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Parts For Lift Chair: Where To Buy Online & In-Store

By Maurice

Parts For Lift Chair

Just like your body, a lift chair tends to wear out with age. That means at some point you’ll have to get replacement parts for your lift chair.

Luckily, you can get reliable parts from multiple sources, both online and in retail stores across the country. This article is your guide to landing the best lift chair parts, along with pointers on where to buy quality parts.

What to Consider when Buying Lift Chair Parts

Landing the right replacement part for your lift chair might not be as easy as it sounds. There are lots of look-alike after-market third-party parts that may not be healthy for your chair, and if you are not careful, you might end up buying them. Talk of incompatible low-quality parts that may not work with your lift chair. Here is a simple guide to help you when you go shopping for lift chair parts:

  • Get a perfect match

When you go to the store or hunt online for a replacement part, ensure you land what matches your lift chair. You can bring the damaged part with you to the store to ensure you get an exact match. And if you are buying online, ensure the part matches your damaged parts, match the dimensions, model, and style, among other relevant qualities.

  • Go for manufacturer-made parts

While you can be lucky to land a good third-party repair part, your best bet to landing the best parts is going for the manufacturer-made options. Ideally, lift chair manufacturers provide repair parts for all their products. Even better, you might not have to pay a dime if the damaged part is covered by their warranties. Furthermore, they might even help you make the necessary repairs based on the warranty provisions.

  • Return policy

You can make the mistake of buying a lift chair part that is not compatible or does not work with your lift chair. As such, it is imperative to assess your source’s return policy. Will the store accept to make a replacement should you buy the wrong or malfunctioning part?

  • Pricing 

When buying your lift chair’s part, your budget will always come into focus. Probably, the damage to the specific part was unexpected, and you might not have budgeted for it. If you are within the constraints of a tight budget, you can buy a cheaper but good-quality option before you mobilize enough funds to buy the right part.

Major Parts of a Lift Chair


Your lift chair features different parts that are assembled to pull off its design and build. While all these parts are essential, the following are the major parts:


The powerlift is your chair’s lift mechanism that allows you to seamlessly get up and down from your lift chair when you want to stand up or sit down. This part is controlled by a remote control. This mechanism enables your chair’s headrest and armrest to lift or lower according to your commands. It is responsible for your lift chair’s easy and smooth movement.


The backrest is the critical part of your lift chair that supports your entire upper body. Upon your command on the remote control, the backrest adjusts to an upright position supporting your upper body when you want to get up from your lift chair. You can get a split back, pillow back or button back backrest for your lift chair according to your preference.

The Remote Control

To easily initiate commands without having to engage your body, your lift chair comes with a remote control. This convenience part allows you to control or adjust various functions, including adjusting the footrest, raising and lowering the backrest, increasing and decreasing lumbar support, and adjusting the recline angles. With just a touch of a button, you can comfortably execute commands.

The Power Recline

The power recline allows you to relax on your lift chair with just a push of a button on your remote control. It enables you to achieve your chair’s supported positions without any safety or support concerns.

The Footrest

The footrest offers the necessary support before you can move off your lift chair when standing up. It slides out when you adjust your headrest and allows you to sit comfortably in the most relaxed position before you achieve your ideal standing position.

Lumbar Support

This is a built-in adjustable cushion that offers additional support to your back. It optimizes comfort while reducing lower back pain if you have back illnesses. It is flexible and can be controlled with your lift chair’s remote control.

The power headrest

The power headrest is another crucial part of your lift chair that contributes to your chair’s comfort. It offers a soft relaxing padding for your head when you use your chair. You can choose your chair’s footrest’s design, shape, size, and material to suit your style and needs. For instance, you can choose leather-made, memory foam-made, or padded headrest for your chair.

Where to buy lift chair parts – best websites and retail stores

There are many stores and online markets that sell lift chair parts. However, to get the right high-quality parts for your chair, it is imperative to shop from authorized sources. Ideally, you might get matching parts from after-market third-party sellers but always go for Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts from your lift chair manufacturer. Moreover, before you buy a repair part, be keen to check out your user manual to ensure you are getting the right part.

To get the best quality brand-specific parts for your chair, you can shop on your brand’s website or on Amazon. Here are reliable links to the best replacement parts for popular brands

Getting repair parts for your lift chair should not be a problem if you know where and how to shop. There might be many online markets and stores where you can buy these parts, but always have quality in mind. No matter where you choose to buy, ensure you purchase OEM parts from authorized dealers that you can hold accountable in case of unwarranted issues.

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