Best Small Lift Chairs

Best Small Lift Chairs (2021): 5 Top Petite Lift Chairs Reviewed

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Best Small Lift Chairs

Lift chairs are a great way for seniors to relax, retain independence, and avoid injuries and pain while standing/sitting.

However, not all lift chairs fit each person’s body - that’s why petite lift chairs are crucial for seniors who are smaller than average.

If you’re shorter than 5’6” and have a small frame, read our list of the best small lift chairs to find a petite lift chair that suits you!

What is a Petite Lift Chair?

Lift chairs are recliners that have electric motors in them which help the user sit down, stand up, and recline. These chairs are very helpful for people who have injuries, limited mobility, arthritis, or balance issues. Lift chairs can also have massage motors and heating pads built-in to increase your comfort and help you reduce any swelling and pain you might have.

Not all lift chairs are fit for every senior, however. Some are much too large, others are far too small. If you’re shorter than most people or have a generally “petite” stature, you may find many lift chairs to be uncomfortable. Lift chairs are typically made with lots of plush cushioning; if you’re smaller, a large lift chair with such cushioning can feel like it’s swallowing you! That’s why petite lift chairs are crucial to your comfort and ability to benefit from using a lift chair.

Petite lift chairs are similar to average and large-sized lift chairs in every way except for one: dimensions. These chairs are scaled down a bit to be suitable for people who are shorter than 5’6” and have a smaller frame. Outside of that, you can get all the same benefits from a petite chair as you would any other!

What Are the Benefits of a Petite Lift Chair?

Lift chairs are an essential medical device for many seniors; they’re so beneficial, in fact, that you can get one prescribed by a doctor and paid for by Medicare! The benefits of using a lift chair are wide-ranging and can be hard to describe; however, they are very easy to perceive when you start using one!

Pressure Relief and Swelling

This is one of the biggest benefits of using a petite lift chair. When you recline in your chair, you can take the pressure of gravity away from your hips and lower back and evenly distribute it across your body. If you have arthritis or are recovering from a recent injury/surgery, your body needs all the relief it can get; when your body isn’t subjected to as much pressure, it can heal faster.

Reclining your chair is also useful to reduce swelling in your joints, particularly the knees. Frequent knee pain affects 25% of all adults and causes swelling and stiffness. Reclining in a lift chair gives your knees a chance to breathe, reducing swelling, stiffness, and pain.

Standing and Sitting

When you have any medical concern or condition that limits your mobility, simple things such as standing and sitting become increasingly difficult. Standing/sitting is especially difficult on deep, plush furniture like couches and recliners. This is the purpose for which lift chairs were built: they do all the work of sitting and standing for you, saving your joints, muscles, and bones a lot of pain in the process. If getting off the couch has become more painful over the last few years, a petite lift chair might be exactly what you need!

Alternative/Companion to Hospital Bed

Hospital beds are fantastic and necessary devices for many seniors, but sitting in the same place you sleep day in and day out can grow old quickly. If you use a hospital bed but can still move about on your own, you may want to consider getting a lift chair. You can safely sit and recline in a lift chair during the day and shift back to your hospital bed at night. This gives you a bit more freedom, choice, and independence as a person who is using a hospital bed either in the short or long term!

5 Top Petite Lift Chairs for Seniors (2021)

1. Best Petite Lift Chair (Overall): Mcombo Small Sized Electric Recliner Chair

Mcombo Small Sized Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair Sofa with Massage and Heat for Small Elderly People Petite, 3 Positions, 2 Side Pockets, USB Ports, Faux Leather 7409 (Small, Black)

If you’re a senior who is less than 5’6”, this is the best lift chair for you. It’s designed exactly for people your size, it has heat and massage functions, and it’ll fit nearly any budget. The headrest is very plush, functioning very well as a pillow when you want to take a nap. It will recline nearly to a flat position, giving you a full range of options for relaxing and reclining.

While this chair isn’t as luxurious as models that cost $1,500+, it goes toe-to-toe with those models in terms of performance. It’s a simple chair that fits most decor styles and does everything that you need it to do. For less than $500, you get a chair that will help you relieve pain, relax comfortably, and lessen your chance of injury while sitting and standing!

2. Best Vinyl Petite Lift Chair: Ebern Designs Annarae Lift Chair

This chair is covered in high-quality faux leather that is comfortable, breathable, and easy to clean. The chair itself is a bit taller than other petite models, giving you more headroom to stretch out. It has 4 different massage zones that you can use separately or at once; the massage also has three different intensity settings.

The best part about this petite lift chair is the amount of cushion it provides. It’s a small chair, so it won’t swallow you, but it is overstuffed with soft foam that makes sitting on this chair feel better than most couches and beds. This chair, though it is a bit on the expensive side, is ideal for any senior who needs a place to sit, relax, and take a load off!

3. Best Petite Wide Lift Chair: Pride Mobility Heritage 358PW Lift Chair

Pride Mobility LC-358PW Heritage LC-358 Line 3-Position Lift Chair Recliner - Petite Wide - Oat

Pride Mobility is more popular for their mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs, but they also have a line of high-quality lift chairs. The 358PW has a 24-inch high backrest and a 24-inch wide seat. This makes it ideal for seniors who aren’t tall but don’t feel comfortable on a narrow lift chair.

