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How Much Does an Adjustable Bed Weigh? Dimensions + How to Move an Adjustable Bed Base

By Maurice

How Much Does an Adjustable Bed Weigh

Adjustable beds, when fully assembled, are large and heavy pieces of furniture. They provide real and tangible benefits to their users but they can also be a huge headache to move. How much do adjustable beds really weigh? What is the best way to move them?

What is the typical weight range for various adjustable beds?

Like anything, adjustable beds come in many different shapes, sizes, and configurations. The combination of these things will go a long way in determining the final weight of the product. For example, a king sized adjustable bed is going to weigh a lot more than a twin.

Full bed versus base only

Adjustable beds can be bought complete or you can choose to simply buy the base only. An adjustable bed base is the moving platform that you put your mattress on. It includes all of the electronics and the motors that are used to lift you while in bed. Some bases do not even come with decorative frames or headboards, it is simply the base. This never includes the mattress.

A typical adjustable bed base, without any extras or upgrades, usually weighs around 200lbs. A durable reinforced king base will probably weigh closer to 300lbs while a simple twin might weigh as little as 150lbs.

Alternatively, you can also choose to buy a complete adjustable bed. These are sold as packages that include the base as well as a mattress and sometimes even a headboard or decorative frame to go along with it. Full beds, with everything included, are going to weigh more than just the base. Mattresses can add an extra 40 to 100lbs of weight depending on the type of mattress included.

When you are looking at the weight of a possible adjustable bed for purchase, make sure you are getting a bead on the accurate weight. If you think that the weight is 300lbs for a full bed set but that really is only the weight of the base, you might be in for a heavy surprise.

King versus twin

King sized beds are going to be the heaviest adjustable beds on the market. Split kings are going to be even heavier than a standard king. A split king, with the ability for two spots to be independently controlled, requires twice as many motors, an additional power circuit, and other additional parts that you might not think about.

A fully loaded, split king, adjustable bed can run as high as 500lbs. That is a lot of weight!

A standard twin adjustable bed will weigh as little as half that or less. Those come in around 150lbs typically and are much easier.

Full sized beds are going to weigh close to the same as a twin bed. A queen bed is going to weigh a similar amount to a king bed.









Split King


Options matter

It might not seem like it but some optional extras are very heavy. One of the heaviest upgrades you can add to your adjustable bed is a massaging bed. Massage functionality adds an entirely separate set of rollers and motors used to create the massage. They are not the same motors that lift the bed. That adds a lot of weight.

Things such as under the bed lighting, embedded speakers, and additional movement zones all add components that, in turn, add weight. These fully loaded beds are always far heavier than a simple, no-frills, adjustable bed base.

A fully loaded split king, adjustable bed with massage can weigh as much as 700lbs at its heaviest. That is extremely heavy and is a lot different than 300lbs. Remember when you are adding features to your adjustable bed, you are also adding weight.


The dimensions for a typical adjustable bed are not much larger than the standard dimensions for the bed itself. For example, a leading brand’s queen mattress adjustable bed measured 60x80, which is the standard dimensions for a queen sized bed. You might find some beds that have a few extra inches to accommodate features such as USB power strips or lighting but for the most part, the dimensions are going to be the same as standard.

The confusion arises from the fact that adjustable beds cannot be pushed against the wall. This is due to the fact that the bed moves and cannot be hindered by nearby hazards rather than the size of the bed itself.

Tips For Moving An Adjustable Bed Base

  1. 1
    Phone a friend

Very few people are going to be able to move an adjustable bed on their own. If you are planning on moving a bed with manual labor you are going to need to call in a friend or two to help you manage the weight. Do not try to move these beds on your own. Unlike standard bed frames and box springs, these beds are very heavy, and moving them alone is a surefire way to invite an injury or frustrating situation into your home.

  1. 2
    Disassemble what you can

Check the manual but most adjustable beds have some kind of disassembly that can be done to them. If the bed came in multiple pieces it can leave in multiple pieces. Depending on the make and model of your adjustable bed you might be able to work the bed down into more manageable pieces that are easier to move.

  1. 3
    Hire someone

When all else fails, there is no shame in hiring someone to help move your adjustable bed. Not only are these beds heavy, but they are also oftentimes expensive. Getting in over your head with a heavy and pricey piece of furniture might not be the best way to go.

Professional movers are trained to move large heavy furniture and they do it all day long. If you are not comfortable moving it yourself, phone an expert. What is more expensive, a couple of pro movers or a brand new adjustable bed?

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