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Lift Chair Remote: Troubleshooting, Replacement & More

By Maurice

Lift Chair Remote

Having problems with your lift chair remote?. This article covers common problems, how to fix them, and where to get a replacement.

Common Problems With Lift Chair Remotes

Your lift chair's remote control is a relatively simple electrical gadget that you can figure out pretty quickly. Ideally, it is connected to the lift chair’s motor with a cord. This cord is the communication avenue between the motor and the remote. This way, when you press respective buttons, it relays the information to the motors and other mechanisms.

Unfortunately, like other parts of your lift chair, the remote control is also susceptible to issues. When you hit the buttons, you might notice that the chair does not respond accordingly. However, before you react, you have to establish whether it is the remote that is problematic or it is a mechanical problem with the chair itself. If you establish that the problem is actually the remote control, it could be any of the following common remote control problems:

Remote Not Connected

You might hit the button to execute a command, but you notice your chair is not responsive. Your initial reaction should be to check your remote control. It could be disconnected from the lift chair, especially if your home has children running around. They might tamper with it and disconnect it. To check if the remote is connected appropriately, lean your lift chair over and check the connection from underneath the seat by following the remote cable.


If not properly connected, fix it, and your chair should be functional.

Worn Out Remote Cable

When your lift chair is not responding to the remote control, inspecting the remote connector cable is a great idea. Like any other electrical cable, the remote connector cable might have developed breakages from wear and tear due to use over a long time. Furthermore, the chair could also be sitting on the cable.


If there are observable breakages on the cable, it might be time to find another remote control for your chair.

Remote Breakdown

Like any other electrical gadget, the remote cannot operate in perpetuity. After a long time of use, they tend to break down. If you have some technical know-how about electronics repair, you can try to figure out the problem and solder the remote back together. However, it is still not guaranteed it will work since the longevity of the remote is not guaranteed.


If your chair’s remote is broken down, the best solution is to replace it.

Types of Lift Chair Remotes

There are many types of lift chair remote controls available for purchase today. These could include the following:

  • 5-pin remote – Most lift chair remote controls have a five-pin plug to connect it to the motor underneath the chair. Different models might have a different pin, but the most popular brands, including Ashley Furniture, Dewert, Flexteel, Limoss, and Kaidi, use the 5-pin remote plug.
  • 2-button remote – This is the simplest version of a lift chair remote. The 2-button remote only has the function of reclining the chair and the standing up function. One button is for up and the other down. Ideally, this is the ideal choice for the elderly.
  • 4-button remote – The 4-button remote takes the lift chair functionality operation to the next level. With a four-button remote, you can make specific adjustments to the chair, like moving the footrest independently or adjusting the backrest.
  • 6-button remote – A 6-button remote is an advanced piece and a level above the 4-button remote, increasing the operational functionality of the chair. This remote is appropriate if the user is somehow tech-savvy to avoid injuries when the unintended chair functions are engaged.
  • Multiple buttons remote – Some other remotes do not fall within the 2, 4, or 6 buttons remote type. They might have more remote buttons. With more buttons, they have more functionality. Some of these remotes operate lift chairs with added functionality such as chair warming and massaging.

Cost of Remotes

Remote controls vary in cost depending on their functionality, brand, quality, and of course, where you choose to shop. While shopping for your remote, your budget and individual needs are critical considerations. Some of the low-priced remotes can go for as low as $15. However, the more advanced ones with more buttons can cost up to $120.

Durability of Lift Chair Remote Controls

A lift chair remote can last as long as the chair. Some companies like Pride Mobility and Golden Technologies offer a lifetime warranty on their chairs. Their products are solid, and so are the remotes.

Unless the remote is subjected to physical force such as unwarranted falls, getting sat on constantly, or other brute interactions, the remote can last as long as the chair. While other issues might arise from the electronic part of the remote, they are very unlikely. As such, if you take care of your lift chair remote, it can offer a long satisfactory service life.  

Where to Buy a Lift Chair Remote

If you need to replace your lift chair remote, you can first contact the manufacturer of your lift chair as they can provide you with the exact match for your lift chair model. However, if you prefer to shop independently, there are multiple online and offline stores that sell reliable fits for your chair.

Before going out to shop for a remote replacement, consult your user manual to know the specification of your remote and avoid buying an incompatible remote. Here are some online and offline stores that sell lift chair remote controls:

  • Amazon – Amazon is the leading online store for literally everything. On this online store, you are sure to find your replacement remote. Even better, you can compare prices, quality, make, and manufacturer.
  • Ubuy – This is another reliable online store that sells lift chair remotes. One outstanding feature about it is their review section. You can read what other customers say about their experience using a specific lift chair. You can also see questions other customers have asked about the product and the responses from the supplier. Furthermore, you can even make your inquiry to ensure you get exactly what you need.
  • eBay – On eBay, top-rated sellers are marked. The top-rated seller badge addresses your reservation for online shopping. You can easily see who is a reliable supplier and who to overlook.

Retail Stores

If you enjoy physical shopping and would prefer to visit a physical store for your replacement, you can look into some big chain stores that carry lift chairs. These stores are likely to offer lift chair parts as well. Large national furniture stores such as Walmart and Target are among the most likely place you can get a lift chair remote control.

Moreover, you can get a replacement from your lift chair's manufacturer, especially if you bought from any of their dealers. This is actually the best option as you not only get a perfect match for your chair, but you can also cash in on the provided warranty. Here are some links to popular lift chair brands parts web pages where you can get a remote control replacement:

A lift chair remote control is definitely a critical part of your lift chair that you cannot operate without. It can develop some problems, some fixable, and others that can prompt you to get a replacement. Luckily, if you need a replacement, they are readily available in multiple online and offline stores.

However, no matter where you buy your chair, ensure it is a perfect match for your chair. Always consult your user manual before buying, and if possible, engage your lift chair's brand customer service for recommendations.

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