Chairs like these can be hard to find because most companies make wide chairs or petite chairs, not both. This chair has all the features needed for comfort and benefit: heat and massage, an easy-to-use remote, and all the cushion you’ll ever need. If you’re a person who is short and wide, this is the ideal lift chair for you!

Best Petite Lift Chair (Runners-Up)

If you’ve used a La-Z-Boy in the past, you know the exact level of premium comfort and durability that this petite lift chair has. It comes with luxurious and beneficial heat and massage, and you can choose between hundreds of different upholstery options. If you’re looking for a lift chair that will fit your home and body, this is the one for you!

The only reason that this chair did not take the #1 spot on our list is because of the price. It doesn’t perform noticeably better than any of the other chairs, but it does cost about twice as much. Still, with La-Z-Boy, you do get your money’s worth with the limited lifetime warranty and luxurious craftsmanship.

With four different massage zones and two heat zones, this chair has the potential to give you a full-body relaxation experience you’ll love. It’s also the smallest chair on our list- the seat is only 20 inches wide and 19 inches deep, perfect for people with very small frames. While you will be paying more for this chair than any other on our list, it is difficult to find a model that works as well for very small seniors!

Buying Guide: How to Choose a Petite Lift Chair

What are the Best Brands of Petite Lift Chair?

Depending on where you live, you may be able to rent an electric patient lift from one of these locations:

  • Mcombo: This company, while it may not be a household name, has a large selection of chairs for seniors. They are high-quality, durable chairs that have excellent massage functions. The best thing about Mcombo lift chairs, though, is that they’re very affordable- you’ll rarely pay more than $500 for a great Mcombo!
  • Pride Mobility: Pride makes excellent devices for seniors across a range of categories. They have a large line of chairs for you to choose from, many of them very affordable. People value Pride Mobility for its transparent pricing, long-lasting electronics, and excellent customer service.
  • La-Z-Boy: You’re likely familiar with them from their other furniture items, known for their durability and comfort. La-Z-Boy’s lift chairs are very comfortable, built in the USA, and come with the industry’s best warranty!

What is the Price Range of a Petite Lift Chair?

Petite lift chairs, compared to more expensive massage chairs and even most hospital beds, are very affordable. The least expensive petite lift chairs will set you back between $350 and $500. Medium-priced chairs cost between $500 and $1,000; these chairs perform a bit better and use premium materials. Finally, any chair that costs more than $1,000 would be considered luxury; they’re made with fine materials and often have the best warranties.

Are Petite Lift Chair Covered by Medicare?

Yes! 80% of the cost of your petite lift chair will be paid for by Medicare if you obtain a doctor’s prescription. Medicare considers lift chairs and other devices to be Durable Medical Equipment (DME), a category of products covered under Medicare Part B.

There are two main obstacles you will have to overcome in order to have your lift chair covered. First, you need a prescription from a doctor who participates in Medicare. Second, you must purchase your lift chair from a supplier that also participates in Medicare. If you can do those two things, you’re all set! Often, the process is easy even if it is a bit slow.

What to Look for in a Petite Lift Chair

You should think about these factors when picking an electric patient lift:

  • Backrest Height: This is an important specification. Petite lift chairs should have a backrest height (from the top of the seat to the top of the chair) of less than 30 inches. Taller chairs will likely be too big for petite users.
  • Seat Width: While not as important as backrest height, seat width is a determining factor in your overall comfort. The wider the seat, the more you can spread out- and the higher the chance you’ll feel like the chair is too big for you. An average seat width is about 20 inches; use your best judgment to find the width that works for you!
  • Massage and Heat: Many chairs will include some form of massage and heating; the more expensive the chair, the more luxurious the massage/heat will be. If you value the ability to work out the knots and kinks in your muscles or just like a luxury massage, prepare to spend more! If that’s not your type of thing, you can save a lot by getting a simpler chair with less or even no massage/heat control.

Tips for Getting the Best Deal on a Petite Lift Chair

  • Compare Warranties: If you want a great warranty (for instance, the limited lifetime warranty that comes with La-Z-Boy chairs), you’ll be paying more for it. Cheaper chairs have minimal warranties. If you want to save some money, consider getting a lift chair that doesn’t have a long-lasting warranty!
  • Massage/Heat: As previously mentioned, the better a chair’s massage and heat functions, the more it will cost. If you need to keep your budget low, look for chairs that have minimal heating elements and massage controls. That way, you get the chair you need without spending a fortune on a massage you might never use!
  • Brands Matter: Going with a familiar brand such as La-Z-Boy is a good idea with most purchases. However, that is not the case with lift chairs. You can find excellent lift chairs across the web that come from brands you’ve never heard of; often, they’re much more affordable than household brand names and just as effective. If you want to save money, don’t be afraid to ditch those famous brands!

Final Thoughts: Petite Lift Chairs for Seniors

There we have it! The best petite lift chairs are the ones that fit your body, your needs, and your budget. You can find measurable relief from pain, stiffness, and general discomfort by getting a lift chair. You can even get much better sleep by using the massage and heat functions! Which lift chair on our list are you most interested in? Do you have any questions about the models featured? Drop your comments below!

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