are totally different. A lift chair is an advanced recliner with a patented lifting mechanism. Moreover, it features additional features such as heat, massage, and the ability to take several positions.

With the touch of a button, a lift chair’s lifting mechanism allows you to recline to your desired position. Furthermore, it pushes the chair from the base and forward so you can effortlessly stand if you are in a sitting position. These chairs are defined by the following characteristics:

Types of Lift Chairs

Just like standard recliners, there are different types of lift chairs as well as major manufacturers of lift chairs. These come with different features and abilities. However, they are equally important, and your needs often determine which type of chair you purchase.

The most common lift chair types feature the following:

2- Position Lift Chairs

Two-Position Chair Lift – Courtesy of 1800 Wheelchair

Also popularly identified as wall savers, this type of lift chair reclines to an angle of 45 degrees. Moreover, they run on a single motor which reclines the backrest and the footrest as a single unit. This means when the backrest reclines, the footrest also flips into position and cannot be operated independently.

A two-position lift chair is ideal for use for moderate amounts of time, mostly 3-4 hours. You can use it when sitting, reading, or watching TV, but it is non-optimal when you want to sleep. It is also relatively smaller than other lift chairs.

3- Position Lift Chairs

Three-Position Lift Chair

A 3- Position Lift Chair is arguably the most popular type of lift chair available today. This chair reclines to an angle of 180 degrees which is almost a flat position. However, when the chair inclines, your body assumes a V shape at the hips. Moreover, the knees and the feet appear at a higher position than your hips. This makes it perfect for taking naps or sitting for moderate periods.

Like 2-position types, this chair also features a single motor. As such, the footrest and the backrest cannot operate independently; when the backrest reclines, the footrest also flips up into position. This chair is relatively more expensive, and some of its models have therapeutic value, offering heat and basic massage.

Infinite Position Lift Chairs

Infinite Position

Infinite Position lift chairs are the most expensive types of lift chairs in the market today. They are also known as full reclines and are considered the most comfortable lift chairs available. Moreover, they not only come with two motors but can also fully recline until the footrest, and the backrest are parallel to the floor. Even better, you can adjust the backrest and the footrest independent of each other to your comfort.

These chairs are specially designed for you if you spend most of your day sitting. You can also use them when reading, relaxing, watching TV, or sleeping on either your stomach or back. They also come with heat and massage options.

Other Types

Other types of advanced lift chairs can also feature the following:

  • Trendelenburg Position – This is a lift chair with some medical benefits that come in handy to help alleviate back problems and improve circulation. It fully reclines with the feet of the user positioned higher than the head.
  • Zero-gravity position – This is another incredible chair that fully reclines with the head of the user positioned higher than the hips. Moreover, it allows the knees to bend slightly while the lower body is placed higher than the heart. This helps to alleviate spinal pressure, improve circulation while reducing muscle tension.

Dimensions of major types of lift chairs

Of course, lift chairs come in different sizes according to your needs, comfort concerns, and safety. However, their dimensions are equally important when you are buying your chair. Such dimensions include depth, and width, among others. Lift chair dimensions can be explained through the following measurements:

Tips for Finding the Best Lift Chair for Your Needs

There are many types of lift chairs in the market today but getting the right one that suits your needs can be quite engaging. However, with the right information, your search for your perfect match does not need to be complicated. Here are some critical features and factors you can put into consideration when buying your chair:


Lift chairs come in a wide range of sizes. As such, it is important to critically assess the chair’s dimensions before you buy it. Always ensure you go for the appropriate chair for your weight and height. Remember, if you get a chair that is either too small or too large for you, it will not serve your needs well. Even worse, it might not be safe when you want to stand or sit.


In spite of your needs, the weight of your pockets will have a significant say on the kind of chair you purchase. Luckily, there are lots of incredible chairs that are quite pocket-friendly yet offer quality features. Of course, there are chairs with multiple features, but the more features they offer, the more expensive they are likely to be. If you have a somehow tight budget, you can always go for the cheapest chair with the specific features that serve your needs.

In another perspective, while the pricing is important, the warranty is also a significant factor. Be keen to go for the products with the best warranties, guarantees, or repair plans to protect your lift chair.

Type of Chair

When buying your lift chair, you can choose a 2- position, 3-position, or infinite chair. However, the type of chair you choose is determined by how much time you intend to spend on your chair. If you are bound to spend a considerable amount of your time on your chair, you are better off with either a 3- position or infinite chair, but a 2-position lift chair will be just fine for short periods.


Spacing is another critical factor you must consider when buying your lift chair. Ideally, you cannot buy a lift chair that cannot fit in your available space. Remember, you need enough space behind and in front of your chair for it to fully recline. Consequently, you can always go for the small-sized lift chairs if you have limited space.

Intended Use

The purpose of your chair can also determine the kind of chair you choose to buy. Do you want a therapeutic option? Do you have mobility issues? Are you looking for comfort? These are among the helpful questions that can help assess your needs. Ideally, you are bound to buy a different option from a person with swollen legs if you just want a napping lift chair.

Additional Features

If you have some special needs, you can consider getting a lift chair with additional features to serve these needs. For instance, for individuals with back problems or related ailments, a chair with a heated seat and massage is quite appropriate. Moreover, to prevent swollen legs due to the build-up of fluids, you can go for the option that elevates your feet in the possible right position to improve circulation.

Getting the right lift chair that can serve your needs satisfactorily is more than just visiting your local store. There is a lot to know about these chairs before you can comfortably pick your ideal choice. Consequently, it is important to seek the counsel of a reputable specialist or even your physician before you make a purchase. This way, you can comfortably make an informed decision when making your choice.

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